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The Legend of White Forest 19

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!



On a Rampage …

Within moments, Karl manages to catch up with Hugo, Alberich and Gerhardt. A member of his staff has just informed him of a death in an alley near Langstrasse Road and he is afraid that it may be one of his new friends. However, when he arrives on the scene, he observes the situation in horror. Then he rushes up to Alberich with a look of both relief then worry on his face.

“Meine Freunde! You men really need to leave the city at once!” Karl warns. “If the beast is on the rampage—it is only a matter of time before she isolates the three of you.”

“Karl, what are you talking about?” The officer queries of Karl. “Do you know these men?”

“Yes Hal I do but—” Before Karl can finish his sentence, there is another shriek.

“Oh mein Gott! What has happened now?” Officer Schulz bellows.

Everyone swiftly moves from the Alley of Langstrasse Road in a northerly direction, following the sound. A crowd has already begun to congregate. The remains of yet another body is discovered. Again, it looks like it may have been another youthful individual.

“No one in the city is safe anymore.” Gerhardt surmises. “ Officer—”

“Hans Schulz.”

“Thank you. Officer Schulz, get these people off the streets. I don’t care how you do it but get them off now. In the meantime, my associates and I will try to make it to our vehicle.” Gerhardt suggests.

“Look, under the circumstances, I think you’d better stay in Zürich.” Karl interjects. “Since der weiße Dämon has followed you here your life—and the lives of your comrades—are in greater jeopardy than ever.”

“But we have put your entire city in peril! The best thing we can to do is just get out of here.” Hugo insists.

“I agree with you, Hugo.” Gerhardt retorts.

“It will change nothing. The fact is that she is here and we need to deal with it. I don’t think your leaving now is going to automatically make it safe for any of us to be on the streets again.” Office Schulz decides and Karl agrees.

“Sie haben das richtig gemacht!” Karl adds.

“Ja.” Gerhardt echoes.

As the officer observes the dismal look on Alberich’s face, he begins to think that this man somehow feels guilty. Indeed Alberich feels that by accidentally killing the cub, he has brought nothing but tragedy to the land.

“Don’t worry sir, I’ll get these people off the street.” Officer Schulz reassures as he rushes to his vehicle to make the call. Meanwhile Hugo and Gerhardt commence telling the crowd that they need to disburse and hurry home. The authorities will make sure others are aware of what is transpiring.

It doesn’t take long before the word is being spread throughout the city. For the moment there has been no further incidents but that doesn’t mean everything is normal again.

“How can an animal that large manage to create more mayhem in a large city like Zürich than she did at either Krüger or Stäfa?” Gerhardt wonders aloud in bewilderment.

“You probably have more open spaces in Krüger and Stäfa. And besides, being around rural settings, people are more aware of their surroundings than city folks.” Officer Schulz implies as he returns from his call.

“Officer Schulz, how successful were you at getting us some backup?” Alberich queries.

“Better than I expected. I’ve discovered that we’ve been monitoring the situation in Krüger. It wasn’t priority one—”

“But it is now, right?” Gerhardt asks trying to force a smile.

“Ja, right.” Then Officer Schulz turns toward his friend.

“Karl, you need to clear out your office building. First, wait until some of the Polizei arrive so that it can be done in an orderly fashion. Then, we’ll make sure that there are enough officers to safely escorts the people to their vehicles. Finally, I will leave someone there to secure the premises.” Officer Schulz informs him.

A Rampage of Revenge!

A Rampage of Revenge!

“Ja. No need of taking unnecessary risk. I never thought that volunteering my expertise would result in so many deaths. Since things seem to be happening in this proximity—why not I keep everyone in the building until it's safe to leave the area. Maybe one of the officers could lure it away.” Karl suggests.

“It sounds much too dangerous.” Officer Schulz rejoinders.

“No more dangerous than things are now.” An officer asserts as he and several other Polizisten begin disembarking from their Polizeifahrzeuge.

Several more officers arrive in full body armour with high-powered rifles. As each man carefully exits his vehicles, an eerie calm begins to envelope the area.

“I don’t like it.” Hugo recites nervously. “It’s as if our every move is being monitored.

“Ja, I believe we are being carefully observed.” Alberich laments cautiously. “Let’s get to our truck. These Polizisten here can handle things. If we are going to be spending more time here, we need to find a place to stay and establish reconnaissance.”

“Wait, let me get my rifle.” Officer Schulz advises. “Then I will be able to escort you to your transport without you being torn to bits.”

“Let at least one of us go with you, Officer Schulz.” Gerhardt offers.

“No, I’ll be fine.” However, 15 minutes later there is another scream. Gerhardt is the first to reach Hans Schulz and he is shaking like a leaf. About three feet away from him is another victim, an officer.

“It happened so fast. I was almost to my truck when the creature came charging toward me. That young fellow stepped right in front of me and it was over in seconds. She slashed his chest and then his throat. I never saw anything like it. So fast—so fatal.” Gerhardt helps Hans to his feet while another man finds something to cover his fallen comrade’s face.

“I swear I will kill der weiße Dämon if it’s the last thing I do!” Alberich vows, a look of determination on his face.

“It just might be.” Another officer utters as he heads back to the building to further assist in the evacuation.

The rest of the day is spent in a beautiful hotel suite provided for the trio by Karl Meier. To the men’s surprise, Karl has returned, presenting them with another container—one that is reinforced with titanium.

“What is this, Karl?” Hugo inquires. “I thought you had given us what we needed to defeat that brute.”

“Have you ever heard of Enhanced ZL-902?” Karl asks.

“Humm, vaguely. Wasn’t that some kind of government project that went array in the States?” Hugo scratches his head.

“Something like that. Anyway without getting into any details I have a modified version known as the ALZ-903 serum. It created accelerated growth in plants so—” Hugo interrupts.

“You think that if this was introduced into an animal with a little modification—” Karl recaptures command of the conversation.

“It would create havoc in der weiße Dämon. However, it is not the most humane way of putting her down.”

“Humane!” Now Alberich has joined the conversation. “Look at all the carnage that demon has left in her wake. And I am still on her Most Wanted List.”

“Then is it agreed with everyone that we will use the ALZ-903 serum as the method of elimination?” Karl looks at each of the three men for their approval and it is unanimous.

“This is to be done strictly “under the table?” Gerhardt asserts, holding his hand out first. Then each individual follows his gesture.

“Ja!” They all yell firmly together and the work begins.

To Be Continued …

The Legend of White Forest 20

  • The Legend of White Forest 20
    Alberich and Gerhardt find themselves in a real dilemma. Somehow der weiße Dämon has found a way of positioning herself inside their hotel/apartment complex. One minute, Hugo sees her crossing the street and the next, she's in the Lobby!

© 2021 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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