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The Legend of White Forest 18

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!

Insatiable thirst for revenge!

Insatiable thirst for revenge!

The Word Is Caution ...

It is about 12:30 pm when the Mercedes truck pulls slowly out of Eric Schröder’s custom garage. Gerhardt watches as Eric returns to his tavern. Then purposefully exhaling, the man takes one final look at the immobilized VLRA 2 Military Truck before heading for the highway.

“Do you think that by some chance that she-devil will be pacified by the disabling of the old VLRA 2?” Hugo turns around and queries Alberich.

“Don’t I wish, Hugo.” Alberich begins. “I’m pretty sure that she is observing us right now—plotting out her next move.”

“You make her sound more like a calculating woman than a wild animal.” Gerhardt jokes, then noticing the look on Alberich’s face, he becomes very somber.

“We are going to have to stay on guard.” Hugo pressures.

“Verdammt! I hate she got a look at you when the truck hit that cub.” Gerhardt swears. “Because if you are right—she will not give up until she gets you and the entire crew aboard that truck. We’ve got to get to Zürich.”

Gerhardt exerts more pressure on the accelerator as they hasten in their quest to reach Zürich city limits. Often, Alberich thinks he sees streaks of white within the thick forested area but keeps that revelation to himself. The scenery is beautiful and under different circumstances it could be quite an enjoyable trip. However, it is not.

It is almost 2:00 pm when they finally reach Zürich. Alberich is the first to break the silence.

“This would be a terrible place for a tiger to expend her revenge.” Alberich observes as Hugo mumbles in the affirmative.

“Let’s just get in and out. We can pick up something to eat if you’d like or take a chance on visiting a Gaststätte.” Gerhardt suggests.

“Let’s have a sit-down meal.” Hugo retorts and Alberich agrees.

“With all the people out and about—it is doubtful that der weiße Dämon will chance a daylight encounter.” Alberich asserts.

“Alright then, let’s pay Karl Meier a visit. If Georg Fischer recommends him—it is certain that he understands the situation and will be extremely discreet. Look, is that his place there?” Hugo queries, pointing to an impressively large edifice that reads—Meier Enterprises.

“I was only expecting a little Drogerie but this is massive.” Gerhardt rejoinders as he maneuvers the truck in order to find adequate parking space.

The men get out the vehicle and head toward the front entrance. Alberich thinks he sees something large and white in his peripheral vision. He hesitates.

“What is it Mein Freund?” Gerhardt almost slams into his back.

“Nothing.” Alberich lies. “I just though I saw—never mind. Let’s just get inside.”

Hugo begins to cautiously look around as he follow the other two men into the notable building. A very distinguish gentleman is there to greet them. He has been previously discussing something with the receptionist at her oval kiosk when he noticed the three men.

“Hallo, ich bin Karl Meier.” Karl says extending a well-manicured hand.

“Herzlichen Dank, Sie Dr. Meier zu treffen.” Hugo accepts Karl’s hand and shakes it firmly. “I am Dr. Hugo Erikson and these are my colleagues—Constables Gerhardt Bernstein and Alberich Babler.”

“Gentlemen, let us adjourn to my penthouse offices. There we can speak freely. Mein Freund, Georg Fischer has already explained to me the nature of your visit and the need for anonymity. Bitte, folge mir.” Karl replies as the three men follow him to a separate elevator at the end of a long corridor.

No one speaks a word until everyone is completely positioned behind the closed doors of Karl’s office. Before Karl places himself behind his desk, he offers beverages to his guests, then makes sure that everyone is comfortable. After further customary small talk, the main point of the visit is broached.

“Now, please tell me your story.” Karl is anxious to hear a first-hand account of their incredible story.

Will an answer be found within these walls?

Will an answer be found within these walls?

Gerhardt begins by giving Karl background information of what has transpired between the Village of Krüger and der weiße Dämon. Next, Hugo tells about the unfortunate events that resulted in the death of his dear friend Lucas Olsson. Finally, Alberich explains how his comrades and he had unfortunately killed the white tiger cub along with the later destruction of his VLRA 2. Karl is silent for moments. After taking a long sip, he speaks.

“Are you telling me that this animal is capable of destroying a military vehicle?” Karl queries.

“No, but she literally slashed the tires beyond serviceability. We are using a borrowed Mercedes truck.” Gerhardt explains.

“I see.” Karl replies. “When Georg first told me about you people—I thought he may have been exaggerating a bit. But now listening to your stories—”

“I know it may seem extraordinary,” Alberich interrupts. “But we really need to be getting back. The longer we tarry here, the more people could be at risk.”

“You don’t think—”

“I just don’t want to underestimate the enemy.” Alberich interrupts again.

“Of course, of course.” Karl responds as the pulls out a small, wrapped package. “Everything that you need is contained within this box. Be extremely careful with it as this is a new experimental drug. Use the utmost of care when administering and wash your hands thoroughly afterwards.”

“Experimental drug?” Hugo queries in shocking, accepting the package from Karl.

“As I stated before, I thought that Georg may have been exaggerating but just as a precautionary measure—I decided to offer my new experimental drug. It is extremely lethal to both humans as well as large predatory animals. Just follow my instructions and you should be safe.” Karl concludes.

“Should be?” Alberich questions.

“Yes. I could just give you what you asked for. But considering the size and strength of the beast involved—it may not be strong enough.”

“However, this package will definitely do the trick?” Gerhardt speaks up.

“Most definitely! You must understand that this method has been used under restricted laboratory settings. I can say no more—military confidentiality is implicated here.” Karl asserts.

“Fair enough. Thank you so much for your assistance—and your discretion.” Hugo replies as the men shake hands once again.

“Be careful, gentlemen. This der weiße Dämon seems to be deadlier than the legends implies.” Karl cautions.

“keine Sorge, we will!” Alberich affirms and this time, the three men head for the public elevators.

The ride down to the lobby is quiet and uneventful. However, once they journey outside, everything changes. There is a small crowd and what seems like a hysterical woman in the midst.

“Beruhige dich, I repeat just calm down. Tell us again what happened.” An Officer inquires of the woman.

“It was the biggest thing I’ve ever seen. White with black stripes.” The woman cries.

“You saw a big zebra? Must have escaped from the zoo but how could it have?” The confused policeman wonders.

“Nein, es war kein Zebra. It was der weiße Dämon! I tell you it was the white demon!” A look of terror captures the woman’s face.

“But how can this be? Rumor has it that such a beast was seen wondering near the Village of Krüger which is at least 100 miles away. Why on earth would it be here?” The officer reasons.

At that moment, there is a bloodcurdling scream from a nearby alley. The officer, along with the three visitors and a few others, heads in that direction. What they see brings chills even to the sturdiest of hearts. The remains of a young adult, possibly female, lies by an overturned bicycle. There is so much blood that it is hard to tell other than the long hair—it could be male. The poor soul was ripped into shreds—just like at the front of Schröder Taverne.

“So I did see her.” Alberich thinks to himself.

There can be found tracks of a huge predator within the spats of blood.

“der weiße Dämon!” The frighten officer replies.

“der weiße Dämon!” The men following him confirm.

To Be Continued ...

The Legend of White Forest 19

  • The Legend of White Forest 19
    The carnage increases as der weiße Dämon continues her rampage of revenge. Constant screams echo throughout the day as one by one people fall prey to the onslaught. However, Karl believes he may have the answer to their problem.

© 2021 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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