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The Legend of White Forest 16

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!

Death is never too far away!

Death is never too far away!

A Glimpse Into the Future ...

Gerhardt Bernstein, Alberich Babler and Hugo Erikson sit quietly in the vehicle—each lost in thought until the silence is broken by Hugo’s cellphone ringing. It is Georg Fischer.

“Ja, Herr Fischer. May I assist you?” Hugo queries.

“It is I who will assist you, Hugo. There is a pharmacist in Zürich—his name is Karl Meier.” Georg remarks.

“Ja—and?” Hugo is mildly impatient.

“He is a very good friend of mine and is so much closer to you than I am. I will give him a call and arrange everything for you there. How is that?” Georg queries, smiling to himself.

“Georg, that is fantastic! Let me tell Gerhardt and Alberich. Thank you so much for this. It was going to be a tremendously long journey with several night stops!” An elated Hugo tells him.

“Ja, I thought of that. Please remember to tell your brother I said hello. Hejdå.” Georg replies feeling that he has redeemed himself in the eyes of the Erikson Brothers.

“Tack och adjö.” Hugo returns and both men end the call. “Great news, Georg has a friend in Zürich who will be able to help us. He is also a pharmacist.”

Gerhardt immediately puts on the brakes. “Wunderbare!”

“What a relief.” Alberich responds. “That is not so very far from where we are now. Frankly, I was wondering how we were going to make it all the way by truck. Mind you, I am not criticizing our mode of transportation but—”

“We all agree with you, Alberich. Your VLRA 2 Military Truck is a fine machine—” Gerhardt interrupts Hugo.

“But no one really wants to make the journey all the way to Stockholm in it. That would have been brutal.” Gerhardt acknowledges.

“Well, thankfully we don’t have that worry. Zürich may be a complete 180 degrees, but we should get there by nightfall.” Hugo asserts and Gerhardt presses his foot a little harder on the accelerator.

The men return to their individual thoughts and occasionally Hugo believes he sees flashes of white amongst the woodland vegetation. At the moment, he doesn’t want to alarm the other two men, but he deeply presumes that they are being followed.

Alberich has also observed the flickers of white. At one point, he turns around to look at Hugo who gives him a knowing nod. Gerhardt is noticing the interaction between the two men and decides to speak.

“I suppose you two are also noticing that we are being closely followed by der weiße Dämon.”

“Ja, but I really didn’t want to mention it. I thought you’d think that I was being paranoid.” Hugo confesses.

“Same here.” Alberich admits as well.

“Well, since we all know that she is trailing us the next question is, what are we going to do about it?” Gerhardt questions.

“We could wait for her to pick us all off one by one.” Hugo offers sardonically.

“That’s not at all funny, Hugo. Considering that this is exactly what she has in mind.” Gerhardt responds while putting even more distance between the flashes of light and the truck.

“I hate to admit it, but it was a bad idea taking the VLRA 2.” Alberich retorts.

“You think?” Now Gerhardt is being sarcastic. “Considering that this is the machine that took out her cub—she has it in for whoever occupies this vehicle. And I believe that she remembers you, Alberich.”

The White Demon will not be denied her revenge!

The White Demon will not be denied her revenge!

“You know, getting those drugs seemed like an excellent idea at the time but now I think we just need to take a stand and take her down.” Alberich decides.

“Hugo is an animal behaviorist as well as a game hunter. You and I are also used to tracking down predators—the two legged kind, that is.” Gerhardt sums up.

“Ja—we do have some pretty powerful toys in the back of the truck. I brought a couple of Heckler & Koch G36s and you have your Haenel’s MK556. What’s that you brought, Hugo?” Alberich is trying to size up their arsenal.

“One of VO Vapen's exquisite rifles.” Hugo brags and this information makes Gerhardt swerve a little to the right.

“Großer Scott, Hugo! That little number costs as much as a house! How could you afford such a fine weapon?” Gerhardt explodes.

“It is a gift from a royal friend.” Is all the information Hugo will give. Both men smile in admiration as they know who would give him such a gift.

“You do have your connections.” Alberich finally exclaims and the three men share a chuckle.

“So, what do we do Meine Freunde?” Gerhardt says as he slows down his speed. They have reached a stopping place and each man needs to refresh himself.

“We will proceed as planned but be on constant guard. We must never go out alone and it would be a good idea to inform the locals in this establishment that trouble is on our coattails.” Alberich decides.

“They will definitely not like hearing this information.” Hugo asserts.

“It is not like we invited der weiße Dämon to come along.” Alberich alleges.

“Actually, we did when we decided to take the VLRA 2! It is like waving a red cape in front of the bull.” Gerhardt affirms in a straightforward manner.

“And this heifer is out for revenge!” Hugo adds and after locking up the truck, the three men go into The Schröder Taverne.

Meanwhile ...

As the three men enjoy their Weihenstephaner Vitus and chips, a local who is slightly intoxicated stumbles outside and eyes the VLRA 2.

“Nett!” The man proclaims as he stares at the vehicle. Whilst he continues to make his trek around the truck, he is met by an unexpected sight.

“Meine Güte! What is this—such a big white kitty!” But before the man can utter another syllable, der weiße Dämon springs into action—ripping him into shreds. There is blood everywhere and when she is done, nothing remains recognizable but a footed Italian boot and a partial arm that ports a Richard Mille RM 11-02 Titanium Rubber Watch!

Gerhardt, Alberich and Hugo decide it is time to return to the truck so that they can reach Zürich by midnight. It is now 10:30 pm. Alberich is the first to see the remains which have been dragged to the front of the VLRA 2.

“Oh mein Gott! She was here!” Alberich cries.

“Ja—just look at that blood. The man must have been looking around at the truck. Did either of you hear anything?” Gerhardt queries.

“Not a sound.” Hugo retorts.

“Ich auch nicht!” Alberich nods in the negative. “That poor soul never had a chance. She must have been waiting for one of us to come out of The Schröder Taverne. What have we done?”

“We didn’t do anything. We need to inform the local authorities of this tragic event—then we’d better hurry on to Zürich. I am afraid this is not over.” Gerhardt declares and the other two men are in complete agreement.

Off in the distance, the white tiger watches as the three men return to The Schröder Taverne. As if it were possible, she seems to display a satisfied look on her face. No, she did not kill one of the men who had previously occupied the truck. Nevertheless, she has dispensed her vengeance on mankind and she is thirsty to spill yet more blood!

To Be Continued ...

The Legend of White Forest 17

  • The Legend of White Forest 17
    “Hell has no fury like a woman scorned,” this adage can also be applied to the animal kingdom as well. For der weiße Dämon is determined to avenge the death of her cub even if it means destroying everybody and everything!

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