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The Legend of White Forest 15

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!

Cunning and Deadly ...

Cunning and Deadly ...

Operation Elimination …

Gerhardt has to find a place where Hugo and Adolphus can set up a lab. The pair will need chemicals that are not readily available in Krüger. It is very fortunate that Louis Schulz offers one of his recently vacated rooms on the first floor near the end of the hallway as a suitable location.

“Vielen Dank, Louis!” Gerhardt commences. “This will do very well. Plus, it should not attract too much attention from the rest of the guest.”

“Ja, the less peering eyes the better.” Hugo agrees. “Adolphus and I need to do our job and without distractions.”

“This is good.” Louis says. “I will ask my wife Helga to prepare something nourishing for the two of you. It is my hope that we will soon be getting things back to normal.”

“I have never seen your Inn so occupied, Louis.” Gerhardt retorts.

“Ja, but for the wrong reasons, Gerhardt. The people are seeking a glimpse of der weiße Dämon and not a view of der weiße Wald or our captivating mountain slopes. No skiing or backpacking—just snapping pictures of the beast.” Louis replies a bit disheartened.

“Don’t worry—things will soon return to as they were before, Louis.” Gerhardt tries unsuccessfully to reassure the man but Alberich adds his thoughts.

“Are you so sure of that, Mein Freund?” Alberich queries. “Are you forgetting that der weiße Dämon had to have mated with an even more powerful white tiger? What if he should return seeking his companion?”

“I am pretty sure he is up in the Northern Plains right now.” Hunter adds.

“In Sheriff Hamilton’s territory?” Adolphus questions—everyone knows about the Legend of Sheriff Hamilton and his vigilante of defenders.

“Doubtful—there would be an ocean to cross. At any rate, I don’t think even he would want to tackle Вячеслав!” Hunter exclaims and everyone is in total agreement.

“Do you think that Henry Hamilton would assist us in this matter?” Louis queries hopefully.

“No.” Is the firm response of Gerhardt. “I had a long talk with him after these incidents started happening. He and his crew are firmly devoted to the annihilation of Therianthropic Beings and the Outer Realms!”

“Therianthropic beings and the Outer Realms? Sounds like campfire stories to me.” Ben retorts with disdain. It is Hugo who speaks next.

“You Americans could learn a lot from your Canadian Brothers. They are steep in the legend as well. The Guardians of the Canadian Wilderness are well-known throughout the region.” Hugo chastises.

“Don’t worry, Mein Freund. Before you return to the United States, I will invite you along with Ben to my house. My wife is excellent at relaying the tales of the Therianthropy and the Äußere Reiche.” Alberich decides.

“Huh—what’s the Äußere Reiche?” Ben responds.

“Don’t concern yourselves now—we have a bigger problem.” Gerhardt, tiring of the subject, attempts to get everyone focused on the present catastrophe.

“Right, right! We need to get that laboratory set up. No one is safe until that beast is eliminated.” Adolphus pronounces.

During the Next Few Days

With everyone’s cooperation, Operation Elimination is in full swing. Adolphus is on the telephone to his supplier in Stockholm. He explains to him the nature of the dilemma and how pertinent it is to get the necessary supplies. However, Georg Fischer is unwilling to allow any of his couriers to venture into Krüger..

“I’m very sorry Adolphus but I refuse to solicit any of my drivers to make the trip into Krüger.” Georg relays to Adolphus.

“But I assure you that it will be perfectly safe—as long as the driver stays within the protection of his vehicle.” Adolphus tries unsuccessfully to convince the man.

“You cannot think that I would release one of my men on your word alone?” Georg is almost cruel in his allegation. “You are a mere pharmacist—not a military man!”

“Ja, this is true. However, I have the assistance of Alberich Babler and his small militia.” Adolphus asserts.

“Nevertheless, the answer is still no. I can offer an alternative plan, however.” Georg rejoinders.

Could Death lay on the other side of this fallen tree?

Could Death lay on the other side of this fallen tree?

“Ja?” Adolphus responds.

“Send someone to Stockholm. I will provide all the necessary pharmaceutics at cost. My contribution to the cause.” Georg offers generously.

“I will speak with the others. I am sure they will agree to your offer.” Adolphus assure him.

“I will then wait for your return call. Hejdå.” Georg says.

“Hejdå, Herr Fischer.” Adolphus responds curtly and he two men end the conversation. Adolphus hurries back to the others who are still busy putting the finishing touches on the provisional laboratory.

“You don’t look like the bearer of good news brother.” Hugo remarks.

“Georg Fischer will only supply the pharmaceuticals if WE pick them up. He will not allow any of his couriers to make the drop.” Adolphus informs the others.

“Well, can you blame him? I assume you told him that we could guarantee the wellbeing of his driver?” Ben queries sarcastically.

“Of course I did!” Adolphus responds in indignation.

“How could you do that?” Ben questions incredulously. “We can’t even guarantee our on welfare.”

“Call Georg Fischer back. Tell him that I will pick up the supplies along with you and Alberich.” Gerhardt asserts and Alberich quickly agrees.

“Why me?” A nervous Adolphus inquires.

“Because he knows you and will be more willing to accept us as officers if you accompany us.” Alberich rationalizes.

“You are right of course.” Adolphus reluctantly agrees.

“No—I will go. My little brother has expertise with the drugs and if anything happens, we will need him to do what needs to be done. I am not saying that all will not go well but—” Hugo doesn’t have to finish his sentence because everyone is in agreement that he should be the one to go.

“You men will take care of my brother, right?” Adolphus looks from Gerhardt to Alberich.

“The best—besides, you and your brother have proven yourselves pretty handy with weaponry.” Gerhardt affirms and everyone laughs including Adolphus.

After the telephone call has been made to Georg, and the three men have been give their directions—Matt, Ben, and Adolphus wave goodbye to them and their long journey begins.

Gerhardt drives and Alberich sits in the front seat with him. Hugo is alone in the back, ever mindful of the terrain. The VLRA 2 Military Truck handles the road well and everything seems to go along without incident until they come upon a large tree that seems to only block one side of the road.

“I don’t like this.” Alberich retorts as he gets a feeling of déjà vu.

“Neither do I.” Gerhardt comments.

“Well, can’t you just go around the thing. It seems to only be covering half the road.” A nervous Hugo advises.

“It looks as if we have no choice.” Gerhardt decides and slowly maneuvers the truck around the fallen tree. What the men see makes their blood run cold.

“It’s Lucas—or what’s left of him!” Hugo cries as the vehicle comes to a stop.

“What on earth would his remains be doing way out here?” Gerhardt questions. “Let’s take a closer look.”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea.” Hugo replies.

“Neither do I.” Alberich affirms pointing to something barely visible on a snowy slope near the carnage.

“It’s der weiße Dämon and she was waiting for one of us to get within range.” Hugo surmises.

“Cunning witch—let’s keep going.” Suggests Gerhardt, then restarting the truck they continue their journey toward Stockholm.

A silent white tiger watches as they disappear into the horizon. Her trick didn’t work—that doesn’t mean she won’t try another!

To Be Continued ...

The Legend of White Forest 16

  • The Legend of White Forest 16
    Hugo receives a telephone call from Georg Fischer. He has given them an alternative to making that extremely long drive to Stockholm. Happy for the reprieve, the men turn around to head for their new destination. Little do they know that death awaits

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