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The Legend of White Forest 14

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!

Someone had to sire her cubs ...

Someone had to sire her cubs ...

There’s No Margin for Error ...

It isn’t long before Gerhardt Bernstein arrives at the Krüger Inn. Alberich Babler, Benjamin Townsend, Hunter McDonald, and Matthew Donahue have already managed to thoroughly interrogate the Erikson Brothers along with Alex Nilsson regarding their encounter with der weiße Dämon.

“I came as soon as Louis Schulz informed me.” Gerhardt replies.

“From what these men have reported to us, der weiße Dämon is definitely on a killing rampage. However, I’m guessing that she must be suffering from some sort of physical malady because she seems to be having difficulty apprehending her prey.” Alberich rejoinders.

“I believe she could be suffering from arthritis.” Hugo retorts.

“Arthritis!” Hunter exclaims. “That would explain a lot of things. Good call.”

“Then how is it that she can still move so fast?” Alberich queries.

“The degenerative disease is most effective during the early morning hours—just like with humans. But once she gets going, she is only able to maintain short bursts of speeds. That’s why she wasn’t able to catch Ryker Schafer and Axel. She likes to begin an assault during the early morning hours but unfortunate for her, that’s when she is the most vulnerable.” Hugo explains.

“Verdammt! You seem to know an awful lot about tigers.” Alberich remarks admirably. “Are you a vet or something?”

“I’m an Animal Geneticist and my brother is a Veterinary Pharmacist.” Hugo reveals and the other men step back in awe.

“I don’t understand—if this is true, why are you not trying to capture der weiße Dämon alive?” Gerhardt speaks up.

“There are two very good reasons.” Hugo retorts.

“Yes—” Alberich coaxes.

“Well, one reason is that this female has killed too many people and thus has become a menace.” Hugo answers then rising from his comfortable place in front of the fire, he faces Gerhardt.

“And the other one?” This time it’s Hunter asking the question.

“I am more interested in the one who sired the cubs. Now that is the real der weiße Dämon!” Hugo has a broad smile on his face. Then the others shake their heads in unison.

“Of course—of course!” Matthew Donahue has joined the conversation. “That makes a ton of sense!”

“Right! There would have to be a male more powerful than momma to subdue her. Mating rituals among tigers can get pretty intense at times.” Hunter admits.

“So we have an even bigger problem!” Ben is becoming more disenchanted with the entire situation.

“It would look that way Benji-boy!” Matt tells his friend.

“So, I believe our proprietor Mr. Schulz stated that he overheard you tell the other two that you have a plan.” Alberich interjects and Gerhardt moves in closer to hear more.

“Yes. Since the female has medical issues—this will play to our advantage. We have to be careful and we can’t underestimate her powers. When she is in full fight mode she is deadly. But having to cope with this cold weather and the early morning frigid temperatures—” An impatient Hunter interrupts.

Even Apex Predators have weaknesses!

Even Apex Predators have weaknesses!

“A Tiger is an apex predator with only one real adversary—man! Now forget the fluff and just tell us how we can subdue and/or destroy her!”

“Right!” Both Gerhardt and Alberich chime in.

“There is a small bomb known as pen-tras. This can be placed in the kill of a tiger and would—” Hunter finishes the narrative.

“Detonate upon ingestion.”

“You’ve heard of this?” Alberich asks in wonder.

“Yeah—they use it in China.” Is Hunter’s response.

“Can you make one, Mac?” Alberich asks excitedly.

“No, but I bet our pharmacist buddy can create a concoction that will do the job just as good.” Hunter retorts, pointing at Adolphus.

“Yes, I believe that my brother has been actually thinking on those lines, Mr. McDonald. The drug azaperone comes to mind. I have used it in small doses, of course, to reduce the aggressive behavior in farm animals such as pigs. It will either encourage the sow to accept piglets or stop her from fighting them. Now if we want to use a more potent dose—we’ll need to combine it with a strong narcotic.” Adolphus explains.

“That’s right—either etorphine or carfentanil. That’s potent enough to put an elephant down.” Hugo chuckles.

“Well, what are we waiting for?” Gerhardt bellows. “Let’s get what you need and put this mother down!”

Everyone is on their feet and moving toward the door. Then Ben decides to put a fly in the ointment.

“So, how do we entice der weiße Dämon to take a bite out of our bait instead of one of us.” Ben queries and everyone looks at him as if he threw water on the fire. For moments, no one says a word. Then Gerhardt finally speaks.

“Adolphus, can you create a large enough dose to fit into a hypodermic needle?”

“Ja, but in order to produce a lethal enough dose, I will need a pretty big syringe.” Adolphus declares.

“Not if we start off with a tranquilizer gun and then when the beast is down, inject her with the fatal dose.” Hugo counters.

“Again, how do we entice der weiße Dämon so that old Hunter here can do his thing first. He’s as good with a gun as he is with explosives.” Ben pronounces and no one seems to contradict this fact.

“We are going to need a fast runner. I mean someone who has skills.” Alberich predicts.

“That would be Ryker Schafer. In his youth, he was a cross-country sprinter.” Gerhardt asserts as he imagines the man running away from der weiße Dämon during his initial encounter.

“Do you think he will be willing to risk his life because that is exactly what he will be doing.” Ben is starting to get on the other men’s nerves with his blatant honesty.

“Alright Ben,” Matt expresses in enervation. “Did you come to help or to throw kerosene into the flames.”

“Hey Buddy!” Ben defends. “You asked me along because I’m good at thinking things through. We need to examine every facet of this operation. It’s only going to work if we plan every contingency. I figure that we are only going to get one shot at this. And, if we fail—” Ben has no need in finishing the sentence.

To Be Continued ...

The Legend of White Forest 15

  • The Legend of White Forest 15
    Hugo Erikson, along with Gerhardt Bernstein and Alberich Babler have decided to embark on the long journey to Stockholm, Sweden. There, they will locate the supplier Georg Fischer. However, the journey is not without its perils, namely—the tiger!

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