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The Legend of White Forest 13

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!

A mother seeks revenge!

A mother seeks revenge!

The Onslaught ...

It is very early the next morning when Hugo Erikson, his brother Adolphus, along with Lucas Olsson and Axel Nilsson head out toward der weiße Wald. Regardless of what Gerhardt has previously said, Hugo is determined to make der weiße Dämon his trophy. Adolphus, however, is the first one to show signs of apprehension.

“Do you really think we should be doing this, Hugo?” Adolphus whispers. “Remember what Constable Bernstein said. Maybe we should wait until—”

“Don’t tell me that you are getting cold feet little brother?” Hugo chuckles nervously. “They are all just frightened little children.”

“I’m just saying.” Adolphus replies uneasily as the four men trod through a fresh patch of snow.

“Ja, I don’t think—yelp!” Axel begins and then is off.

“You don’t think what?” Hugo retorts turning around to discover his comrade traveling at neck-breaking speed with a flash of white and huge tiger tracks where Axel once stood.

“Has she been trailing us all along.” A frighten Adolphus notes.

“Yeah and how can Axel move so fast. Do you think she will catch him? I briefly saw a flash of light and then they both were gone.” A wild-eyed Lucas replies incredulously, looking around in all directions.

“I’m going back to the Krüger Inn. I’m waiting for Constable Bernstein and the others—” However, before Lucas can finish his sentence, he gets the feeling that something is watching him. Then Lucas breaks out and runs in the direction of Hoffman Tavern but moments later the two remaining brothers hear is a blood-curdling scream—then silence.

“Let’s get out of here!” Adolphus cries as he pushes in the snow toward Hoffman Tavern which is the closest edifice. Hugo follows very close behind him. “First Axel—now Lucas!”

“We must stick very close together little brother. Remember Constable Bernstein said that our backs must be covered.” Hugo recalls the admonitions of Gerhardt as they push through the snow.

The snowdrift between them and the tavern is pretty deep and the men are having a difficult time navigating it. Adolphus instinctively turns around and sees that they are not alone. A fearful look captures his face as he almost moistens his trousers.

“Hugo, she is right behind us—the snow here must be deep enough to slow her down!” Adolphus shrieks.

“Head for that massive oak tree, it is our only hope of survival!” Hugo screams back as the two men struggle to make it to safety.

Hugo and Adolphus are barely able to scamper up and nestle on an overhanging branch of a magnificently sturdy tree when der weiße Dämon hurls herself against it. Again and again she savagely assaults the massive oak but by some wonder they can hold on to it.

The blood-stained tigress is relentless in her desire to tear apart both the limbs of the oak and the two men. However, the two men receive a temporary reprieve when what is left of Lucas comes stumbling out from some shrubbery.

A mother on a mission ...

A mother on a mission ...

“It’s Lucas! He’s still alive!” Adolphus marvels.

“But not for long.” Hugo predicts as der weiße Dämon heads toward him and tears him into shreds. Although the men are only a few feet from the tavern, neither makes a move until they observe der weiße Dämon heading back into der weiße Wald dragging the remains of the poor unfortunate Lucas.

“Poor Axel, poor Lucas! This was all your idea.” Adolphus accuses. “You wouldn’t listen to what the others said and now two good men are dead!”

“You wanted this just as much as I did.” Hugo defends harshly. “So let’s try to get back to the Inn before that demon returns. I’ll admit that I underestimated her power and ability, but I will never make that mistake again!”

“Well, that doesn’t help Lucas and Axel!” Adolphus exclaims. “What are we going to do about that?”

“There is nothing we can do for them now. I’ll call their wives and let them know what happened.” Hugo asserts in a straightforward way.

“This is bad, brother. This is really bad.” Adolphus laments.

“Yes, I know.” Hugo confesses as both men make their way to the Inn.

When they are at last safe inside, the proprietor Louis Schulz and Axel are there to meet them with looks of concern.

“Verdammt! You are alive!” Hugo shouts looking at Axel.

“Barely, and where is Lucas?” Axel questions

“Dead. But how did YOU escape?” Adolphus questions in wonderment and plunks into a chair near the door.

“It was a stroke of sheer luck. As I was running, I almost collided into a deer, but she ran right into der weiße Dämon and I—”

“What happened to the deer—and der weiße Dämon?” Adolphus inquires in awe.

“I don’t know. I was too busy getting to this Inn.” Axel recalls and all four men have a moment of laughter.

“Come you fellows, sit here by the fireplace. I will get my wife Helga to bring you hot coffee and cakes. Humph, did not Constable Bernstein and the others caution you three regarding that beast?” Louis admonishes with a hint of anger in his voice. Adolphus looks up briefly, nods his head in the affirmative and then drops it back down again.

Louis leaves them for a moment to explain to his wife what happened. She gasps in utter shock and horror then rushes to the kitchen to fetch refreshments.

“I will destroy that monster!” Hugo raises his fist in anger. “She killed Lucas, one of my best friends. I will not rest until she is dead, I swear it!”

“Lucas was my friend too Hugo.” Axel queries. “Do you have a plan?”

“I think I just might have one.” Hugo answers looking from his brother Adolphus to his friend Axel and the three men smile at each other.

To Be Continued …

The Legend of White Forest 14

  • The Legend of White Forest 14
    Things are at fever pitch in the Village of Krüger. The Erikson Brothers along with Axel Nilsson have relayed some very valuable information to Alberich and his crew. They have also exposed vital information regarding themselves as well.

© 2021 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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