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The Legend of White Forest 10

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!

"Double your pleasure ... double your fun"

"Double your pleasure ... double your fun"

A Change in Plans ...

“Hello? Hello?” Gerhardt yells into the receiver until Alberich finally retrieves it.

“I am sorry mein Freund. It is just that I didn’t expect this turn of events. I will definitely have to relay this message to Matthew Donahue. He and Hunter McDonald will have to come up with an alternative strategy now that there are two animals to confront.” Alberich asserts in utter bewilderment.

“Does this mean that your trip will be delayed even longer.” Gerhardt can’t hide the disappointment in his voice.

“No!” Alberich exclaims. “It just means that we will need to think this thing out more thoroughly. Otherwise, we are not only destine to failure—but someone is certain to be killed!

“Oh!” Gerhardt exclaims in dismay.

“Right. My comrades and I will be there early in the morning.” Alberich declares.

“This is good. Krüger’s Comfort Inn will be able to house everyone. They also have a meeting room where we can strategize.” Gerhardt assures.

“I will see you then.” Alberich retorts and both men end the call.

Alberich looks at the ceiling, then gets back on the phone to relay these new findings to Matthew. Of course, Matt isn’t too happy hearing about this unexpected turn of events.

“Hello? Is that you, Alberich?” Matthew’s training immediately kicks in as he gets the feeling that all isn’t well.

“Hallo Matt. I have some rather alarming news for you.” Alberich begins.

“What’s the matter?” Matthew questions cautiously.

“I just received a call from Gerhardt Bernstein.” Alberich acknowledges.

“And—” Matt is bracing himself for the response.

“It seems that der weiße Dämon is female. Also, she had two cubs until a local farmer killed one of them.” There, Alberich is finally able to get the words out.

There is a long silence on the other end of the line. Alberich, remembering his own reaction to the news, sits quietly waiting for the anticipated reaction.

“Two of them?” The words slide from Matt’s lips like experiencing the taste of extremely sour milk.

“Yes. I am assuming that the cub is not as big as his momma—” This time Matt interrupts.

“But still large enough to pose a severe threat. This tale gets more intriguing by the minute. This is definitely going to call for alternative plans.” Matt affirms what Alberich has been thinking.

“We are going to need every able bodied man in Krüger.” Alberich ascertains.

“No!” Matt bellows. “That by far would be the worst thing to do. Get a bunch of inexperienced local yocals out there tripping over each other and shooting at anything that barely resembles our target. No—it must be as previously planned. You, Officer Bernstein, Deputy Adelberg, Benjamin, Hunter and me.”

“The six of us against those two?” Alberich shrieks in total disbelief.

That's one vengeful mother ...

That's one vengeful mother ...

“Calm down. We will definitely need to pick them off one at a time. Preferably the momma first—being the most experienced and dangerous.” Matt advises.

“Unmöglich!” Alberich explodes. “How on earth do you think you’ll manage to accomplish that. Momma will be closely guarding her only offspring.”

“I know.” Matt shakes his head. “But trying to deal with them both will definitely be too risky. I’m not sure how, but I’m hoping that Hunter can provide us with a viable plan.”

“Sehr gut. Then I will meet you and the others where you are staying, the Crimson Stallion Inn, at sunrise.” Alberich pronounces.

“Right. Take care, Alberich.” Matt says to his nervous friend.

“Danke, auch mein Freund!” Alberich returns. both men release the call.

Matt looks out of his hotel room window, which faces the North. Then he sighs heavily.

“This story keeps getting better every time.” Matt asserts sarcastically to himself. May as well give Hunter a call.

Turning back to the small desk, Matthew picks up the telephone and requests that the operator connect him to Hunter McDonald’s room. Hunter has just finished a conversation with his wife when he receives the call. Automatically, he suspects that something is amiss by the tone of Matthew’s voice.

“Yes.” Hunter answers.

“Hi Mac. It’s me, Matt.”

“Hello, old chap. Is there anything wrong?” Hunter queries.

“Oh nothing much. Other than I just got a telephone call from Alberich.” Matt replies.

“Are the townsfolk of Krüger getting anxious regarding our little visit tomorrow?” Hunter lets out a small chuckle.

“A little more than that. Our problems seem to have intensified.” Matt feels it better to ease Hunter into this new situation.

“Just come out with it, Matt.” Hunter rejoinders. “You are as evasive as that predator we’re up against.”

“Predators! der weiße is female and she has two cubs! At least she had two until one of the locals shot one.” Matt informs Hunter.

“You have got to be kidding!” Hunter asserts incredulously.

“I wish that I were.” Matt replies.

“Two!” Hunter retorts, shaking his head. “I thought dealing with just der weiße Dämon was going to be challenging. Now, there are two beast to contend with.

“My sentiments exactly.” Matthew agrees.

“Well ... see you in the morning, Matt.” Is Hunter’s response and both men release the call.

Matt sits back in his chair and returns to staring out of the window. Then, he speaks to no one in particular since he is alone.

“Sure hope that Mac can come up with something—I sure don’t know what the Hell to do!”

To Be Continued ...

The Legend of White Forest 11

  • The Legend of White Forest 11
    Alberich Babler and his entourage have left early, heading for the Village of Krüger. They are unaware that a man has just been viciously attacked and eaten by der weiße Dämon. However, while travelling down the highway—they hit the cub. Trouble!

© 2021 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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