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The Legend of White Forest

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!


There is a legend that a huge white Siberian tiger roams der weiße Wald (the White Forest.) He is called der weiße Dämon (the White Demon) and is said to not only devour his victims but consume their souls as well. Until this day, no one has actually seen such an animal—perhaps since only either the foolhardy or slightly insane would dare enter The Wald after dark!

When Legend Meets Reality ...

In a quiet village east of Stäfa, Ryker Schafer is walking home alone after a grueling day on his job at Müller and Schmidt Ltd. He seldom takes this route home as it’s a path avoided by most of the townsfolk due to the legend, but he’s in a hurry. In spite of consistent warnings regarding der weiße Wald and it’s infamous occupant, a tired Ryker ventures forward, unwilling to entertain the legitimacy of the heresies at this moment.

Nevertheless, to counter the unbridled anxiety he feels as he approaches the Wald, Ryker begins to whistle a merry tune he heard once in a brothel. When suddenly, he hears a rustling sound to the left of him. It’s coming from a clump of twisted branches and fallen limbs. Ryker slowly turns and the sight leaves him almost paralyzed with fear. It looks like nothing he has ever seen in his 43 years of life.

Quickly, with the speed of someone half his age, Ryker sprints like never before. He dare not look behind for he can almost feel the hot breath of Death gaining momentum. As luck will have it, he approaches Hoffman Tavern located at the very end of the village—meeting the proprietor Emil Hoffman head-on.

“What in thunderation is the matter, man?” Emil, fondly referred to as Millie, queries the man who has the look of one condemned to die.

“I saw it—I tell you I saw it with my own two eyes!” Ryker bellows.

“Saw what, Ryker?” Millie steps back into his establishment, closing the door. Then he ushers his longtime friend into a booth.

“der weiße Dämon!” Ryker asserts, eyes laden with fear.

“You say what?” Millie eyes him in disbelief. There is no trace of alcohol coming from his breathe and he appears to be sane.

“You hear me right. I was going home from work—took a short cut through der weiße Wald when—” Ryker is interrupted by Millie.

“der weiße Wald! No one goes through that dense forest. At least not late at night. What on earth possess you to go through der weiße Wald?” Millie admonishes.

“I was tired and I needed to get home before I collapsed. But somehow I found renewed energy.” Ryker can’t help but chuckle now when he recalls the speed he managed to obtain in so short a period of time.

“Are you trying to tell me that you came face to face with der weiße Dämon and you, you Ryker Schafer managed to out run him? What kind of fool do you take me for? If you did come across him—you couldn’t possibly outrun him.” Millie scoffs dismissing his entire story.

“There was blood all over his face. I think he had just finished his kill and was full. Still he gave me a merry chase. That’s all I can deduce.” Ryker replies still visibly shaken.

“You don’t mean to tell me that you led that beast into our town?” Millie explodes and all Ryker can do is lower his head. “Do you know what you have done?”

“I’ve saved my own skin—that’s what I’ve done.” Ryker retorts in his own defense.

“But at the expense of the town. Come on, let’s go outside. If you’ve been chased there should be some tracks.” Millie reasons.

“Do you think it’s safe?” A cautious Ryker questions. Then he watches as Millie returns to his bar, reaches under it and produces a double-barreled shotgun.

“I reckon this will give us a fighting chance.” Millie brags and together the two men venture outside.

Legends don't leave tracks!

Legends don't leave tracks!

The freshly powdered snow gives the surrounding area a magically appearance as the two men slowly creep a few feet from the tavern.

“Oh my gosh!” Bellows Millie as he observes the huge footprints. “Quick, let’s get back inside.”

As both men rush inside, the faint sound of twigs breaking can be heard. Millie speaks again.

“What have you done, Ryker? For as long as anyone can remember the Legend of White Forest has been just that—a legend. A jolly good story that hunters share in front of a warm fire and a glass of Apfelwein (apple wine.) Now, you’ve brought it to life, verdammt du!”

“Es tut mir leid ... but what can we do now?” Ryker laments.

“For now, we will wait here until daybreak. If you are right that der weiße Dämon has just eaten, then perhaps he will just go back into der weiße Wald. I’ve got a couple of cots in the back that I keep for just such occasions.” Millie manages a crooked grin.

“What makes you so sure the White Demon will return to the White Forest?” Ryker queries following Millie into the small windowless room.

“He’ll be wanting to bed down for the rest of the night. I imagine he exhausted quite a bit of energy trying to chase you down. Man—you should enter those feet into the Olympics.” Closing the door, both men share a hardy laugh.

Throughout the night, either Millie or Ryker are awaken by what sounds like scratching on the door. However, neither budges from his comfortable spot on the cots until the next morning.

Millie awakens first, then he gives Ryker a nudge. “Let’s get up and survey the area again.”

When Millie opens the door, he is met with a big surprise. There are numerous deep scratches all over it.

“Durch alles, was heilig ist, what on earth is going on here?” Millie shouts.

“It looks like der weiße Dämon paid us a visit last night. Do you think he might be still inside? Ryker looks around cautiously.

“I don’t know but—” At that moment the front door swings open.

To Be Continued ...

The Legend of White Forest 2

  • The Legend of White Forest 2
    Police Office Bernstein, when making his rounds, has come across the footprints in the snow near Hoffman’s Tavern. He rushes in to inquire of Millie the tavern proprietor. Then, when they survey Ian Becker’s home, they find something shocking!

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