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The James John Daniels Stories, Story Five: I Guess We’re Alone

Mike is a long-time supporter of procrastination and enjoys doing as often as he can.


Speed Bumps

The personnel carrier bounced up and down with the sounds of something crunching just outside. Jimmy asked what the noise was. The driver said, “that’s the sounds of Bambi as we drive over him and all his woodland friends. They’re nothing but speed bumps to this thing.” Jenny said she didn’t want to know if he was joking or if they were leaving a path of blood in their wake. Captain Sherman said, “Hey, you missed a few of them.” The driver sat back up straight and said, “sorry, sir.” Jimmy found himself in an armored military carrier with a general’s daughter and eight soldiers on their way to Atlanta, Georgia. Jenny’s father gave her a key and instructions to operate what he called the weapon.

Along with Captain Sherman, a corporal Liam Haskins, airmen Jane Ester and Drake Collins. The rest of the crew where marines named Jess Kent, Haden Fox, Grant Gunderson, and Scott Lance. Jimmy noticed that away from the general, the marines didn’t show respect to the captain. Private Lance spent much of that first four hours staring at Jenny. Something felt wrong about the four people. After four hours, they were to change drivers and get some fuel. For the second time, one of the soldiers tried to take Jimmy’s weapon. The plan was to drive all the way, changing drivers every four hours with Jimmy and Jenny not taking turns. Under normal circumstances, the drive would only take about ten hours, but the world ended turning every deer between Wright-Patterson and Atlanta into enemy combatants.


Who are They

Haskins stepped out of the vehicle and over to the Captain. Jimmy couldn’t tell what he was saying, but by the looks on the captain’s face, he could tell it wasn’t right. The four marines stood together, occasionally looking back at the other soldiers and the kids. The airmen were all business while the marines did as little as possible. Jenny whispered, “I don’t know who they are, but they’re not marines. Something is wrong here.” Jimmy, as casually as possible, walked over to the captain and asked, “who are these people, and where did they come from?” The Captain said, “I don’t know. They were assigned to me, but from what I know, they just showed up at a gate claiming to be marines on leave, but there’s just something wrong about them.”

The captain told Jimmy and Jenny to scout out the surroundings for anything unusual. He gave him a look that said, take your time. We need to sort this out. The sun was up, and it was a beautiful sunny day. Behind the gas station were a hill and some woods. Between the station and the woods, they found three dead deer. At first, nothing seemed wrong if you looked past how they all looked like the same deer. Jimmy remembered how the clone deer looked like they had never eaten anything. Jenny said it was like they just dropped dead. They passed the deer and Into the Woods, where they found a pond with a dock.



Jenny looked to Jimmy and said, “what could be the most irresponsible thing we could do?” Jenny looked to the water then to Jimmy. She smiled and started to strip. Jimmy said, “what if the others come?” Jenny kissed him as she worked his belt open. She leaned back and said, “we’ll worry about that if it happens, but I don’t think any of them will do anything.” The two stripped and went into the water. For a short time, they were kids again playing in the water, skinny dipping, and having fun. Jenny swam back to the dock and got out and sat next to her. They came face to face and kissed. They rolled over, and kissing started to become something a little more when they heard a sound just out in the woods.

Jimmy looked to his clothes while Jenny looked to their guns, hooked up on the dock rails. A deer stepped out of the woods and approached the water. It seemed like it didn’t see them. Off in the distance, they could hear gunfire. The deer jumped and ran for the shooting. Jimmy and Jenny went for their guns than their clothes as gunfire ripped through the station from the vehicle. The smell of gas was in the air, along with copper and gun smoke. They hit the ground and worked around to behind the station. A deer jumped out of the woods and past them towards the gunfire.



Inside the station, they found the captain. He was on the floor, bleeding from several wounds. He told them he confronted the others about their conduct only to find out they weren’t marines; they had bought the uniforms before the world ended and in fact, were members of a militia looking to steal military equipment. They opened fire, killing the other airmen and wounding the captain. The gunfire attracted the deer. Jimmy looked out to see about twenty of the clone deer around the vehicle. Two of the fake marines were dead on the ground with what looked like a bunch of squirrels breaking them down. The captain asked, “did you two change into each other’s clothes?” Jimmy looked down and saw he was wearing Jenny’s shirt. They had mixed up their shirts in a rush to get dressed. They started to laugh when they realized the captain was gone.

Just outside, the vehicle exploded. The shockwave busted out the windows of the station spreading deer chunks into the woods. Flames spread across the ceiling and down the walls. They had to leave the body. They ran out the back and down into the woods away from the fire. Another massive explosion rocked the ground. The flames followed them into a valley filled with deer. The two of them stared at the deer, and the deer stared back. Jenny whispered, “I guess we’re alone in this.”

© 2019 Michael Collins aka Lakemoron