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The Haunting of Estate Estremita: The Arrival - Chapter 2 - Part 3

I wrote the book, "Legend of the Bottoms" in 2005, but didn't attempt to have it published. I am presenting it here as a series.

Recap of Chapter 2 - Part 2

In the previous part of this serial, the Grayson family were en route to their inherited estate in Summersend, Tennessee, and in this part of chapter 2, they have arrived.

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Estate Estremita

Estate Estremita

Danny's Nightmare Seems to be Coming True

"What is it, son?" Bob asked with concern in his voice. "It's the house from my nightmare; it doesn't just look like it; it's it," Danny said in a trembling voice.

Karen interjected, "Danny, it can't be the house from your dream; you've never seen this house before, and there's no way it can be identical to your dream." "But, it is!" said Danny in an agitated tone; this is the same house.

"Daddy, Danny is scaring me," Tina said; "make him stop!" "Okay Danny you need to calm down, there has to be a reason for all this, and I'm sure everything will be fine," Bob said reassuringly. "We've come a long way; we're all tired and a little grumpy, but don't let that stand in the way of checking out our new home and farm; okay?"

"Okay, Danny," said reluctantly, "I will try."

Danny Gets a New Friend

As the Graysons got out of their car, they were all stretching, when they were startled by a loud bark. Then they saw a large Labrador Retriever bounding toward them. Tina and Karen jumped back into the vehicle, but Bob, who was in front, stopped and wondered what would happen next. To his surprise, the big yellow dog raced passed him and literally knocked Danny down, before Bob had time to move. When Bob began running toward Danny and the dog, what he saw made him freeze in his tracks. The strange dog was covering Danny's face with licks, and Danny finally was able to put his hand on the animal, say, "Whoa boy, ease up," and as he did the lab, let Danny get up, but wouldn't take his eyes off the boy.

"I wonder where he came from." Bob queried; I wonder if he's Uncle James' dog, and if so, who has been feeding and taking care of him? He's too healthy to be a stray."

"Can we keep him, Dad?" Danny pleaded. "We can call him 'Duke' because Estate Estremita needs a Duke." I don't know son; we'll have to try and find out who he belongs to first, and then we'll talk about it. The dog's arrival helped take Danny's mind off the dream and made him feel comfortable, as he sat beside Danny, with what looked like a smile on his face.

"Duke" the Labrador Retriever

"Duke" the Labrador Retriever

The Gothic Victorian House is Huge

The family and their new dog stood in front of their Gothic Victorian House and marveled at how large it was, and how it stood on the hilltop like a fortress protecting its estate. Bob thought to himself, "Is it waiting to gobble us up?"

At that moment Tina's voice broke the silence, "Come on let's go inside."

Bob was surprised how easy the key worked in the ancient lock on the front door. As the family stepped inside, Bob flipped a switch and 'Voilá;' there was light. The entry room had the smell of an old house, but a magnificent old house. It was immaculate inside, compared to the way it looked outside, and the furniture was beautiful.

Danny stood there knowing he had been in this room before; at least he had in his dream. Everything looked the same, and he still had that uneasy feeling, but not as bad. He looked down at Duke and felt comfortable with him as his companion.

"Let's go upstairs and find my bedroom," Tina pleaded, as she raced toward the staircase."Be careful Tina, there may be some rotten wood on the stairway," Karen warned, as they all followed Tina up to the second floor.

Living room

Living room

Tour of The House

As the family moved from the landing, down the wide hallway, that separated the two sets of stairs, they observed four doorways, two on each side of the corridor, with double doors at the very end of it. They determined the double doors led to a balcony at the back of the house, and the doorways on each side of the hallway led to bedrooms.

Second story hallway

Second story hallway

First Bedroom

As they entered the first large bedroom, they were amazed by the large beautiful canopied bed which belonged to the Victorian Era. Also, there was also a sink in one corner of the bedroom. Bob could tell the house had been renovated after indoor plumbing came into vogue, around the turn of the century. He also realized that the wiring and all electrical appliances were installed as they became available.

Tina's bedroom

Tina's bedroom

The Tour Continues

Tina immediately claimed the room as her's, and the family agreed that she had good taste for a seven-year-old. It would be perfect for a little girl.

Danny chose his room next. It was his room in the dream he had, so he felt he shouldn't alter anything until he found out why he dreamed about the house and the apparition. He would be uncomfortable, but he was determined to be brave. He was also excited to have his very own bathroom too.

As the family moved down the hallway, Karen opened the door to what had to be the master bedroom. It was the larger of the second-floor rooms and had its own fireplace. It was elegantly decorated, and there was a picture of a beautiful dark-skinned lady on the wall and a baby bed near the foot of the bed. The entire family wondered who the lady was in the photo, and why was the baby bed in the room.

This bedroom had its own bathroom like the others, which Bob thought they were probably converted from old closets. It would be so strange, being able to get into the bathroom in the morning, without standing in line, Bob thought, as they continued their tour of the house.

Master bedroom

Master bedroom

Conclusion of Chapter 2 - Part 3

Due to the size of the large house, the family's tour will be continued in "The Haunting of Estate Estremita: Chapter 2 - Part 4." We will find more areas of the house that contain mysteries and begin the investigation into the unanswered questions, including why Danny seems to be a magnet of the paranormal.

© 2018 Gerry Glenn Jones

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