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The Haunting of Estate Estremita: Danny's Paranormal Visitors - Chapter 3 - Part 3

I wrote the book, "Legend of the Bottoms" in 2005, but didn't attempt to have it published. I am presenting it here as a series.

Estate Estremita house

Estate Estremita house

Recap of The Haunting of Estate Estremita: Danny's Terror - Chapter 3 - Part 2

In the previous serial, Danny is almost killed trying to fix a broken shutter outside his window during a thunderstorm. He also sees two cloaked figures on the ground below his window. One pleads eerily, "help," and the other one says in a harsh threatening tone, "you are next, Aycock!"

Why does the apparition call him Aycock? We shall find out later.

Hooded figure

Hooded figure

Aftermath of Danny's Terror

After Bob and Karen pulled their wet, cold, exhausted son back into the house, Danny felt himself trembling uncontrollably. He tried to speak, but could not. He could see his father's lips moving, but couldn't hear the sounds they made. He thought, "how odd," as he passed out from the exhaustion.

He then went into a sleep that was not disturbed by the banging of the shutters, even though the wind still blew and the rain continued outside. It was the dreams now that made him restless; that caused him to toss and turn. It was the dreams of the hooded specters that haunted his sleep; that wandered through his mind and would not leave him in peace the rest of the night.

There they were in his dream. Yes, he knew he was dreaming, but he could see himself hanging there outside his window, in the storm, and there were the figures below him.

"What do you want from me?" he pleaded, to the dark figures. "Who are you...What are you?"

In his dream state, Danny felt like one of the figures was beckoning to him for help, while the other, more eerie figure, was threatened his very existence, but why?
"Please answer me!" he begged, as the figures disappeared again in his dream.

Night mist

Night mist

Danny Explains What he Saw And Heard

When Danny awoke, he was in dry pajamas, lying in his warm bed. His first thought was, "I fixed that blasted shutter! It was not flapping anymore."

"Danny!" he heard his mother say, in an anxious voice, "are you alright?"

"I think so," he answered in a trembling voice, as he took a sip of the warm cup of soup, she had handed him.

"What were you trying to do? kill yourself!" his father asked, as he stared down at his son while trying to make any sense out of how he had gotten into the situation they had found him in.

"No dad," Danny replied defensively, "I was simply trying to fix that loose shutter on my window. The wind was banging it against the side of the house, and I couldn't sleep."

"Well, it's not loose anymore," Bob said, as he starred out the window towards the ground below." You were almost down there with it too, son. It's a good thing that I heard you calling me."

That was odd, the boy thought, he did not remember calling for his father. He did not remember saying anything except for the profanity that he had mumbled, but maybe he had called out subconsciously.

"Had they heard him curse too?" He wondered, and quickly agreed with his father, saying, "I know Dad; what I did was very dumb, and I promise you, I'll think before I do anything that stupid again. I just didn't want to wake you and mom. I thought I could fix it by myself."

"Okay son," Bob said as he patted his son's shoulder. "Do you think you can go to sleep now?"

"I think so Dad," but there's something else that happened while I was hanging out there; there was someone on the ground below me."

Danny Continues to Explain What Happened

Danny then told his parents about the hooded figures in the dark cloak and how they seemed to vanish. He explained to them that it gave him a very strange feeling; a feeling hard to describe; a feeling mixed with horror, pity, and desperation. He said he somehow felt all these things even though he was fighting for his own life. He told them it was almost like the figures were calling to him through his mind.

"You must have seen the wind blowing something that cast a shadow from the light of your window or from the lightning," his dad reassured him, meanwhile thinking about the feeling he had in the basement that morning. He remembered those same feelings.

"No dad," Danny protested, "I saw someone down there. I was not seeing shadows."

"Ok son," Bob said, understanding that now was not a good time to argue with his son about something that he thought he saw, when in fact, he could not explain his own feelings while in the basement. He knew the boy needed to rest, and told him that they would look around in the morning to see if anything had been disturbed and to see if they could find any footprints.

"Son, we love you; try and get some sleep," Karen, said, as she kissed him on the cheek.

"I love you guys too," Danny replied, as he pulled the covers up over his shoulders, and watched his parents leave the room.

Bob and Karen were barely out the door when the exhausted teenager drifted off to sleep; a sleep that was not disturbed by the banging of the shutters, even though the wind still blew and the rain continued outside. It was the dreams now that made him restless; that caused him to toss and turn. It was the dreams of the hooded specters that haunted his sleep; that wandered through his mind, and would not leave him in peace the rest of the night.

Mud below window

Mud below window

A New Morning

The morning awoke clear and crisp. The storm had been pushed from the estate by a cold front that brought the colder air from the north into the area and dropped temperatures by as much as twenty degrees from the previous day.

The wind had settled now, and the clouds had separated, leaving a deep blue sky, which made Danny feel like he was in another world, far separated from the horrendous experience he had during the night.

The whole episode now seemed like a dream to the teenager. This made him raise his bedroom window and look into the yard below. The shattered shutter and the hammer that he had used, lay there on the ground below him. This was proof he had not dreamed the incident during the night, but in fact, it had happened. Danny then remembered the cloaked figures, and hurriedly showered, dressed and went downstairs, where he found the other members of his family preparing for breakfast.

Karen was pouring coffee for Bob and herself when she saw Danny coming down the stairs.

"Good morning; how do you feel this morning?"

"I feel good; just a little strange."

Beautiful morning on the estate

Beautiful morning on the estate

Danny's and Bob's shoeprints in the mud

Danny's and Bob's shoeprints in the mud

Searching For Evidence

"You should, after last night," Karen said. "You scared the devil out of your father and me."

"It scared me too mom."

"What scared you?" Tina asked; bewildered by what her mother and brother were talking about. After all, she had slept through the entire incident.

Not wanting to alarm Tina, Karen simply said, "your brother had a bad nightmare and woke your father and me."

"Oh, I slept well," Tina said, not pursuing more of an explanation.

As Karen placed the coffee cups on the table, Danny motioned for his father to follow him outside. Bob got up from the table and followed his son, without knowing what the boy wanted.

Danny led his father into the yard area, below his window, where the shutter rested in the mud, created by the storm. It had hit hard enough to make an indention into the soft ground.

"Dad, there are none!" Danny said as he scanned the ground around the shutter.

"What are you talking about, son?"

"No footprints!"

"What I saw last night down here didn't leave any footprints in the mud, like we are now dad!"

Remembering what his son told him about the dark figures he thought he saw during his near-death experience, Bob tried to make a practical hypothesis of what his son might have seen the night before.

"Danny, it could have been many things; shadows, something blowing in the wind or a figment of your mind, caused by the traumatic circumstances you were involved in."

"No dad, I saw two hooded figures down here. I am sure of it!"

"Okay, maybe you did, and maybe the footprints were washed away by the rain," Bob said, trying to give his son a doable explanation of what he saw.

"I guess that's a possibility dad, but why was someone out here in the storm last night?"

"I don't know Danny; maybe it was Mr. Otis. Maybe he was checking on something that he was concerned the storm might damage or destroy," Bob said, remembering that the hired hand was now living in the apartment, above the barn.

"Nope; wasn't me," a voice said from behind the two. "I slept like a baby all night. What did you see?" Larry Otis asked, with concern in his voice.

Danny told Larry what had happened to him, and about the things he had seen below his window. Larry Otis listened to the entire story, without speaking, or showing any emotion. When the boy finished, the old man looked at the shutter on the ground and rubbed his chin, as if he was in deep, deliberating thought.

"Have you seen anything strange on the farm?" Danny asked, breaking Larry's trance.

"Uh; no - not really, but I have heard some tales about this place!"

Conclusion of Chapter 3 - Part 2

After, feeling that no one believed him about the two figures that visited him during the night, Danny became more resolved in his determination to uncover the secrets of Estate Estremita.

Join us in Chapter 3 - Part 3 as this saga continues.

One of the figures Danny saw

One of the figures Danny saw


Pamela Oglesby from Sunny Florida on December 22, 2018:

This is another good chapter in this story. It sure would be scary if you saw hooded figures like the boy described.

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