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The Haunting of Claire Conclusion

Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!

The showdown ...

The showdown ...

Putting an End to it All ...

Madame Amara has finally made it to Maple Groove. Josh and Patrick are there to meet her at the Maple Groove Landing Strip. Jabari Oladoyinbo is there as well. The two men embrace each other as brothers.

“Josh, Nina furaha kukuona tena!” Jabari speaks in Swahili.

“Asante! I am happy to see you as well. This is my friend, Rev. Patrick Webster.” Josh says by way of introduction.

“Asubuhi njema, Jabari. I hope your family is well?” Patrick inquires.

“Asante, they are well. I understand it is not so with yours. My sister is here to take care of that matter. This is Madame Amara Oladoyinbo.” Jabari asserts with pride.

“Asubuhi njema, Madame Amara!” Patrick nods his head in respect which pleases Madame Amara very much.

“Asante, Reverend Patrick. Let us be on our way to the hospital. There is much to be done before the final ritual.” Madame Amara explains as the four make their way to the waiting car. Patrick has decided to drive Claire’s Pink Porsche. The woman smiles.

“Let us begin by putting an end to the malevolent flow that is dominant in this vehicle.” Madame Amara says. Taking a green vial from her carry-on valise, she begins to pour it all over the shiny automobile. First, there is a low groan—then silence.

“You mean I’ve been driving with that?” Patrick queries incredulously.

“Yes, but only for a very short time. It’s influence is not as strong because of the obvious inability to control either you or Josh.” Madame Amara informs him.

“Nevertheless, it does give one an eerie feeling.” Josh adds and Patrick is quick to agree.

“We have a lot to do and there is no time for eerie feelings.” Madame Amara admonishes. “I have a list of things that still need to be done.”

As everyone finally enters the coupe, Patrick instantly notices how much better it feels being in the vehicle. He looks over at Josh and is given a small smile as if to say that he notices the change as well. The journey to the hospital is quiet and uneventful. However, this cannot be said for the shenanigans at Maple Grove Presbyterian Hospital. Equipment is mysteriously disappearing and patients are complaining regarding strange sounds and shadows.

In response, the CEO, Charlie Sullivan has to instruct the Director of the hospital, Brad Holloway to transfer all patients from the fifth floor to other rooms throughout the facilities. It is fortunate that the place is not as crowded as it can sometimes become. Karen is the lone occupant of the floor—still much to tired to be moved due to Claire’s continuation of mischief. Fortunately, with the assistance of Kate and Jonathan, there has been no recurrences or setbacks.

Patrick finally enters the room to find an extremely exhausted Kate and a much bewildered Nathan. He speaks first.

“That witch is nonstop!” Jonathan whispers, trying hard not to awaken his wife. “Poor Kate is totally depleted. Claire’s spirit has badgered, howled, screaked and just annoyed Karen to no end. I don’t understand how she can stand it. I’m so proud of her!”

“That’s because she has had some pretty supernatural assistance, Jon.” Patrick explains as he introduces him to Jabari and Amara Oladoyinbo.

“Nimeshukuru kukutana nawe!” Jonathan replies as he expends a hand to Jabari and Amara.

“We are please to meet you as well.” Jabari responds. “It is unfortunate that we must meet under these circumstances.”

“Yes, it is.” Jonathan retorts, then focusing his attention to Amara. “Madame, may I extend to you my heartfelt gratitude. It is because of you that I still have my Karen.”

“Asante, Jonathan. However, do not underestimate the power that lies within your wife as well as your love for each other.” Madame Amara interjects smiling broadly. “Let us get to work!”

Under the instructions of Amara, the entire 5th Floor is cleansed. Exotic oils and incense are place throughout the corridor which not only keeps Claire from causing malice in other rooms but confines her in a small closet space. This is no small task to achieve. Things kept moving from one place to another and Josh almost runs into Patrick.

“Steady on!” Patrick asserts.

“Now look here—” But before Josh can finish his thoughts, Madame Amara appears with the most wonderfully smelling aroma.

“Sorry old boy ... my bad!”

This goes on for about an hour. Jonathan looks up grinning.

“If this wasn’t such a serious matter, I’d say this is a really fun time.”

“That is because of the Essence of Gladden. It can only be found in The Forbidden Forest of Nun. It is a Sacred Forest where the Conjurers spend a lot of time.” Jabari expounds.

“How did this Forest come to be?” Kate is simply enchanted by stories of the mystical and magical.

“I will be happy to tell you all about it someday, dear Katherine.” Madame Amara says. “Maybe even arrange for a visit.”

“I look forward to it. Perhaps with my sister?” Kate questions.

“Perhaps. She will need to recover slowly and methodically. This type of purification can’t be rushed.” Madame Amara admonishes.

The portrait holds the key!

The portrait holds the key!

“Sister, it looks as if we have everything in the ready.” Jabari recites.

“Yes, except for one more thing. Jonathan, there is a picture of the woman—you know who I mean—that hangs over your bed. You must go at once and bring it. We must trap the Essence in that picture. Then, what needs to be done can be done.” Madame Amara rejoinders and Jonathan responds without hesitation.

Meanwhile, Patrick goes to confer with Charlie and Brad. He explains to them that during the procedure, there must be the upmost in security.

“No one, absolutely no one is allowed on the 5th floor for any reason once the ceremony commences. Do you gentlemen understand?” Patrick inquires.

“Yes!” Both men respond as each returns to their designated stations to insure that everything is handled flawlessly. While Charlie makes sure that all resources are at Brad’s disposal, Brad explains to the Chief of Security the necessity of putting the 5th Floor on lockdown.

“Are you serious?” Chief Hawkins asks.

“Yes, and I will hold you personally responsible if there are any breeches.” Brad cautions. The Chief then rushes to fulfill his duties.

It is not long before Jonathan returns with the portrait and gives it to Madame Amara.

“Asante, Jonathan. Now we can begin. Your wife is awaken and everything is in readiness.”

As instructed, Jonathan stands in front of the closet door holding the Portrait of Claire Westbrook. Patrick is to one side with his hand on the knob. Slowly, the door is opened and Madame Amara shouts ...

“Acha uwepo wako mbaya ufua ndani ya picha hii, SASA!”

The force is so great that it almost knocks Jonathan down. Four additional security officers are summoned. However with one on either side of the picture, it is the Chief who leads everyone to the basement where the incinerators are housed. Jonathan is able to assist Karen, who is still in sleepwear, along with her twin, Patrick, Josh and the Oladoyinbo’s.

“This thing is really getting heavy!” One of the security officers complains.

“Whatever you do, please do not drop it!” Commands Madame Amara and after receiving a look from the Chief, the man swiftly maintains a firm grip on the picture.

“”It’s moving! I can barely maintain my grip!” The other officer excitedly complains.

“Here, give it to me!” The Chief orders and he shoulders the entire weight of the picture himself with the other two officers standing close by.

After securing the express elevator to the basement, all is in readiness for the final act.

“If we were going to incinerate her, why the necessity for purifying the 5th floor?” Jonathan queries.

“To insure that she would not escape. Your very fine Director also took the liberty of safeguarding the basement as well. It is good to have such a distinguished gentlemen in our ranks.” Jabari offers.

Although the portrait is not normally heavy, it takes the Chief and the two other security guards to get it into position for the final disposition. It is quite a struggle as it moves one way, then another while also trying to rotate out of the men’s hands.

However, the fourth guard is the one who gets the furnace door open and Madame Amara says the final words.

“Ninakuhukumu kwa kina cha giza ambapo hakuna kurudi!”

With all their strength, the three men toss the portrait into the furnace. There is a horrid scream. The entire room turns as cold as ice. All the lights go out and everyone stands in total darkness. Then slowly the room returns to normal and Karen is found lying unconscious on the floor. Jonathan rushes over to her.

“Is she—?”

“No Jonathan, for once she is fine. Let us return her to her room where she can rest. Then, in the morning the healing process will truly begin.” Madame Amara proclaims.

“How can I ever thank you?” Jonathan questions as tears swell up in his eyes.

“By continuing to love your wife.” Madame Amara smiles as everyone heads for the Express Elevators.

The End

© 2021 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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