The Grove Suites Chapter 5

Updated on April 1, 2018


It was about three hours later when Cara got up the nerve to ask Bob about his conversation with the detective. “Bob, what all did the detective ask you about?

“He asked me if I knew of anyone who would want to hurt our daughter.” Answered Bob as he turned to stare at his wife pensively across the room.

“Is there anyone who would want to hurt my daughter that you know of Bob?” questioned Cara as she looked back at him with a look of fear on her face.

Getting up from his seat and going over to her he put his arms around her and tried to put her fears to rest with his answer, “Not that I know of, baby, I could not think of anyone that would intentionally want to hurt our Lisa.”

“I just do not understand where she could have disappeared to Bob, I just do not understand what is going on.” Cried Cara as she pulled out of his embrace and began to pace the room.

His next statement however brought Cara to her knees and paralyzed her all the way to her soul. “Honey, do you think it could have been Ruben? I mean he was infatuated with you at one point and you did not give him a second glance, maybe he took Lisa to try to get to you.” Replied Bob with the hidden question shining in his eyes.

“Bob…I…do…not…know…” stammered Cara as the fear gripped her that somehow, he knew about her affair and the true birth right of Lisa.

“But it could be a possibility, honey, I mean it would be worth the detective looking into don’t you think?” questioned Bob glancing at his wife. The expression on his face showed concern, but in his eyes, shined a question that Cara was afraid he already knew the answer too.

Nodding slowly, she answered, “Yes, baby, it is worth at least mentioning to the detective. I mean what if it was to lead to Lisa’s rescue? That would be all that matters.”

“Exactly what I was thinking, my dear.” Answers Bob. “I mean we need to make sure they know everything that we can give them, so as to make sure that Lisa is searched for properly.”

“Yes, I agree.” Says Cara barely above a whisper.

“Cara, you have gone white as a sheet, are you feeling alright?” askes Bob concerned that his wife has taken ill.

“No, No, I am fine Bob I assure you.” Replies Cara “I think I am going to go for a walk, I will be back shortly.”

“Ok, darling, just please be careful.” Replies Bob.

“I will be I promise.” States Cara.

With a brief glance back at her husband she walks out of the door and disappears into the night. It seems like many hours before Cara is able to stop walking and just sit on the bench that she has stumbled across in the park that she has come upon what seems like miles from her hotel. She sits and looks around her in all directions and does not recognize any of the structures that are in front of her.

She lowers her head in defeat and recognition that she is lost and has no idea where she is or what direction she needs to go to get back to her hotel. She begins to tremble at the realization that she has escaped and that her being lost may be what is best for her. She can not help but think that Bob is connected to her daughter’s disappearance, but without solid proof she knows that she has no way to prove that he is in any way connected.

Slowly rising from the bench Cara makes the decision that she will work tirelessly until she figures out exactly what has happened to her daughter and who is responsible whether it be her husband or Ruben, justice will be served for her daughter. With that last thought she starts off toward the direction she came from when she stumbled upon the bench.

She was crossing a crosswalk when out of nowhere a car appeared and she had absolutely no time to react or even more before she was struck. Her last thought was that justice had to be reached for her daughter, then she blacked out.

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