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Wandering Groves: Undetermined Events (Originally Grove Suites)-Chapter 4

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The Grove Suites-- Chapter 4


It seemed like Bob had been back there with the Detective for hours when the door finally opened, and he stepped out into the waiting room. Looking across the room he met Cara’s eyes and the look in his eyes made her blood run cold. She was scared to death that he knows about Ruben, but then realization hits her like a heavy rock being settled on her chest.

She is not sure why the thought has crossed her mind, but deep down in her soul she knows that Bob somehow knows where Lisa is, and now she just has to figure out how he knows. She must see if she can figure out why he would want to steal her child or rather more accurately why he would want to steal or hurt a child he has believed as his own for so long.

“Cara, are you ready to go?” questioned Bob drawing her out of her reverie.

“Huh? What?” answers Cara a bit shaken by her realization. Looking over to Bob and the detective she answers, “Yes, honey, I am ready. I think I had dozed a bit for a second there.”

“You look so tired, honey, come on we will go back to the inn. I am sure the detective will call us if he needs anything else from us.” Replies Bob wrapping his arm around his wife’s shoulders as they bid their goodbyes to Detective Robert and started toward the door.

“Yes, dear that would be good.” Stated Cara turning to speak to Detective Robert. “Bye, Detective, please inform us the minute you know anything about our daughter.”

“I sure will, ma’am.” Replied the detective as he waved them out the door.

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