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Wandering Groves: Undetermined Events (Originally Grove Suites) Chapter 3

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The next day Bob and Cara went to talk to Detective Robert and explain to him about the dream and the suspicions they held regarding what Cara thought the dream was trying to tell her. They entered the station and walked up to the front desk and asked the officer to speak to Detective Robert. The young officer picks up the desk phone and dials a series of number and then speaks into the mouthpiece, “I need you up front, sir, some people are asking for you.” After hanging up the officer turns to Bob and Cara explains, “He will be right out. Please have a seat.” They walked over to the waiting area and was about to sit down when the detective emerged from a side door.

“Cara and Bob Wilson?” asked Detective Robert in a questioning voice as he walked toward them. Peering nervously at each other Bob and Cara turned in unison and replied, “Yes, we are the Wilsons.”

“You are both the biological parents to the missing girl?” questions Detective Robert as he looks back and forth between Cara and Bob. Cara moved kind of uneasily back and forth from side to side on her toes. Bob was the first to speak, “Yes, sir we are….” Started to state Bob only to be cut off mid-sentence by Cara who looked at the Detective and spoke quickly and just loud enough for him to hear her. “Detective Robert, can I speak with you privately without my husband.”

“Yes, of course Mrs. Wilson would you follow me to my office.” Answers Detective Robert turning to look at Bob he speaks clearly, “Sir, we need to speak to each of you separately.”

“Yes, sir, I understand completely.” Answers Bob as he looks over at Cara. He had not heard thankfully when she had asked to speak with the detective.

Cara nodded to Bob and followed Detective Robert as he walked toward a door leading into his office. Shutting the door, he turned and motioned for her to sit down, then walked around the desk to take a seat in his own chair. While she sat there silently for a moment she contemplated how to go about telling the Detective the information that she probably should have revealed in the first place.

Staring pensively at the seasoned Detective across the desk from her she spoken cautiously at first, “Detective, I have something that I need to tell you, but I am not sure how to go about revealing my secret without it harming our chances of finding my daughter or if it would even help.”

“Start at the beginning, Mrs. Wilson, and we will decide from there whether it is helpful information or not.” Answered Detective Robert as he watched the young mother across from him who appeared to be much older than her 38 years. This investigation and uncertainty seemed to have aged her by a good 20 years.

“Detective, Bob is not Lisa’s biological father!” blurted out Cara as she covered her face in embarrassment and mumbled through her fingers, “Lisa’s father is a man named Ruben Gonzalez. We were lovers for a while back when my husband was traveling all the time.”

“Mrs. Wilson, why did you not mention this information before.” Asked Detective Robert. “This is information that we should have already checked out.”

“I know, Detective, and I am sorry that I did not mention it before, but the thing is my husband does not know that Lisa is not his only I do, and I know simply because I had her tested right after she was born.” States Cara with sadness dampening her spirits.

“Is there anything else that you think that I should know, Mrs. Wilson?” questioned the detective as he stared at her skeptically.

“Yes!” answered Cara and with that she broke down and told him about the dream that she had been woken up by the night before.

Staring with his mouth agape the detective was left speechless after hearing about the dream and Cara’s suspicions that went along with the dream. “Mrs. Wilson, I can understand you not wanting to tell your husband and for the time being we will keep that part of the investigation just between us, but I will have to follow up on the dream and see if I can track down your ex-lover Ruben Gonzalez.”

“Yes, sir, I completely understand.” Answered Cara as she began to rise from the chair where she was sitting. “I appreciate your discretion with the other detail.”

“No problem, Mrs. Wilson, now allow me to show you out.” Replied Detective Robert as he walked her back to the waiting room to join her husband.

“Mr. Wilson, I would like to speak with you for a moment please.” Stated the Detective as he stood there holding the door open for Bob.

“Yes, Sir, Detective.” Answered Bob and he started across the floor after throwing a sharp look at Cara that seemed to say, “Don’t move!”

© 2018 Vic Watts

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