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Wandering Groves: Undetermined Events (Originally Grove Suites) chapter 2

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A few weeks later Bob, and Cara went back to the same Grove Suites that their daughter had went missing from, and their son James had gone on a camping trip with his friend. While he was away his parents went to see what evidence, the detectives found.

When they were there the detectives had yellow police tape around the crime scene where their daughter Lisa had gone missing from. While they were there a detective noticed them, and came up to Bob and Cara, “Hello, my name is Detective Robert, are you the parents of the missing girl?” Bob and Cara looked at each other and said “Hello, yes, we are the parents of the missing girl.”

The detective told them to follow him to the police station, and as soon as they got there they found out additional information that at the crime scene they had found the kidnappers mask, and it was like all the other disappearances that there was always a piece of clothing at every crime scene. Also, they have found a fingerprint that wasn’t part of their family, but they had not found a match. The parents were so grateful, but at the same time they were also devastated because they had not yet found their missing daughter.

The parents this time did not go to stay at Grove Suites for they did not want to remember the day that their daughter went missing, so this time they stayed at Mayfield Hotel in hopes that their daughter was safe. That night Cara had the scariest dream that her daughter was in the same room that she was in, and she was there when her daughter was kidnapped.

The next day she told her husband about the dream and that she was scared for her daughter. Her husband told her not to worry for their daughter was safe. Bob took Cara out to eat in hopes that the dream she had last night would go away, but the whole time Cara could not stop worrying for fear of her daughter’s safety.

That night when Cara went to bed, she had the same dream, but this time she stayed in the dream a little longer, but she woke up suddenly for something had unveiled in the dream something mysterious. The dream had showed Cara that her daughter was not kidnapped by any man, but by her ex-lover Ruben, but a question flew into Cara’s mind why did Ruben want Lisa.

The next day while she was eating breakfast the question was finally answered why Ruben wanted Lisa so bad and that is what frightened Cara the most…

© 2018 Vic Watts

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