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Wandering Groves: Undetermined Events (Originally Grove Suites) Chapter 1

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Once there was a woman named Cara, she stood about 5’ foot tall and had long flowing black locks of hair with grey eyes, she had gone on a vacation with her family. She and her husband Bob, a middle-aged balding man in his forties with green eyes and about 6’5, decided to take their two kids Lisa, thirteen, blonde hair and blue-eyed standing about 4’8, and James, fifteen, brown hair and grey eyes standing about 4’11, to visit the great city of Charleston, South Carolina.

They woke up early on the morning that they were to go because they were coming from a whole other state. You see they are from Mississippi. That was going to be a long trip, but Cara and Bob thought it was worth the trip, and it would give their kids a memory to remember.

The morning before they were to leave Cara went online to one of those hotel websites and booked them a hotel to stay in while they were visiting Charleston. The hotel was a big towering 120 floor monstrosity called The Grove Suites. They were said to give out gems that equaled to the amount of the floor number in which your room was on, so Cara thought that would be a neat experience for the children.

So, the next morning they got up early. They had already packed the car the night before, so everything was set and ready for them. They were up and dressed and on the road before it was even daylight good. They were on the road traveling for over nine hours when they finally reached Charleston, and the GPS (Global Positioning System) said they only had five minutes left before they reached their destination.

They arrived at the beautiful Grove Suites and slowly got out of the car. The view is amazing just standing outside. The bellhop brought out a cart so that they could put their bags on it to take them into the hotel. They unloaded their bags from the car to the cart. Then they walked into the hotel, inside they were greeted by the hotel staff.

They all went to the front desk so that Bob and Cara could retrieve the keys to their rooms. They had rented two rooms that were connected. One for Cara and Bob and one for their children Lisa and James. After retrieving their keys, they made their way to the elevators. After climbing into the elevator, they pressed the button for the sixty-first floor. Riding up in silence they each contemplated when they thought that they would receive the gems that were promised.

Getting off on their floor they were greeted by the concierge for that floor who gave them their gems, and showed them to their rooms. After unpacking their bags and putting away all of their things they decided to just call out for something to eat and spend the evening relaxing in their rooms. Cara and Bob were in their room when they heard a loud noise coming from their kid’s room next door. They rushed to the connecting door and threw it open to find that the only sound coming from the room now was the kids tv and the kids were nowhere in sight.

Bob told Cara to go to their room and call the front desk and see if anyone had seen the two teenagers downstairs. While she did that he began to search the room and after about 20 minutes Bob rejoined Cara in their room. He asked her if anyone had seen them downstairs and she replied, “No!”. As they were getting ready to go search for their children James walked back into the room next door. Bob was the first to hear him come into the room. He went to the connecting door and asked him where he had been and where his sister was at and why she was not with him.

He answers swiftly that he had only gone into the bathroom for a moment and thought that his sister was in the room the whole time. It was not until he came out that he realized that she was missing, but when he did he had gone into the hallway to see if she was out there, but she had been nowhere in sight. He had even ridden the elevator up and down one level each and had not found her. After hearing this Bob returns to his room and calls the authorities, telling them that he will meet them downstairs with a recent picture of Lisa.

After a brief time later, Bob met the authorities and gave them a recent picture of Lisa and they called it in to the station and put out an Amber Alert for the thirteen-year-old girl. Then they rode the elevator upstairs with Bob, asked James to vacate the room and then begin to dust for any fingerprints that did not match those of the family. Bob, Cara, and James each stood by as they searched the children’s room and took samples of carpet fibers. When they were done in the room they sent out other deputies to search the remainder of the hotel.

By morning they had still not found the young thirteen-year-old girl. The hours for possibility of finding her safe were disappearing rapidly. It was not until two days had passed that it was brought to Bob and Cara’s attention that Lisa was not the first young girl that had disappeared from her room at the Grove Suites, and none of those girls had ever been found.

It was a four days later when the cops came to them and told them that it was more than likely Lisa was either dead or had been kidnapped. They had not given up the search, but the possibilities of her being found had all but disappeared and the possibilities of her being found alive were non-existent at this point.

Bob, Cara and James returned to Mississippi a week later without Lisa. They never knew what had happened to her. They only knew that their trip to the Grove Suites was one that would never be forgotten……

© 2018 Vic Watts

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