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The Great Rum Wars Part Two


James scanned the ships to see if he was correct about the pirates. “There is the flag. Looks like the Nave has found the pirates,” he said, calmly looking at Caroline.

“Pirates! Caroline yelled. “What cou…” Jim covered his bride's mouth, and then put his forefinger to his lips.

Lieutenant Smith’s voice boomed. “Remember men we need to take prisoners.”

“What if we capture Blackbeard?” A soldier said, passing the Lieutenant and then ran into the woods.

I would love to capture the most notorious pirate. Smith thought, his face beginning to crack a smile.

“Did you hear that? They think they’re going to catch Blackbeard,” James whispered to Caroline.

“Wait, what are you talking about?” Caroline asked.

“People say that Blackbeard has powers like a witch,” James said, looking at the beach.

“A witch, James you’re insane,” Caroline said.

“Haha, listen, Blackbeard is able to disappear into thin air. Just like witches.”

“Jim, there’s n…”

“I have to agree with the young lady,” a deep voice said, putting a pistol in Jim’s back.

James' face turns white, putting his hands in the air. “O-o-okay, just don’t pull the trigger of that gun.” Jim turned slowly to face the man holding the weapon.

“I won’t hurt you or your woman unless you force me too.”

“A-are y-you B-Blackbeard the p-pirate?”

“Edward Thatch, nice to meet you. Now let's get off this beach,” Blackbeard said, pointing his pistol in the direction he wanted to go.

“What if we don’t want to help you?” Caroline said, trying to give the pirate a firm look, but failing.

“You will die, after your boy…”


“Your husband! will die first from the bullet in my pistol, which means that you get to die by my sword,” revealing his annoyance with the conversation. “So move, that way.”

“Ok Ok, we’ll go,” Jim said.

“See those shrubs?” the pirate pointed to a small group of green shrubs sitting in front of a smooth rock.

Caroline was the first to reach the shrubs and looked back at the pirate. “What now? There’s nothing here but rocks.”

“Give me…”

A shot rang out and jerked Blackbeard forward, and then he fell on top of Jim causing both of them to fall on the ground.

For Your Thoughts

If you could meet any notorious criminal, who would it be, and why?

What would say to them?

What environment would you like to meet them in?

Leave your comments in the comment section.

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