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The Great Rum Wars Part One


“This is one of the most beautiful days I have ever seen, Don’t you think so Jim?” The red-haired young woman asked her husband, looking at the Atlantic Ocean.

“Its North Carolina darling, every day is a beautiful day,” Jim said, giving his bride a loving kiss.

A loud explosion shocked the couple’s romantic bliss, as they saw a battleship limping through the ocean. A second ship followed, orange flames engulfing the ship's sails.

“It looks like the Navy is trying to catch some pirates,” Jim said, holding his hand to his forehead, helping to shade his eyes. “That boat that’s on fire looks like its sinking. We probably should find a safer place because the people jumping off that ship and coming this way,” grabbing his brides hand and heading to a group of boulders that blocked the shoreline from a few sugar plantations.

The ship finally exploded, throwing debris in the air. “Oh my God, Jim what are we going to do?” Jim’s wife said, freezing in place.

“Caroline we need to hide,” Jim said sternly, pulling his young ride behind a boulder.

Lifeboats made their way to the shore, leading several groups of pirates on to the beach and into a group of trees.

Three Naval ships showed up behind the two others, orange flashes coming from their cannons as the cannons splashed into the water.

“We’ve got them now men!” Admiral Bluefield screamed. “Don’t destroy the Succulant, we’re going to need the ship for evidence to prosecute Blackbeard.”

“Admiral, look the mainsail is broken, the Succulant is slowing.”

“Prepare boarding parties,” Bluefield commanded.

“Aye Admiral.” Soldiers began securing weapons and prepared to secure the boat for a search mission.

The Naval ships moved in around the Succulant and formed a triangle around the boat. “Go now!” The Admiral commanded, turning to Lieutenant Braden Smith. “Prepare landing parties and capture as many men as you can.” The Admiral paused. “Lieutenant keep as many as you can alive. We need witnesses against Blackbeard.”

“Aye sir,” Smith said, marching to the boats. “Ready landing parties and prepare to take prisoners.” The soldiers looked at their commanding officers for a second and then took action, following their orders. The boats slid into the water and began moving to the shore. Other teams started their siege of the Succulant.

The teams of sailors reached the ship and began searching over each section, inch by inch.

“All clear!” Soldiers hollered from the Succulant.

“How could they have escaped from the boat that quickly? Bluefield thought. “Continue checking the entire ship, Blackbeard couldn’t have left his ship. No captain leaves their ship.” The Admiral said, looking at the captive ship in disbelief.

Voices screamed out the all clear from the depths of the massive vessel, which confused the Admiral.

“Admiral there’s no one aboard the ship,” a soldier reported.

“All right! Send more men to the shore. Blackbeard must have hidden on one of those lifeboats,” Bluefield said, in disbelief, looking to the North Carolina shore.

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