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The Grand Worthington Hotel Conclusion

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Staring Death in the Face ...

As soon as Darrin and Connie get outside, Russell is waiting for them with a 9mm Parabellum in his hand.

“Glad you two could join me.” Russell gives them both a wicked smile.

“Is that the gun you used to silence Mrs. Webster?” Connie spits at him venomously.

“Give the lady a prize! Yes, it is. She wouldn’t listen to reason. I followed her to the Grand Worthington Hotel. I had heard from a couple of friends of mine that she and Jacolby were paying them to trash the place. So, I took the liberty of doing it myself. Figured I’d make some extra dough. Now, I had two people to blackmail.” Russell brags, unaware that Connie is slipping her hand into her pocket and is summoning Buffy.

“You scumbag!” Darrin roars at him and receives a smack in the mouth with the side of Russell’s gun.

“Keep it up, copper. I’ve never plugged one of NYPD’s finest—it would be a pleasure though.” Russell grins while Darrin wipes the blood from his mouth with his left hand.

“How could you possibly know that he’s a policeman?” Connie queries.

“Ain’t it obvious? The way he handled himself with one of my henchmen—and lady what you did is a thing of beauty. I haven’t seen action like that in years.” Russell states admirably.

“And, just what do you plan to do with us now?” Darrin is more concerned for Connie’s safety than his own.

“I may as well take care of some unfinished business. Since you’ve discovered me—no use letting you spread the word.” Russell answers, moving the gun from side to side.

“You wouldn’t dare.” Connie responds, trying to stall for time until her friend arrives.

“Lady, you have no idea.” Russell says.

This fellow is about to get just what he deserves …

This fellow is about to get just what he deserves …

At that moment Sam, the cook from the Mint Julep Tavern, comes out of the back door with intentions of throw a pot of boiling water in the vicinity of a stray dog he assumes is outside prowling around again. He has warned the animal several times to keep away and he’s hoping the sight of it will frighten him. Sam would never hurt him, though.

When Sam sees Russell with the gun, he throws the water at his legs instead. Russell drops the gun shrieking with pain. Darrin then takes the opportunity to dive for it and retrieves it from the ground.

“Thanks, Sam—better get an ambulance for this one.” Darrin replies, pulling out the cuffs from his back pocket and putting them carefully on Russell.

“He won’t be giving you any more trouble, Officer Cunningham. I never cared for that character. He’s rude to Bonnie and most of our patrons. What did he do anyway?” Sam becomes curious.

“He killed Percy Webster’s widow. Just call an ambulance, will ya Sam.” Darrin requests while looking at the extend of Russell’s wounds. He has severe burns on both legs and minor damage to his hands.

“I want to press charges against that idiot. He could have killed me.” Russell bemoans.

“Oh, like what you were planning to do to Darrin and me?” Connie queries cuttingly.

Within a few moments the ambulance appears with a couple of police cars. Buffy still hasn’t made it yet.

A fitting end to a would-be hood ...

A fitting end to a would-be hood ...

Just Where Were You ...

When Buffy makes it to her car at the Webster’s home she decides to check her portable surveillance equipment she has stored in the trunk of her car. She notices that it probably has been beeping for some time.

“Oh my gosh! I wonder how long that thing has been going on?” Buffy replies and Jacolby comes to her aid.

“Is that what I think it is?” He looks at Buffy in surprise.

“Yeah, when Connie and I were snooping around the Brunswick Estate, we happen to find it. It seems that they have been keeping tabs on several stockholders.” Buffy offers.

“Well I’ll be—let me look at that signal. It looks like it’s coming from the Mint Julep Taverns.” Buffy looks at Jacolby in horror. “C’mon, I’ll take you there.”

Buffy follows Jacolby to his car and they speed down the road in the direction of the tavern. It’s not too long before they reach their destination. There are several squad cars and an ambulance on the scene. Buffy looks around and is relieved to see both Connie and Officer Cunningham safe. She also sees a man with both his legs taped up and an IV drip in his left arm.

“Who’s that?” Buffy questions as Connie heads in her direction.

“That would be that blackmailing Russell Armstrong.” Jacolby states between clutched teeth. Connie arrives soon.

“He confessed to everything. Apparently, he was going to blackmail Mrs. Webster along with you Jacolby. Unfortunately, she had other plans and as a result—”

Before anyone can stop him, Jacolby lunges toward the man lying on the stretcher and begins choking him. It takes quite a few police officers to finally pry Jacolby loose from Russell who is coughing and sputtering at the same time.

“I’ll sue you—you and that damn cook.”

“I very seriously doubt if that’s going to do you any good where you are going.” Officer Cunningham retorts, reassuming his role as arresting policeman.

The paramedics load Russell into the ambulance. The medication finally taking effect—he lies back and falls into a peaceful sleep.

Connie looks at Buffy, “And where were you, dear friend?”

Nathan talking with Surgen Shannon ...

Nathan talking with Surgen Shannon ...

All’s Well ...

At County General Hospital, Abbie has fully recovered from the surgery and the doctor’s prognosis is good.

“I believe she will have a full regaining of her cognitive skills.” Surgeon Shannon tells Nathan. “We’ll just have to wait and see if her clairvoyant abilities return, though.”

“I am just fine.” Abbie tells them. “I remember everything that happened.

“Don’t you think you need to rest a little more?” Nathan questions.

“I’ve been doing that for a while now, haven’t I?” Abbie reprimands. “Your wife has had herself quite an adventure, hasn’t she?”

“You can say that again.” Buffy, along with Connie and Inspector Riley enter the room. Officer Cunningham is still at the 10th Precinct filling out a lot of forms.

“I see that you caught that man who hit me from the back. He’s also the one that killed Mrs. Webster. She wanted to see me about everything that has happened. It’s unfortunate that she chose that spot. The Grand Worthington Hotel has a history of death, degradation and despair. It’s time somebody turned that around.” Abbie replies wryly.

“And, I plan to do just that.” Connie enters the room, and everyone smiles.

The End

© 2019 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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