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The Grand Worthington Hotel 9

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Time to use those "little gray cells …"

Time to use those "little gray cells …"

It All Seems Strange ...

The door opens to find Abbie unconscious in bed. One wall is covered with hospital equipment, informational charts and wires. The others are bleached white. Nothing really noteworthy about it. Except that Abbie looks very peaceful lying there.

“Maybe we shouldn’t disturb her.” Buffy utters. “That had to be a very traumatic experience.”

“I believe it was. This is why Mrs. Wilkinson has been so heavily sedated. That and the extent of her injuries. However, this was done earlier in the day. Just be aware of her condition and don’t unduly stress her.” Dr. Sian counsels.

As if on cue, Abbie opens her eyes.

“What am I doing here?” She enquires groggily looking around the room. She tries to rise out of bed but flops back into a stack of soft pillows.

“Oh, my head!” She laments.

“The security guard found you lying on the ground in front of the original Grand Worthington Hotel around 1:30 am. Do you remember what happened? Can you tell us anything?” Bill probes.

“I’ll try. I remember receiving a telephone call from an older woman asking me to meet her at the Grand Worthington Hotel.” Abbie answers.

“An older woman—then what happened?” Buffy queries.

“I don’t know. I woke up here—a nurse gave me something and I went back to sleep. I have no idea how I got here or what happened just before then.” Abbie relates to the surprise of everyone present.

“You don’t remember anything? You were hit on the back of the head with a rock. You say that you got a phone call this morning?” Inspector Riley interrogates.

Abbie is getting excellent care at County General!

Abbie is getting excellent care at County General!

“It was probably more like late last night! I can’t remember who the woman was—she sounded desperate. That I do know. Other than that, things are really hazy. It’s like part of my memory has been altered or just removed.” Abbie informs in dismay.

“I think that’s enough for now. The mind is still a mystery to us. It has ways of protecting us from extremely unpleasant circumstances. I want to do some x-rays and a CT scan. I need to know if there’s anything further going on.” Dr. Sian replies. “My wife is a special duty nurse—she is assigned to Mrs. Wilkinson.”

Everyone leaves the room with the exception of Doctor and Nurse Sian. They make Abbie comfortable and she returns to her slumber.

“That was very strange. Abbie doesn’t remember anything after she arrived at the hotel.” Nathan begins the conversation.

“I think whoever hit her on the head knew exactly what he or she was doing. That means the villain may be in the medical field.” Buffy deduces.

“Or someone who understands the workings of the brain.” Connie adds.

“This line of thought is really getting out of hand. First, you think it is Jacolby Webster. Now, you think it may be somebody in the medical profession. Why don’t you just leave it up to the police to investigate this caper.” Inspector Riley suggests.

“Well—do you have any suspicions, Inspector?” Buffy asks sarcastically.

“None that I wish to share with you.” Inspector Riley returns her cynicism.

“Translation— I don’t have any idea.” Connie mocks smiling.

“Alright you two.” Bill reprimands the ladies.

Connie rushes to keep up with Buffy!

Connie rushes to keep up with Buffy!

“We are not getting anywhere here. I think we need to return to the scene of the crime.” Buffy recommends.

“A couple of my men are already there. I don’t want you getting in their way, Mrs. Worthington. Please, just go home and let us handle this.” Inspector Riley insists.

“Alright, sure.” Buffy utters, rapidly heading toward the entrance to the hospital with Connie struggling to catch up.

“I didn’t think she’d cooperate so easily.” Inspector Riley replies satisfied. Nathan looks at Bill and both shake their heads. Nathan knows that his wife is not about to give in so easily. Bill knows this as well. Those women have something up their sleeves and neither Nathan nor Bill will expose this fact.

“I’m going to have a talk with Steve Crenshaw. Maybe he can get a few of his crew members over to the hotel.” Nathan tells Bill.

“Better let Steve go over there alone—then he can just tell the men what needs to be done.” Bill suggests.

“Okay, maybe Bob Morton can accompany him. He’s got a good eye as well.” Nathan mentions.

“Fine. Just make sure if either man discovers anything, he will let me know. I don’t want valuable evidence getting disturbed.” Inspector Riley advises. Nathan looks at Bill and he nods in agreement.

“See you later, Inspector.” Bill says and Nathan follows him through the corridor of County General to the nearest exist. Both men know that sleuths Buffy and Connie will probably unearth something long before Steve Crenshaw or Inspector Riley’s men do.

“It will be Buffy or Connie who discovers something.” Nathan reminds Bill.

Look what Buffy finds ...

Look what Buffy finds ...

“I know—it’s fine as long as they know when to let up.” Bill retorts. “But knowing my daughter—” Both men smile and head to their waiting cars.

With Connie at the wheel, it doesn’t take long before they are arriving at the Grand Worthington Hotel. Of course, the police have already set up barriers and a couple of men are wandering around the premises, heading toward the back of the building.

Buffy notices something wedged in a crack in the sidewalk. It looks like the heel of a shoe.

“The officer was right, Connie. Look at that.” Buffy says pointing to the heel wedged in the sidewalk.

“I don’t think those officers have seen this yet. Go look in your car. Maybe you have a screwdriver or nail file in your glove box.” Buffy orders feeling very excited. Connie heads for her car. She knows never to question Detective Buffy when she’s hot on a clue. Six minutes later, Connie returns with a butter knife.

“This will have to do, Buffy. Now, hurry up—those policemen will be back any minute. I don’t want to give this to them.” Connie instructs as Buffy gently loosens the heel from its prison and jams it into her pocket. Just as she stands up, Officer Cunningham walks over toward the two women.

To Be Continued ...

The Grand Worthington Hotel 10

  • The Grand Worthington Hotel 10
    There is evidence placing Charlotte Webster at the scene of the crime. However, it’s starting to look more like a planned occurrence than an actual confrontation. Who could have done this?

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