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The Grand Worthington Hotel 8

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Trouble follows like a dark cloud.

Trouble follows like a dark cloud.

Suspicious Circumstances ...

It’s about 6 am when Nathan receives an urgent phone call from his father-in-law Bill.

“Nate get down to County General Hospital pronto!” Bill urges.

“Why, what’s the problem?” Nathan inquires sitting straight up in bed.

“It’s Abbie Wilkinson.” Bill informs.

“What happened to Abbie?” Nathan retorts aloud. Upon hearing this bit of information—Buffy sits straight up in bed as well.

“Something has happened to Abbie?” Buffy whispers to Nathan and he nods, putting the phone on speaker.

“Dad, I’ve got you on speaker.” Nathan informs Bill.

“What’s going on, dad. What’s happened to Abbie?” Buffy asks.

“One of the security guards found her at the Grand Worthington Hotel. She was lying unconscious on the ground. Her head was bleeding. Officer Hollingsworth thinks she hit her head on a rock during some type of confrontation. All the windows on the first floor has been shattered.” Bill informs Nathan.

“What on earth was Abbie doing at the hotel—and alone.” Nathan inquires.

“She must have had a premonition and well, if you know Abbie—she reacts first!” Bill pauses.

“Which was very foolish on her part. She should have called me or even you, dad. Why did she just go alone? It just doesn’t make any sense.” Nathan shakes his head.

“Unless she felt she could reason with whoever it was that was at the hotel. I wonder if Jacolby Webster had anything to do with this. Remember how you said he was watching you all during the ceremony.” Buffy advises.

Jacolby Webster seems to be a prime suspect.

Jacolby Webster seems to be a prime suspect.

“You may have a point there, Buffy.” Nathan recalls the incident.

“You can’t go jumping to any conclusions no matter where the assumption points.” Bill reproaches.

“Dad, we are not jumping to any conclusions—we are just putting two and two together. Jacolby kept watching me at the groundbreaking ceremony. He saw Abbie and me having a personal conversation. She went to confront him about it, and he tried to kill her.” Nathan surmises.

“I don’t think he wanted to kill her, Nathan. I think he wanted to silence her from making any more predictions. She has never been wrong.” Buffy deduces.

“I agree with Buffy—sort of.” Bill replies.

“What do you mean, sort of?” Nathan asks.

“Whoever it was that attacked Abbie, I don’t think it was to kill her otherwise she would be dead. I think they wanted to get her temporarily out of the picture so s/he could do whatever.” Bill says.

“You think it might be a woman?” Nathan asks incredulously.

“Let’s just say that I am not ruling out that possibility. Right now, Jacolby is a prime suspect and I will let Inspector Riley know about this.” Bill says.

“Okay, Buffy and I will be on our way to County General. Stay there. How is Connie taking this?” Nathan questions.

“Better than I expected. She’s really upset but because your consultant was hurt more than the fact that the building was vandalized.” Bill informs Nathan.

“That’s Connie alright. Talk to you later, dad.” Nathan says as he hangs up the phone. “Let’s get ready, Buffy. I want you to bring your Poirot skills into play. We’ve got a mystery on our hands.”

Buffy claps her hands in glee. This is what she’s been waiting to do. Finally, to investigate something that’s not fictional.

“I wonder if Abbie saw who it was?” Buffy queries.

“Hopefully, she will be able to tell us something—it will depend on the extent of her injuries.” Nathan warns. “Let’s get there.”

A very concerned physician.

A very concerned physician.

Worse Than Imagined ...

Before the trio can see Abbie, Dr. Theodore Sian and Inspector Riley are waiting to see them. Dr. Sian speaks first.

“I need to let you know that it seems that some of Abbie’s clairvoyance abilities could be hindered because of the injury to her head. She was hit pretty hard from the back. It’s a miracle that her skill wasn’t fractured.” Dr. Sian states.

“Oh no!” Buffy laments.

“It’s going to take a lot of time and rehabilitating but she should be fine. I don’t know however, about her special abilities. I’m afraid that’s not my expertise.” Dr. Sian confesses.

“When she’s ready to be discharged, I would love to have her recovery handled at our home.” Buffy tells Nathan. “If the doctor is correct—then there may be someone out there who would prefer that she not regain her gift.” Buffy inputs.

“You are absolutely right, Mrs. Worthington. I am hoping to coordinate with County General regarding just that. At the present, we’ve got an officer stationed outside of Abbie’s room. “ Inspector Riley begins.

“Abbie has been instrumental in helping us solve many cases. It would be a great loss—besides she’s a pretty great lady.” Riley concludes and everyone nods their heads in agreement.

“So, please understand if she’s a bit hazy on what happened to her. She was hit from behind.” Dr. Sian replies.

“But I thought there were sights of some kind of struggle?” Nathan states not understanding what he’s hearing.

“I believe that there may have been more than one person at the hotel. It’s really becoming more of a conspiracy.” Riley says.

“This is ridiculous—why would there be a conspiracy against the Grand Worthington?” Nathan asks.

“There have been a lot of people hurt as a result of your wanting to reopen the hotel. For five years, everything has been quiet. Now, it looks like the hotel will be opening even if it’s as a tourist attraction.” Riley says.

"And somebody doesn't like it!" Buffy concludes.

Connie wants to know what is exactly going on?

Connie wants to know what is exactly going on?

At that moment, Connie Alexander makes her appearance.

“I don’t like the fact that the hotel is being targeted by miscreants but hurting people—Jeremy Arthur Riley, what are you doing about this?” Connie begins.

“Now just a minute Connie, there’s no cause in using my full name. I am going to be on top of this. Not only did one of my favorite contacts get nailed—a historical landmark has been vandalized. This is major.” Riley finishes.

“I’m going to have Steve Crenshaw and Bob Morton coordinate their construction schedules to incorporate both the original and the new Grand Worthington.” Nathan offers.

“I’m going to have a meeting with the city administration—there may be moneys they can appropriate for some of the repairs.” Connie offers.

“I plan to concentrate my efforts on Jacolby Webster. His brother died on location. He would have good reason to want to see the hotel fail.” Buffy proposes.

“Now you be careful, Buffy. I know I said I wanted your input, but this may be more than we bargained for.” Nathan cautions.

“He’s right, Mrs. Worthington. We may be playing with some serious characters. I can’t protect you if you tip outside of the law. Nor if someone decides to—” Buffy interrupts.

“Please, give me credit for having some type of sense. I am not about to put my head on the chopping block—so to speak. I understand what’s at risk and I don’t plan on doing this alone.” Buffy rebukes.

“So, who is your accomplice?” Bill asks his daughter. Buffy only smiles while Connie gives her a secret nod.

“Let’s go see Abbie.” Nathan concludes looking first at his wife then noticing Connie’s smile.

To Be Continued ...

The Grand Worthington Hotel 9

  • The Grand Worthington Hotel 9
    Abbie Wilkinson is conveniently put out of commission. She wasn’t killed or crippled, just knocked on the head in a way where she has only partial memory lost. Who would be smart enough to orchestrate such a thing?

© 2019 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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