The Grand Worthington Hotel 6

Updated on June 9, 2019
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Ms. Williamson is a published author and educator with a Bachelor of Business, Master of Public Administration, and Master of Science!

The storm is approaching …
The storm is approaching …

An Early Meeting …

Mr. Yamada Akio decides to stay in town indefinitely and is a welcomed guest in the home of Bill Harrington. He is given an upstairs bedroom with adjacent bath. Bill knocks gently on the bedroom door—Akio opens it.

“You have a very lovely home here, Bill.” Akio acknowledges.

“Thanks, Akio. I hope you had a restful night.” Bill replies.

“I did.” Akio replies.

“First, our chef will be preparing breakfast. Next, I’ll take you down to see Dr. Alexander. Mr. Brewster will be there as well since he’s on the Board of Directors for the Historical Society.” Bill informs Akio.

“It will be an early meeting then?” Akio inquires.

“In fact, a very early meeting. Connie has asked the security guard at City National Bank to give us special entrance into the building. She has a very tight schedule today, but she is really excited about meeting with you. Mr. Brewster, of course, will be there as well.” Bill states.

“Ah yes, he is also on both boards, isn’t he?” Akio mentions.

“It’s always good business to have the president of the most prestigious bank in town as a party to any financial endeavor.” Both Akio and Bill laugh hardily as they journey down the stairs toward the dining room. Stephanie is there to greet them.

“Mr. Yamada, good morning to you!” Stephanie acknowledges with enthusiasm.

“Mrs. Harrington, thank you for having me in your beautiful home.” Akio replies bowing slightly.

“Please dispense with the formalities. My husband speaks of you so much—call me Stephanie.”

An exciting meeting with Dr. Connie Alexander and the board members.
An exciting meeting with Dr. Connie Alexander and the board members.

“Alright Stephanie—only if you call me Akio!”

“Okay you two, we’ve got an early consultation with Connie today and I don’t want to be late. She’s got a full schedule.” Bill replies, helping himself to piping hot raspberry crepes and sausages.

“Yes, I know. She’s very active in our auxiliary groups as well. I’m having lunch with her later today, along with a couple of our members: Melody Harris and Emma Keys.” Stephanie tells Bill.

“You do not work outside the home, Stephanie?” Akio questions before stuffing his mouth with blueberry muffins.

“The various auxiliaries that I am a member of take up most of my days. I am a certified Interior Designer, though. Only occasionally do I work in that field. I have the wonderful advantage of choosing when I practice my trade and when I indulge in my civic duties.” Stephanie brags.

“I would love you to meet my wife, Miyuki. You share such similar interests.” Akio informs while sipping his latte.

“The next time I am in your wonderful city—I will make every effort to include Stephanie. We’ll have to coordinate our schedules.” Bill smiles. After finishing a hardy breakfast and a firm kiss is planted on Stephanie’s lips, Bill and Akio leave for the City National Bank Building, where a special conference room is reserved for their meeting.

When all parties are present, the meeting begins.

News will travel fast concerning the New Worthington Hotel ...
News will travel fast concerning the New Worthington Hotel ...

Nathan is also up early. He is excited about the prospects of starting preliminary construction. When he arrives at the site—Steve Crenshaw is already there with another individual.

“Nathan Worthington, I’d like you to me Joshua “Speed” Taylor. He’s the architect I was telling you about. Speed, meet Nathan Worthington.” Steve says.

“Why do they call you Speed?” Nathan inquires.

“Because I am also a video race car enthusiast.” Speed replies smiling.

“That’s interesting.” Nathan says. “I’d like to look at the blueprints you’ve got. I know my father-in-law has some, but I understand yours are more up-to-date.” Nathan waste no time getting to business.

The men go over to Speed’s truck where he has the blueprints spread out. It shows plans for the offices, foyer and storage areas. There are also several other rooms strategically situated on each floor which he will explain later. The parking lots will be in the back so as not to spoil the pastoral beauty of the front.

Speed plans to create the atmosphere in the front of the building as a small park—businessmen will be encouraged to take their laptops or tablets out there and work in peaceful surroundings. He also has some photos of how the building will look when completed.

“I’ve done one other building in this design. It’s in Sacramento. Yours will be very similar. However, since I will be making some minor changes in the structure of the Sacramento complex—yours will also be completely unique.” Speed replies.

“It looks worlds different from the original Grand Worthington Hotel. I’m wondering when we can get started?” Nathan inquires.

“We’re getting the necessary permits in about a couple of hours. That father-in-law of yours has some serious connections. I’m looking at Monday to begin work.” Steve replies.

“That is fast. Today is Thursday. The location is great. It’s almost like being in the suburbs yet not too far from the freeway. Once everything is complete, this is going to be a prodigious hotel.” Nathan heralds.

“There are hotels in the center of town and near the airport. This one is not only for businessmen but if they want to relax with their families and combine work with leisure—it will be perfect!” Speed informs Nathan.

“That’s what I like about it. Even the conference rooms will be conductive to creating an air of 21st century professionalism.” Nathan replies eyeing the plans thoroughly.

“I told Speed that it needs to be as different from the original as night and day. Speed’s office designs are for the modern workspaces that reduce stress and improve job performances. So, making hotels for businessmen and their families is just an extension of that concept.” Steve explains.

The front of the hotel will be reminiscent of a small park.
The front of the hotel will be reminiscent of a small park.

The three men walk around the area. There is a pleasant breeze and no sounds of noisy traffic or planes passing overhead. The atmosphere is very congenial and quite different from the usual business-oriented hotels.

“I’m a little concerned about families with young children. Won’t they be a distraction for the businessmen?” Nathan wonders.

“This particular businessman’s hotel caters to families with older children. There will be three rooms of various floors that will be housed with the latest video gaming equipment for their playing enjoyment. PlayStation, Nintendo, Xbox— you name it and your new hotel will have it. We’ll keep that adolescent or teen busy for hours. In fact, they will beg dad/mom to go on more business trips to New York.” Speed laughs and the other men join in.

“My nephew is going to just love this.” Steve adds and is as excited as the other men are at the prospects of the New Grand Worthington Hotel.

“Truly, this is going to be a grand hotel!” Nathan states enthusiastically—both Steve and Speed agree.

To Be Continued …

© 2019 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS


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