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The Grand Worthington Hotel 4

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A Late-Night Visit ...

Nathan goes down the hall to their bedroom and explains to Buffy regarding the answering machine message and the conversation with Bob Morton. Buffy responds.

“Do you want me to go with you, darling?” Buffy asks sleepily.

“No, I’m talking one of the dogs along with my favorite peacemaker.” Nathan smiles, opening the closet door and reaching for his favorite—a Smith and Wesson 500.

Nathan gives Buffy a kiss and a squeeze—then he’s off with their Doberman, Hunter.

The streets have an eerie calmness about them, but it doesn’t take long before Nathan reaches the Black Widow’s abode down on Mulberry Bend, on the east side of Columbus Park. He gingerly knocks on the door looking around on both sides of the neighborhood. A moment later, Abbie Wilkinson is standing in the doorway looking at him.

“Black Widow?” Nathan inquires in surprise.

“Actually, my name is Abbie Wilkinson, but you may call me Abbie if I may call you Nathan.” Abbie replies.

“Of course, please do. Your reputation exceeds you, but I never thought you’d look like—this.” Nathan smiles embarrassingly.

“It’s a common mistake. Only those that deal in deep dark magic become ugly as they are overtaken by the spirits.” Abbie offers in the way of an explanation.

“Oh ... I see.” Nathan is still unnerved. “You wanted to speak to me Mrs. Wilkinson—err Abbie.”

“Yes, I do. I have seen that you plan to rebuild the Grand Worthington Hotel in another location—this is good. But still, I foresee problems ahead.” Abbie begins.

The Black Widow … not just another pretty face.

The Black Widow … not just another pretty face.

“I sent the Worthington Emerald back to its original owners. There shouldn’t be any problems.” Nathan states somewhat confused.

“This is not from the supernatural world but from the natural one. There are people who do not want you to complete the hotel, Nathan.” Abbie says mysteriously.

“Abbie, can you tell me who it is—can you identify the culprit?” Nathan says anxiously.

“At this moment, I am not at liberty to tell.” Abbie answers.

“Why? I need to be prepared. You must tell me!” Nathan insists.

“There is an element of uncertainty at this particular time. The minds of the perpetrators are not easily read. There could be only one person, or several people involved. Things will have to unfold gradually to see what happens.” Abbie admonishes Nathan.

“Like playing poker with strangers. You watch the mannerisms and looks on everyone’s face to tell what you should do next.” Nathan replies.

“Nathan, I was told that you were smart—but they underestimated you. You are brilliant! That is exactly what I am talking about.” This comment brings a smile to both Abbie’s and Nathan’s faces.

“Thank you.”

“I see you brought your dog, Hunter with you. He’s a very loyal companion and would rip the face off any would-be adversary. A good friend to have in a jam.” Abbie notes.

“You truly are a psychic. I always thought that Spiritualism was a bit of mumbo-jumbo but you’re the real deal.” Nathan replies in admiration.

You don't want to tangle with Hunter!

You don't want to tangle with Hunter!

“We’re a dying breed, Nathan. There are a lot of con artist who disguise themselves as seers but are only after the money. I only require recompensating when I have to create a talisman to ward off evil spirits. The ingredients are quite expensive and come from out-of-state.” Abbie explains.

“Louisiana?” Nathan guesses.

“How’d you guess?” Abbie teases.

“Everyone knows about the bayou and voodoo—even in England!”

“Really? However, in your case, a talisman would be of little use.” Abbie concludes.

“Because we are dealing with the natural world and—”

“And, because the people involved are in a state of indecision. It could go either way but most likely at least one person is determined to disrupt your plans. Just be careful.” Abbie finishes.

“I can understand why Bob Morton thinks so highly of you, Abbie. You’re an alright lady.” Nathan extends his hand and she shakes it. Abbie holds his hand for a moment—then speaks.

“You did the right thing in letting Pamela go. She was never right for you. Buffy is just your style. Smooths out some of those stuff English habits.” They both laugh hardily.

“You are so right, Abbie. Why don’t you come visit us sometimes—I’d like you to meet Buffy.” Nathan offers.

“No, this is where I need to be. I have a wonderful life here with friends that would give their right arm if need be for me. There is no phoniness here in this part of Columbus Park.” Abbie smiles.

“I understand. Look, I’d like you to keep me posted on what’s happening. I’d gladly put you on payroll as an outside consultant.” Nathan states.

The success of any project depends on being able to judge the outcome.

The success of any project depends on being able to judge the outcome.

“I don’t pay taxes because all transactions are done on a cash basis. I don’t need the government dipping in the trough.” Abbie answers.

“Okay, cash it is. Let me give you a little something this morning to cement our agreement.” Nathan opens his wallet and pulls out three crisp hundred-dollar bills. Abbie’s eyes widen as he puts them into her hand.

“I wasn’t expecting any enumeration.” She smiles and Nathan is shock at her use of the word. “I went to college—I have a MS degree in Psychology.”

“Wow—that’s impressive. I knew that you didn’t talk like the locals around here. I’m shocked that you are satisfied with hanging around here with all that talent!” Nathan notes.

“Well—there’s not too much you can do with just a master’s in psychology. Besides—I didn’t want to go any further and I didn’t like working in stuffy old offices downtown.” Abbie explains.

“Abbie, whenever you are tired of being down here just let me know. Between my father and my father-in-law, we can set you up really good.” Nathan replies as he heads out of the door.

“I’ll keep that in mind—not promising anything. Take care.” Nathan is secure in his Porsche; heading for home. He gives Hunter a gentle rub on the ears.

“I think this time young fellow—we’re going to be prepared.”

To Be Continued ...

The Grand Worthington Hotel 5

  • The Grand Worthington Hotel 5
    Everything is going as scheduled. The original Grand Worthington Hotel is being transferred, a Board of Directors for The Grand Worthington Corporation is being created and Nathan now has the go-ahead for preliminary construction. What could go wrong

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