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The Grand Worthington Hotel 3

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A new building is in the horizon.

A new building is in the horizon.

It’s Prime Property ...

Buffy and Nathan pull up into the driveway of the beautiful home of William Henry and Stephanie Harrington. It is a beautiful gray two-story home with plenty of parking with a double and single garage. Stephanie is standing at the to meet them.

“Buffy, Nate—it’s so good to see the two of you. Bill is in the garden with the dogs but come in and get settled.” Stephanie replies.

Nathan follows Buffy into the house and it’s just like entering a showcase home. Stephanie is an interior designer and she spared no expense in making her home one of the best in the area. Suburban Homes Beautiful and Living Immaculately Magazine both features this home as one of the top 25 homes in the country. Stephanie also assists her daughter in decorating her abode.

William Henry (Bill) comes into the room with a grin as big as Texas on his face.

“I guess Steve Crenshaw told you about my plan?” Bill asks Nathan.

“Yes he did, dad and I think it’s a winner.” Nathan replies, giving his father-in-law a hardy shake of the hand.

“I hope you don’t mind my butting in, Nate.” Bill questions, knowing that his son-in-law is delighted.

“Dad, you’ve solved a problem that has been puzzling me for some time now. I can’t wait to get started with the construction.” Nathan states.

“I’ve talked to both Steve and his architect friend, and there is a prime piece of real estate in the Plaza District and there is a lot available in Manhattan County.” Bill says.

“I would prefer to construct the hotel on a lot rather than to tear down a structure and then do a remodeling job.” Nathan replies.

“I kind of thought you would. It just so happens that I have procured a nice stretch of land that would be perfect for erecting a hotel. It even has an ocean view.” Bill offers.

“Dad, what can I say? How much are you willing to sell this piece of land for?” Nathan is bubbling over with enthusiasm.

“To you—I am willing to let you have it for $1. Then it will be your job to hire Steve Crenshaw and his crew to develop it into a magnificent structure. Of course, I’d like to be in on the profits once it’s done.” Bill says.

Before he can go any further, Buffy jumps out of her seat and throws her arms around her father.

Buffy deeply love her parents--but it's her father who has indulged her the most!

Buffy deeply love her parents--but it's her father who has indulged her the most!

“Oh dad—how can we ever thank you!” Buffy acknowledges. “You are making a dream of Nathan’s into a reality.”

“I don’t know what to say!” Nathan exclaims. “Buffy has summed it all up. I’ve always heard that Americans can be extremely generous but this—”

“Nate, you have made my little jewel, Buffy very happy. I couldn’t ask for a better son-in-law. Actually, you’re more like a son to me. Buffy is our only child—I’ll admit that we have indulged her shamelessly but that’s what parents do.” Bill beams.

“I’ll admit my Buffy is spoiled—but in the most wonderful way. She doesn’t possess a selfish bone in her body. She is always encouraging me to do my best and well, she means everything to me.” Nathan confesses and both Buffy and her mother have tears in their eyes.

“We’re going to be drowning soon—let’s get this meal done and then we can strategize how you’ll begin construction.” Bill decides.

The dinner is superb. The cook, François makes a tantalizing meal. For appetizers they have Salmon Rillettes and Blue Cheese Gouges. The soup course is Crème of Artichoke. The main entrée and sides are: Boeuf Bourguignon, French Onion Marmalade, and San Francisco Style Sour Dough Bread. For dessert: Coffee and Armagnac Parfait. Nathan is so impressed that he tells Bill.

“Where did you acquire this magnificent chef! I have never tasted anything like this since Buffy and I visited Paris last June!”

“François is indeed one of a kind. You would be definitely hard press to duplicate him. Why don’t you send Jenny over sometimes and I am sure he wouldn’t mind sharing his recipes?” Stephanie offers.

“That would be great, mom!” Buffy replies happily. Jenny is a great cook and has been with the Worthington Family ever since their marriage.

“You women adjourn to the Lounge while Nate and I discuss the Worthington Project.” Bill suggests.

“That’s a great idea, Bill.” Stephanie replies. Taking her daughter by the hand, she leads her into a beautifully decorated room where they can discuss interior designs and cooking recipes.

Bill's Man Cave has been specifically designed to be both comfortable and functional.

Bill's Man Cave has been specifically designed to be both comfortable and functional.

Getting Down to Business …

After having another Café Mocha, the men head for Bill’s Man Cave that has always been off-limits to the females of the household. There he pulls out a few preliminary blueprints he acquire when he first decided to investigate the likelihood of venturing with Nathan on the New Grand Worthington Hotel.

“These are just a few sketches I had done when I was toying with the idea of revising your project.” Bill starts the conversation. “Please don’t think I am trying to take over your idea—I was just fascinated with the prospect.”

“I can understand that. My father is as well. I just want this undertaking to be as free as possible from the drama of five years ago.” Nathan adds.

“I know what you mean. Now look at this—” Bill begins to show Nathan the idea of incorporating built-in computers in the client’s room to entice more businessmen and wide screen monitors that can also double as TVs.

While the lobby of the original Grand Worthington Hotel will house the paintings and sculptures from the 1920s edifice—the New Grand Worthington Hotel will have pictures of the current owners including Matthew Worthington, the brother of Corky and who is a descendant.

It is late when he and Buffy return to their home and Nathan excuses himself to check the private line in his Worthington Library. There is a message waiting on the telephone.

Mr. Worthington, you don’t know me, but I am referred as the Black Widow. I need to speak with you at your earliest convenience. I got your phone number from Bob Morton. He didn’t want to divulge the information, but I told him that it is imperative I speak to you. Meet me at—” The phone goes dead.

Nathan looks around frantically for Bob Morton’s telephone number. When he finds it—he apologizes for the lateness of the hour.

“I’m sorry Bob, but I need the Black Widow’s address.” Nathan says, “Oh, by the way, this is Nathan Worthington.”

“That’s fine. Did she contact you? She said it was urgent. I hope you don’t mind that I gave her your telephone number.” Bob whispers.

“Well—if it’s as important as she sounds on the answering machine, that’s fine. It cut off before I could hear her address.” Nathan replies.

“Nathan, are you coming to bed?” Buffy chimes.

“In a minute dear, I’m on the phone with Bob Morton.” Nathan answers.

“Bob Morton? What’s going on Nathan?” Buffy inquires.

“I’ll tell you later—go back to bed.” Nathan orders and returns to his call. Bob is surprised.

“You’re going to tell your wife Buffy about this?” He questions.

“Our marriage is strong because we don’t keep secrets so yes, I am” Nathan explains.

“Suit yourself.” Bob says as he give Nathan directions to the Black Widow.

“Thanks, Bob ... have a pleasant night.” Nathan says.

“Good luck, Nathan.” Bob says and both men hang up.

To Be Continued ...

The Grand Worthington Hotel 4

  • The Grand Worthington Hotel 4
    The Black Widow warns Nathan that there will be trouble ahead but not of the supernatural kind. Nathan is not too concerned because he knows when you have the Black Widow on your side—you’re got an Ace-up-your-sleeves!

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