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The Grand Worthington Hotel 2

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It’s Time to Recapture a Dream ...

A lot of things have happened in five years.

Nathan has been married for three years now. He met a beautiful American socialite named Ava “Buffy” Harrington. Her father is international trader William Henry Harrington II and they are living on the outskirts of Kensington.

“Buffy, I’m meeting with Steve Crenshaw today.” Nathan replies, giving his wife a kiss on her neck.

“Are you going to talk to him regarding the Grand Worthington Hotel?” Buffy replies, stroking her husband’s chin.


“Well—good luck with that. I would have thought that after that fiasco five years ago, Steve would be the last person you’d want to see.” Buffy counters.

“Actually, it was his idea. He said he wanted to discuss some things with me.” Nathan says.

“I see. I can’t imagine what Steve would want to say to you. Maybe he has information regarding the hotel?” Buffy asks.

“Regardless, I want to hear what he has to say. I trust Steve and he’s always been straight with me.” Nathan retorts.

“Steve is a good man. I hope your conversation is fruitful.” Buffy says rising from her seat to walk Nathan to the door. “Good luck, love you!”

“Always.” Nathan says and closes the door behind him.

Just what does Steve Crenshaw have up his sleeve?

Just what does Steve Crenshaw have up his sleeve?

An Interesting Proposition ...

It is close to 1:00 pm when Steve and Nathan finally meet.

“Hello Nathan, how have you been?” Steve extends his hand and Nathan grasps it firmly.

“I’m doing very well, Steve. How about you?” Nathan inquires.

“I’m doing good, too. The reason I asked you to meet with me today is about the Grand Worthington Hotel. Are you still interested in pursuing this project?” Steve questions, looking Nathan straight in the eyes.

“Yes.” Nathan replies, returning his gaze.

“Then, I have a proposition for you. I’ve heard that you have sent that emerald back to England, is that right?” Steve probes.

“Yes, Steve—that’s been about five years ago. What’s your point?” Nathan becomes a bit defensive.

“Hold on, Nathan. I just want to say that I believe that the cause of all that calamity was due in fact to that cursed ring. Don’t you agree?” Steve offers, understanding Nathan’s tone.

“Yes I do, and—” Nathan is intrigued.

“I want to offer my services on the new construction of the Grand Worthington Hotel. I’ve discussed it with both Bert and Will. They agree.” Steve replies trying to gauge Nathan’s reaction to this bit of news.

“I see—what about Article 15 of the New York Penal Law—Culpability?” Nathan is thrilled that Steve wants to be back on the project but wary of the statute.

“I’ve talked with my lawyer and he says that if you can find another location for the hotel then there should be no problem.” Steve says.

A chance of a lifetime!

A chance of a lifetime!

“That sounds great Steve, but Chester Worthington put a stipulation that neither the theatre nor hotel could ever be sold.” Nathan tells him.

“What if the hotel can perhaps be physically preserved as a historical building then it can be donated to the Historical Society. It would be up to the city to maintain it through tourism and you are free to build the New Grand Worthington Hotel somewhere else.” Steve concludes and both men smile.

“Why didn’t I think of that? I’m surprised you’ve done such a thorough job investigating this?” Nathan marvels.

“I wish I could take responsibility for it but it’s your father-in-law William Henry (Bill) who deserves all the credit.” Steve admits.

“Bill never said anything to me about this?” Nathan is still stunned.

“He didn’t want to either. He wanted me to approach you with this plan. On the chance that something went wrong—he didn’t want you mad at him.” Steve confesses.

“That’s just like Bill, too. Well—all we have to do is find an appropriate site and we’re back in business.” This time Nathan extends his hand first and the two men shake vigorously.

“I have an architect friend who just may know of a place. I’ll get back to you in a few days.” Steve says and both men smile as they depart.

Nathan is very much in love with his 2nd wife Buffy. She is everything that Pamela wasn't!

Nathan is very much in love with his 2nd wife Buffy. She is everything that Pamela wasn't!

Putting Things Into Prospective ...

Nathan can’t wait to get home to tell Buffy what has transpired during his meeting with Steve.

“Buffy darling, you’ll never guess what happened.” Nathan says as Buffy meets him at the door, and he twirls her around in the air.

“You’ve won the Irish Sweepstakes and we’re off on another trip around the world.” Buffy teases him.

“I never knew you wanted to travel around the world again, darling. I don’t have to win a sweepstake to do that little thing for you.” Nathan replies, enjoying the bantering with his wife.

“We did a grand time on our honeymoon, remember?” Buffy reminisces, knowing there was no way that he could have forgotten. Then Nathan embraces her tenderly.

“How could I possibly forget the best thing that has ever happened to me?” Nathan responds. “I never knew it could be this wonderful!”

“That’s what I love most about you, Nathan. It’s so rare to meet a man who isn’t afraid of showing his emotions or let his wife know how much she means to him.” Buffy states in complete sincerity.

“Alright, before you make me forget everything—the talk with Steve Crenshaw was a real eye-opener.” Nathan begins.

“In what way, darling?” Buffy is completely intrigued.

“He suggests that I donate the original Grand Worthington Hotel to the Historical Society as a landmark. This will free me to build the New Grand Worthington Hotel in another location—free from the stigma of the past. It can be a sweet tax write-off as well.” Nathan finishes, extremely happy with the look on Buffy’s face.

A trip to the in-laws!

A trip to the in-laws!

“Why that’s an excellent idea! I’m shocked that you didn’t think of it before. It’s impressive that Steve Crenshaw did.” Buffy shakes her head.

“Actually, it was all your father’s idea.” Nathan admits.

“Go on—” Buffy can hardly believe her ears. “Imagine that. How he was able to keep that little tidbit secret from mom is a wonder.” Buffy chuckles.

“He knew that she would have told you straight off. I love your mom dearly, but she couldn’t keep a secret in a trunk.” Now, both Buffy and Nathan are laughing.

“Knowing my dad—he has already got the ball rolling. Do you know where you’ll be building this hotel?” Buffy asks.

“Steve has a friend who is an architect. He knows of some prime real estate that will house the place.” Nathan answers.

“It must be somewhere outside of NYC because I can’t imagine an inch of available property. That is unless it’s one of those older building that needs renovating.” Buffy tries to picture available space.

“Well, wherever it is, I’m sure it will be prime real estate. Steve Crenshaw is quality and he knows what I like.” Nathan admits.

“Ok, we’ll see. What do you think about going to Ridgewood to pay my parents a visit? Then dad can give you more information on what he has in mind.” Buffy suggests, knowing full well that she received a call earlier from her mother, inviting them to dinner.

“That would be great. What time are we to be there?” Nathan smiles, already knowing what’s going on.

“About 6:30 pm.” Buffy smiles back at him.

To Be Continued ...

The Grand Worthington Hotel 3

  • The Grand Worthington Hotel 3
    It would seem that everything is finally working favorable for Nathan Worthington. Wonderful wife, beautiful home and now the plans for the New Grand Worthington Hotel. Maybe things are going a little too well—

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