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The Grand Worthington Hotel 10

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Interesting Developments …

It seems as if Buffy and Connie have their hands caught in the cookie jar.

“Just what do you think you are doing here?” Office Cunningham retorts angrily as he quickly closes the distance between himself and the two women. Both Buffy and Connie smile at him ruefully. Buffy’s hands are thrusted deeply inside her pockets. When Officer Cunningham comes within range, he instantly recognizes the women and his voice mellows a bit.

“Oh, hello Dr. Alexander. Mrs. Worthington, what’s going on here?” Officer Darrin Cunningham inquires. “This is a crime scene and neither of you girls are allowed to be here.”

“Hello Officer Cunningham, have you found anything yet?” Buffy asks innocently.

“Now you know I can’t discuss official police business with civilians.” Office Cunningham chastises.

“Come on Darrin—just an itty-bitty clue. We won’t tell that you said a word. Your wife Marilyn is a member of our Friends of Christie Book Club and we all know how much you just love a good mystery.” Connie quietly coos.

“This is strictly off the record, Connie. I could get into serious trouble if Inspector Riley knew that I told you.” Officer Cunningham whispers with restraint.

“Don’t worry, Officer Cunningham.” Buffy reassures.

“By the fingerprints on the rock, it was a man who produced the blow to the head.” Officer Cunningham whispers.

“How could you possibly know that?” Connie asks.

“That’s a nice size rock—the smutty handprint completely wraps around it.” Officer Cunningham says.

This rock fits conveniently in a man's hand!

This rock fits conveniently in a man's hand!

“Interesting!” Connie replies and gets an annoying look from both Officer Cunningham and Buffy.

“Sorry!” Connie exclaims sheepishly.

“Continue please, Officer Cunningham.” Buffy retorts.

“Also, there are two sets of footprints. One looks like a man’s size 10 and the other a woman’s size 8. Marilyn has been reading some of those Agatha Christie mysteries to me and we’ve been testing out our theories on that new series A Crime Detective’s Chronicles.” Officer Cunningham explains proudly.

“Good work, Super Sleuth Cunningham. If you were a member—I’d make you an officer in the book club. I won’t tell a soul what you’ve shared.” Connie declares smiling.

“I think we need to consider having Darrin Cunningham as a consultant in our little group. It’s obvious that his presence would prove invaluable, Connie.” Buffy adds, very happy with the information she’s just received. Officer Cunningham beams with joy at the prospects of being included in the group.

“We could really use somebody on the inside helping us—what do you say, Officer Cunningham?” Connie says, then seeing the other policeman approaching waves her hand in dismissal.

“Talk to you later, Officer Cunningham. Have a great day!” Connie swiftly moves away from the scene with Buffy in tow.

“I’ll call him the first chance I get, or you can.” Connie expresses.

“Deal! Now we know that the possessor of this heel wears a size 8 shoe. And, from the looks of this, it’s a very expensive one. It’s a shame that she’ll have to throw away such an obviously beautiful red leather pump.” Buffy states.

Which of these trash cans hold the prize?

Which of these trash cans hold the prize?

“I wonder, if we could really get lucky and find it in one of those trash cans over there?” Connie points toward three large receptacles.

Looking both ways, the ladies scurry over to the cans. There is a lot of rubble in the first one. The second one has a foul smell to it, so the ladies avoid it entirely. However, the third one reveals the prize. One red patent-leather pump—minus the heel!

“Bingo! Give me a tissue from your back pocket.” Buffy retorts as she carefully moves the cartons and plastic bottles surrounding the ill-fated shoe. Then after receiving the tissue, she lifts the shoe and places it into an empty bag hanging from the side of the first trash can.

“Let’s get out of here before those policemen start getting suspicious.” Connie states and both women head toward her car.

“”How are we going to find out who this shoe belongs to?” Buffy wonders.

“Maybe we can check for fingerprints. Since you didn’t touch it with your bare hands—it’s bound to have the marks of it’s owner.” Connie offers.

“Right! That’s where our trusty new accomplice comes in. Let’s give him a call.” Buffy states and sits next to Connie in the car. She dials Darrin’s number.


“Darrin, see if you can get away from your partner for a moment, we’ve found something.” Buffy voices.

“What is it?” Officer Cunningham whispers with his back to the other policeman.

“A shoe.” Buffy responds.

If the shoe fits …

If the shoe fits …

“A shoe?” Office Cunningham says it so loud that his partner turns around.

“What was that you said?” Mike Murphy queries.

“I said ah-chew!” Officer Cunningham repeats. Then he turns back to his cell phone.

“Look, meet me a couple of blocks from hear. I’ll make up an excuse to get away from Mike Murphy. You know that you’ll have to turn it over to me, don’t you?”

“Of course, but as the old saying goes—one hand washes the other!” Buffy explicates.

“I’ll find out if we can trace the fingerprints and let you know what I discover. Having that shoe is going to be a real feather in my cap.” Officer Cunningham brags.

“Just don’t forget who privately gave it to you, Sitting Bull.” Buffy reproaches and then hangs up.

“Let’s go.” Connie says.

Twenty minutes later Officer Cunningham pulls up behind Connie’s car and gets out. He walks over to the passenger side and gets into the back seat.

“Okay Buffy—I told Mike that I was going to pick up some donuts and he needs to stay at the hotel until I return. Let’s see what you’ve got.” Officer Cunningham says. Buffy hands him the bag with the shoe inside. Before looking at the item, he pulls out a pair of plastic gloves he’d stuffed into his back pocket.

“Damn!” Officer Cunningham exclaims.

“What is it?” Both Buffy and Connie speak simultaneously.

“This looks just like the shoe that Charlotte Webster wore to Percy’s funeral.” Officer Cunningham states in amazement.

“Are you sure, Darrin?” Buffy inquires.

“Positive! Marilyn remarked what a contrast those red shoes were when everything else she had on was black. Apparently, Charlotte Webster has a fondness for red shoes.” Officer Cunningham informs.

“This is much too easy. There is something wrong.” Buffy states. Both Connie and Darrin agree. Officer Cunningham puts the shoe back into the bag and heads for his patrol car with it.

To Be Continued ...

The Grand Worthington Hotel 11

  • The Grand Worthington Hotel 11
    It seems like death follows the Grand Worthington Hotel like a dark shroud covering anything that defiles it’s very existence. One has been hurt and another murdered in connection to that infamous building. Who will be next?

© 2019 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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