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The Grand Worthington Hotel

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The emerald is gone …

The emerald is gone …

Prelude ...

Nathan has left the site of the Grand Worthington Hotel to return to his suite. There, he finds a note from Pamela. It appears that she has left him and decided to return to England.

My Dear Nate,

I can no longer deal with this obsession you have with the Worthington Emerald and that cursed Grand Worthington Hotel. I am returning to my father’s estate in Westchester and you will soon be hearing from my solicitor. Although I am still quite fond of you—I no longer have neither the respect nor admiration needed to remain your wife. Please understand—

Fondest Regards,


Nathan allows the note to drift from his hand and land on the floor. He looks at it in utter amazement and slowly walks over to a chair by the window. He watches the crowd as they hurriedly go about their own personal affairs—totally oblivious to his silent pain.

“Pamela, if only you could have hung on just a while longer.” He says to the air surrounding him. “It would have worked out.”

Pride will not allow Nathan to cry, so he sits back in his chair looking around the room. He notices that all Pamela’s things are gone except for a ring he had purchased for her shortly after they arrived in America. There is also a note left under it.


I have no desire to keep anything connected with America. Perhaps you will find someone who can appreciate its beauty and not link it to the past—Pamela

Nathan picks up the 1.5 ct. diamond and slides it into his vest pocket. Then he speaks again.

A beautiful 1.5 ct. diamond solitary ring.

A beautiful 1.5 ct. diamond solitary ring.

“Dear Pamela, you must have forgotten our prenuptial agreement my father insisted we sign. At the time, I felt it was a waste, but I suppose he knew this or something like it would happen. Thanks, dad.”

Nathan has a talk with his father and resolves to finally return the emerald. The money he procured from the Benedict Brothers is still at the bank along with the emerald. However, he decides to stay in New York and build a new life for himself. He hasn’t given up the dream of reviving the Grand Worthington Hotel but will just have to wait.

“Hello, father—well, Pamela is gone.” Nathan replies with a small catch in his throat.

“Are you alright son? I knew that Pamela Westchester wasn’t the girl for you. I’ll admit, she wasn’t too bad to look at but there was just something about her—she didn’t have staying power.” Liam Worthington tells his son.

“It was just a bit of a shock that she left me like she did. I only found this note a moment ago. She took everything but a ring that I bought for her here.” Nathan laments.

“Don’t worry son—when you hear from her solicitor, the two of them will be in for a great surprise as well as disappoint. Pamela will receive nothing from you—or our estate. I have had that agreement in a safe deposit box since the day after you wedded and it’s our trump card.” Liam says triumphantly.

“Thanks again, dad. Oh, can you contact Clark Manchester for me? Let him know that I will be shipping that emerald to him. I’ve no use for it here. It’s definitely an evil omen.” Nathan tells his father.

“A very wise choice, son. I will make the proper arrangements. I’ll even talk to City National Bank’s President Conrad Brewster. I’ll give him the okay to set things in motion so that all you’ll have to do is sign the paperwork.” Liam says.

The infamous stone is leaving the country!

The infamous stone is leaving the country!

“Dad, I love you!” Nathan replies in earnest.

“And, I love you too, Nate.” Liam answers, feeling a sudden gush of pride on what his son has just revealed. “What’s your next move?”

“I’ll be staying here to establish myself in financial circles. By the way, what about the money I got from the Benedict Brothers?”

“Don’t even worry about that. Just consider it a gift to get you settled. Charlie Benedict owes me a favor or two—” Liam is interrupted by his son.

“Are you sure it’s alright, dad?” Nathan questions.

“Perfectly alright, Nate. Just let me contact a few people on Wall Street and a couple of Japanese traders that I know.” Liam responds.

“No wonder you’re a billionaire businessman, dad!” Now it was time for Nathan to feel pride.

“Son, Michael and I have learned a thing or two about people. I’ll admit that your mother and I have sheltered you from a lot of things. I was really worried when you found that emerald and told Marjorie so. But you know your mother—she told me to give you time to figure things out and you’d make the right decision.” Liam shakes his head thinking about his wife.

“I hope I find someone as beautiful and talented a woman as you found in mother.” Nathan replies.

“American women are different. They are not afraid of hard work, nor do they object to being pampered by a good man. Your mother came from a fine New England family. She had a way about herself that I found both fascinating and disturbing at the same time. Hell, actually she asked me!” Liam chuckles remembering that night in Manhattan.

“Well, are you going to ask me to marry you or should I ask you?” Marjorie had said after they had been dating for two and a half years.

Pamela is gone ... thus ends a turbulant chapter in Nathan's life.

Pamela is gone ... thus ends a turbulant chapter in Nathan's life.

“Dad, I think I am going to find me a house in the suburbs. What do you think?” Nathan asks his father.

“ Well son, there is Upper Montclair. Also Kensington and Ridgewood come to mind.” Lam offers.

“I’ll look into them. I’m going to take that ring of Pamela’s to Kowalski’s Jewelers to be cleaned. Then, I’ll put it in a new safe deposit box. I don’t even want it in proximity to that emerald.” Nathan says laughing.

“It’s good to hear you laugh, son. You had me worried there for a minute.” Liam replies.

“Dad—you know me. I don’t stay down for very long.”

“What do you plan to do about the Hotel, Nate?” Liam decides to tackle the subject.

“The land where the theatre was has been cleared. It is still my plan to rebuild the Grand Worthington Hotel but this time from the ground up. With that emerald back with its rightful owner, I shouldn’t have too much trouble this time.” Nathan states.

“Old legends die hard, son.” Liam reminds his son.

“I know dad, but this one needs to be put to rest. I’ll give it a couple of years, then I will try again. In the meantime, I’ll hire a security service to keep an eye on the place and I’ll set up an escrow account to handle the taxes.” Nathan says—all types of positive thoughts swirling through his mind.

“Now you’re talking like a real Worthington!” Liam states.

To Be Continued ...

The Grand Worthington Hotel 2

  • The Grand Worthington Hotel 2
    It takes more than “wishing on a star” to get Nathan Worthington back on his feet again. It’s having people in your corner, working behind the scenes to make it happen. William Henry Harrington is such a person—along with Nathan’s father and brother!

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