The Glamourian Chronicles: The City of Metron

Updated on December 1, 2018


Chapter One: Metron

Welcome one and all to The City of Metron . First of all I would like to say that Metron was a beautiful city. It was filled with so many lights it would seem as if it was a paradise. Like most cities, when you first come to the small city it's like a dream come true. The natives always seemed kind and endearing. It never have never had the appearance of being likely that there could ever be a darkness that existed just beneath the veil of happiness and joy.

Metron was good at pretending. Now let me be the first to warn you about Metron. Do not be deceived by its enchantment. Metron was still a city among the fabric of existence of which itself shrouded shadow.

The city always seemed to be filled with great sadness, hatred, and a feeling of a terrible wrath. I would say that the common motive is fueled by the sorrow that exists in all mans heart .

Once you have lived here for a while the reflection of the inherent secrets. The city was broken down mess of chaos. There were buildings that once stood that have long been turned to rubble and streets you wouldn't even recognize. Moreover, there was a commencement of buildings that still resided in the city that held the scars of the past. Depending on the location of the city, some of the buildings were vastly superior to the others. Those were the structures resided in the suburban areas. The suburbs were kind of like their own world. A town within the city. Furthermore, darker areas of the city resided nearest to Metron itself. The suburbs were at the furthest reaches of Metron near the mountains. The worst part about the city was its streets. They were riddled with the stank of alcohol and old urine. It was the most common recipe of its environment.

The most tragic thing was as far as the eye can see there was nothing but drunkards and people addicted to so many drugs they were not even apart of the world anymore. It was like their minds had become lost with the addition of their souls being swallowed by evil itself. The dark scene that consisted with Metron would be best described as something that came straight out of a film noir.

So many people come here because they expect greatness and promises of a new beginning. They forget that Metron is just a city and it take someone of strong will and a need and a want to achieve greatness. The fact is there are false people out there in the city who will lie and deceive you to keep you in check. They are so defeated in life that any who try to surpass them will be the ones to be messed with the most as well as give the people promises that are untrue.

What I hate most about Metron and the entire world of Toarimm is how society has convinced the people that they are in-capable of thinking for themselves and they need someone or something to tell them they are worthy. Unfortunately, it's the main cause of the homeless and poor. Like leeches of the night, they have been known to destroy dreamers those full of hope. A city grows dark when the hopeful become hopeless.

I still believe Metron can be saved though. I can still see the hope in some of it's inhabitants eyes. Metron is still so beautiful though. When you can start to see the beauty within the beast. You will see Metron as it truly is.

The best way to describe it is simply this, imagine falling in love with a crazy woman. She drives you nuts because she is untamed and chaotic but, then you catch her in moments where she amazes you and reminds you of why you fell in love with her in the first place.

My point is Metron is a sad and dark city yet I find myself unable to leave it. She is calling out for release and needs to be heard. I don't know if you ever felt that way about any city. If you hadn't ever been entangled the way I do then I guess you can call me crazy. I have lived in Metron my entire life so I feel drawn to it and it's people but, if you knew where I came from first it would blow your mind. All I can say is I have watched over this city for all eternity it seems like. This isn't about me though. This is about Destan. One child who moved to this city when he was a young boy and would eventually change everything together with Victoria, Whom would change his entire world.

Enter Destan

Destan had came from the town of Navaro. There wasn't much in Navaro it was a town of dirt and hot winds. His dad didn't expect much of a future there. So, when Destan was ten him and his father moved to Metron.

He had short-black hair and green eyes that always had a sparkle. Courageous and kind, he would always wear dark clothes. Outside of work he was quiet and always to himself and his pet cat. I guess he just didn't want company. If you could see him closely though you could tell he had his own demons that he fought with on a daily. Now don't for a second believe he loathed people, he really didn't. Whenever he could he helped in the best way he could. The young man stayed to himself though and never asked for anything. For these qualities alone he caught my attention. The world of man cannot see me but, I am always there watching over them and the city. So, when you see me it's because you caught my attention.

I could tell Destan loved Metron as much as I did. There were times where he stop walking and gaze upon the night lights. He admired the spectacular light show the metropolis always seemed to possess. There were evenings where he would walk home just to be caught up in the illumination. At the heart of the burgh stood a tower that rose above all else, that tower was known as Metron's Spire. It was designed for the city so many years ago. He treated that building as a beacon of hope.

Destan was unique in his own particular way. He was always lost in the clouds and dreamed of adventure. I would catch him gazing at the stars with so much wonder and joy. He knew there was more to the stars then he was taught. All Destan needed was the evidence. The guy longed to leave Metron. He yearned to discover the secrets of the universe. He wasn't ready though. At least I felt that way at the time.

One night Destan was walking home from work and the weather was a bit chilly due to the return of fall. From what I could remember the winds were slight in the air of the autumns night. All of the leaves had started to fall and drift lazily to the concrete below. They cast such radiant colors as they switched over for the day. It was all such wonderful sights to behold.

As if a piece straight out of a Hallmark, Destan was walking through the falling leaves peacefully and as he was ambling along he came across a young woman named Victoria. She was unlike anyone he had ever met.

Similar to Destan, she was lost in her world of which had him curious. She had light-brown hair and wore a long-sleeve gray shirt. On her neck she wore a chain the held a strange looking star. She wore jeans of blue and white sneakers. Destan thought of her beauty as an enchantment cast by the angels. I could tell by how he froze when he spotted her.

Unfortunately, he was unable to see into her eyes because she was too busy looking down. Victoria didn't notice the small noises he made as he walked by. So with no focus had accidently walked into him headfirst and it caused them both to stumble to the ground.

Embarrassed and ashamed, Victoria had immediately pushed herself back on her feet and muttered a quick sorry before quickly running off. It happened so fast that he wasn't even able to respond.

Fortunately, In her rush to get as far from as she could, she didn't realize that her journal had fallen out of her bag. When Destan realized this, he reached for it and called to her. She had already been long gone. Feeling stupid he grumbled a small curse and retrieved the small book and prepared to put it in his pocket. It took him a moment but stalled because, he noticed small gold letters of which were written in perfect cursive. The words translated into Glamoura from a strange and ancient design. He couldn't help feeling mesmerized by it.The strangest thing yet was he felt a small connection to the journal. I could tell by the way he held himself.

He ignored the moment though and pushed the thought away. Once he finished studying the journal, He had placed it in his backpack and continued on his way. he never realized that fate was already becoming a part of his strand of time. Destiny was calling out for him and he didn't even notice.

To Be Continued....

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