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The Ghostly Dog, Part 3

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I am dreamer I often dream of how the world would be if we had all been born purple. Fantasy and Horror are my faves,


Chapter 6 A Normal School Day
I have always been an early riser as soon as the sun hits my face I'm awake and today is no different it's off to school a usual Wednesday morning. I get up and grab my breakfast. Dad and mom are sitting at the table and my dad says that there's been some kind of animal attack and that everybody is frightened and that I shouldn't walk to school. Inside I sort of snicker, I know what the animal was, and I'm not afraid of it he insists that he needs to drive me to school on his way to work. There's nothing worse than this in my mind you see being poor and different from everybody is okay as long as it's not a big billboard right in front of everybody to remind them but my father drives an old beat up blue truck that spews out enough smoke to kill every flying insect for about a mile behind, and it's even worse when he stops the truck will backfire when he puts his foot on the gas. I try really hard to talk him out of it, but he will not listen to me we pull up in front of the school the truck smoking shaking, and all the kids in the breezeway see it and as he puts his foot on the gas as I walk away from the truck it backfires a gunshot sound rattles my ears and kids run everywhere. That starts my day for a while the bullies had seem to be leaving me alone but not today they start pushing me around laughing at me spitting on me it's the usual. I'm trying really hard to ignore it I get to my locker get my books out and one of them trips me I fall flat on my face my nose is bleeding I am so done with all this it's hard to even explain how much I've taken and how finished I am with at all. I finally make it to my first class, and I choose a seat in the back I always do I don't want anybody to see me and our teacher starts mumbling about something I don't even know what nothing that matters in the back of my mind I can feel the beast rising all it wants to do is come out and make them all pay just like we did last night it's tough to hold it back, in fact, I really don't want to I just want to let it out I want to let it feast on all these kids. I want everyone in this room to suffer the way I suffer forever. I start to realize something it is frightening it's not the beast there is no beast the creature is me it's been me all along it is just an excuse for me to let go it's something I created so I could cut loose. The whole back of the room starts getting dark it's like all the light around me is being absorbed the kids are beginning to notice everybody's afraid. I love the feel of their fear it makes me feel so good to be on the other side for a change the one that's not being humiliated or tortured. I have been the butt of the joke the one that's been kicked spit on from the first day I came to the school, and now I can feel all their fear God it feels good. Then I realize I don't want to be the bully I don't want to be a guy I hated I can't be that guy. I get up and run the classroom, and I go to the place were Marcy, and I sat, and I'm just sitting there holding my head. My teacher comes out of the room and starts heading over towards me when coach Smith intercepts her, and he says I have this go back your class. He slowly moves towards me, and he says are you okay, and I suppose I will be but this thing that I am it's almost too much for me to control I wanted so much to hurt those kids. Coach Smith says sometimes people with power do horrible, horrible things and sometimes people with power do good things it's a choice you have to make no one can make it for you. I said is the first time in my life I've had power I'm not sure I'm ready for some huge responsibility. Coach Smith says you've always had the power you could go off the handle any day and do something extreme you just chose not to and you did the same thing today. He said it's a choice you make everyday people don't realize it, but you choose every day to be a good person or a bad person. I said but the school system it's horrible they put kids in it that are vulnerable to other kids and they have no way out and no one listens and it goes on and on someone has to stop it. Coach Smith says that's up to you-you can handle it any way you want to but going nuts and eating everybody one classroom is not going to change anything. It is going to make you a target, and you already have enough problems. I said thanks for talking me down I understand and I know that no matter how hard those bullies push I have something inside me that they'll never break. Coach Smith looked at me and cracked a smile, and he said you know you could eat one you know follow the kid home terrorize the hell out of them then eat them.May make you feel better. I chuckled and went back to class the other kids didn't pick on me they didn't say a word. I had to wonder was coach Smith joking or was he serious?The day passed pretty easily after my first class most of the kids avoided me I was perfectly okay with that after school as I was walking home a little bee buzzed by me and in its buzzing I hear it's saying come to Peetzzz.
I assumed I was being invited to Pete's house. As I walk in Pete's house I was met by a furious Stout man in a dress I mean that's the only way I can describe Pete in his sorcerer outfit. He began to lecture me on how terrible it was for me to have gone on my rampage the night before and that it just made things harder on everyone. I told Pete that I understood now and I wouldn't be doing anything like that again. Pete was still pretty ticked off but gave me a necklace and told me to wear it everywhere all the time he said it would hide the smell of my magic. He had a feeling that there might be a tracker out there and he didn't want me running into something that I wasn't ready for, I asked Pete if he was safe here in his house? Pete said that his home is protected and it would take a tank to break the spells that protected him. He says, long as he doesn't leave his yard he's okay but once step past the stones by his fence gate that he is extremely vulnerable. I told him that I would be going after Marcy soon and nothing was going to stop me, and he understood but even if I could liberate Marcy from the asylum what would I do then it's not like I'm old enough to take care of her or anything. I told him I would figure things out as I go along but the first thing I'm going to do is get Marcy out of the asylum, and then I'm going to get her someplace safe. In my head when I thought of secure knowing that Pete's house was extremely safe an idea came to mind.

Meanwhile Back at the Monastery Chapter 7
Back at the monastery sister Aloysius and father, Johnny was making up a plan on how to catch whatever was out there. Father Johnny was curious as to why sister Aloysius had used the word her on their hunt last night. Upon asking sister Aloysius, she told him that she caught the faint smell of witches in the air and that was the first thing we need to root out they could deal with whatever was out there later. Father Johnny told sister Aloysius that there was always a stray, or two but nothing to be worried about their wasn't anything unusually powerful or scary. Sister Aloysius said to him that's not what her nose was telling her and it was never wrong, she knew something very witchy was out there that need to be dealt with. They had to wait until the night fell to go out and do their hunting, Father Johnny did a bit of snooping trying to find some information on sister Aloysius as it was highly unusual to have a nun as an exorcist. Most everyone was very closed-lipped about the sister, but he did find someone on the Internet in Rome that was willing to give him some information. Sister Aloysius was hand-picked by the Pope to become an exorcist because of the extreme teaching methods that she had used at the schools that she had taught. It was said that she had caused more PTSD than any war among her students some of them would collapse at just the site of her. The sister had unique talents indeed she was 4 foot tall 4 foot wide she carried a Bible that was to 2 foot tall and 2 foot wide had straps on the back like a Roman shield, and the Bible was clasp shut with straps. Her rosary had a cross that was a foot by a foot and was 10 pounds, it was said that she would wield it like a mace. She was genuinely fearsome Father Johnny could not imagine the sister being allowed to teach children he was horrified. He kept his mouth shut it was best there was no reason to stir up bad feelings. They had to wait until night fell because the things that go bump in the night obviously don't come out until the night but as soon as the sun started to set the sister grabbed father Johnny by the ear and drug him out of the monastery. Father Johnny asked sister if we could use a vehicle this time as walking around town seemed very inefficient. The sister said she was fine with that but when was the time she would tell them to ditch the vehicle, and he would have to be happy walking. They both hopped into their Plymouth K car and slowly drove around town the sister hung her huge nose out the window and sniffed the air any dog would've been proud as soon as we got in the creek she made father Johnny stop and they got out of the car. The sister said this is it their here I can smell them. The father protested there was a steep climb down into the creek it was covered in weeds and trees the night was dark, but the creek was a new type of dark and not only that it had unsettling fog the father said if we go in there we won't come back out. The sister just looked at him and laughed there's nothing in there that is not out here now come on Pansy let's go.They began their slow climb down into the creek once they got to a place with even footing the sister started sniffing again just like a hound dog. The father pulled out a flashlight and turned it on the sister knock it out of his hands she looked at him and said you give away our position don't do that. It wasn't long until they had found three witches standing around a cauldron and something dark with eyes glowing behind them the sister and father Johnny had hid in the bushes and were very quiet. The sister whispered to the father and said there they are behind them right there that's a demon I haven't seen one of those in years. I told you the father said okay let's get out of here were in over our heads. Again the sister chuckled and stepped out of bushes she said to stay behind me.The witches jumped like a jump scare in a movie turned around and saw the sister, Aloysius.The demon knew her by name he said Aloysius we meet again she threw a bottle of holy water on the demon as soon as it hit the demon a congealed like a jellyfish wrapped around him and held him tight. The demon howled he said damn you Aloysius you and your tricks how can you be so fast for woman 88 years old. The demon looked at the witches and said what are you for waiting for start casting spells. Aloysius brought her Bible up like shield lightning bolts, fireballs, black bolts of God knows what hit the shield. She took the rosary and advanced towards them the beads on a rosary hardened up like a shaft the cross hung like a ball and chain she told me to move up behind her slowly keep an eye out for any runners. We slowly marched up while the witches cast their spells as soon as we got within a few feet the witches started to fly. The sister slammed the rosary on the ground and made a huge shock wave, and the sisters fell from the air as they fell the demon grabbed one in his mouth and bit her in half. The blood ran over the holy water washing it from him, and he breathed black fire on Aloysius she blocked it with her Bible. The other two witches burned to a crisp, and the demon disappeared. I could hear Aloysius say damn you and she turned to look at me she said father Johnny you've been hit. I didn't feel anything I had no idea, but the flames had hit me that almost cut in half I was bleeding out. The sister said you're not going to make it I can't get you out of here. I've got to go back to the monastery and let them know what they're dealing with. I'm sorry father and she left me. It wasn't long before I felt hands on me something I don't know everything was going dark. I was being moved when I woke I was in a hollow surrounded by undead, and one of the undead looked at me and said hi I am Ike, looks like you're in pretty bad shape you'll be okay. I mean you're dead but yeah your among friends welcome to the AOD.