The Fallen Ship Chapter 7

Updated on October 16, 2017

The truth...

"If only you knew my past..."

Those words marked into Ethan's head immediately.

"What do you mean?" He asked as Liz turned away to face the dull river, she hid her face in her palms. Tears were now pouring out of her gentle eyes and leaking down her vintage cheeks.

"Hey, you know I'm here for you." Ethan spoke gently putting a reluctant hand on Liz's shoulder, he was hesitant. Suddenly, Liz felt so distant and unfamiliar. The sobbing firmed but soon it turned into a loud cry. The whimpering broke Ethan's fragile heart. And just like that, they stood there, in complete, total silence.

Now, back in his cosy apartment, Liz's words were on replay in Ethan's head.

"If only you knew my past.... If only you knew my past.... If only you knew my past." He muttered. But he didn't know her past. Ethan buried his head into his knees, what could an innocent girl like Liz keep. He reached over to his bedside table, which had a beautifully shell framed picture of him and Liz outside of Red. Liz was leaning on Ethan's right shoulder and it made them look closer than ever.

"Buzz!" A vibration came from above him. Reluctantly, he reached over and flicked his phone on.

"Meet me at our place. You deserve a decent explanation to why I acted that way today. Please don't be mad. Love, Liz." The text was simple but it sent a million questions up Ethan's spine. The next five minutes seemed to drag on forever in slow motion. He raced up and rushed downstairs, sprinting non stop until he had reached 'their' place. Red.

The bell rang furiously as he smashed the door open. Ethan turned his head and immediately spotted Liz sitting unstill on an actual table. All the other times, they had sat on the glossy red bar stools.

"Hi." Ethan greeted trying to sound cheerful and not curious, as he slid into the tiny gap between the glossy table and grey armchairs. Liz smiled faintly.

"So how are you doing?" He continued after receiving no response. But it was the same this time. So again, silence. Total silence. This time they were sitting in silence.

"I'm alright." Liz replied quietly. "But I just think that I probably shouldn't leave you hanging like that after what I had said. You deserve a decent explanation as to why I acted the way I well, acted today, just like I had said in my text." Liz continued on quiet seriously. She showed no sign of emotion, happiness or even sadness on her face.

Suddenly she lept forwards and grabbed Ethan's hands. Ethan's breath stopped for a split second before recovering himself.

"Ethan, I really like you. I really do." She started, but Ethan cut her off.

"And I really like you too, Cherry Blossom." He finished off shushing Liz. But Liz shook her head as though Ethan would never understand, but he did.

"Yea I know you like me. But you don't understand. I love you, in a way not as your little sister. I love you and I want to be with you. But you only love me as a little sister, as family and that's just. It's different. Ok?" Liz blurted, finally expressing her love for Ethan who couldn't just believe his ears. Liz thinks that he likes her in a family way? No.

Ethan chuckled. "No. Elizabeth. -" He continued but Liz sensed something bad and stopped him.

"It's ok. I understand. You're not interested in that way. It's fine, I know it's totally inappropriate for me to behave like this, but I just can't control my emotions any longer. I love you Ethan McGuire. And before you walk out on me and call me a stupid girl like all the others have, I need to tell you this. I love you, for who you are and I want to be with you in my dreams. I know this is reality. But please don't ignore me. Just don't say anything. I don't expect you to reply or understand but I need to tell you that there are people in the world who love you deeply but you would never know. I know you're probably thinking that I'm like crazy, but it's true, I can't help these thoughts in my brain." She blurted out, her tears dripping down. Ethan remained quiet and shocked in a good way.

"Liz, no, I totally understand. And believe me, I love you too. Not in a family way but in the exact same way you love me. And more." Ethan chuckled as he clutched Liz's hand and kissed her gently. Hearing this, she wiped her eyes dry and her smile brightened.

"But there's just one more thing stopping us, you don't know my past." Liz mumbled as she pulled away from a kiss. Ethan shrugged.

"It's the past, let it pass you." Ethan suggested, but Liz knew that this history would be an internal barrier between their relationship.

"No, I have to, and I need to tell you this, now. I use to suffer from cancer." Liz began, and the words immediately made Ethan's heart ache. His face fell.

"But I am good, for now." She smiled faintly and Ethan was relieved. He would never want to be without Liz, ever again, from that moment onwards.

"What do you mean, for now?" He asked as he wrapped his arms around Liz who had snuggled into a ball. She was silent for a bit.

"Now, this is the hard part. The doctors have found traces of cancer cell in my body, it may come to bite me. But for now, I'm alright. And that's all it matters." She explained bitterly, Ethan felt his stomach twirl. He didn't know how long they had, but she was right too, they were here now, together, and that's all it matters, for now.

They glanced at each other and smiled. Everything's perfect, at least it was for now.

~ To be continued in chapter 8 ~


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