The Fallen Ship Chapter 6

Updated on September 14, 2017

A hope.....

Their eyes exchanged and locked for a split second.

"Elizabeth! Clean that up now! You're fired!!!" A ferocious woman yelled, the peacefulness broke as the entire cafe's heads shot around. Elizabeth held her breath for a bit longer. Her face looking as though she was off the boundaries of bursting into tears.

"Oh my lord, mister, I am beyond sorry. I apologise for my clumsiness. Belinda, can you please give me one last chance? I am sorry, I know I've being hanging around here for a long time asking for second, third and fourth chances. But please." Elizabeth spoke fast like lightning. Her hands were praying for forgiveness and her eyes turned watery red. Belinda looked at the mess around them with broken plates, spilled coffee and unsatisfied customers.

"Liz, I know we're like good friends, but you can't lean on me for the rest of your life. If you're still clumsy and everytime I attempt to fire you, I give you a chance, when you head into the real world, you'll struggle dear. I know Macy would give you a chance because you guys are best friends, but I am her sister. Liz, look, you can't live here and work here forever you know? I'm sorry, this time, I'm going to have to let you go. I am sorry." Belinda hissed with emotion and hesitation. Ethan looked around, he was in an awkward state, with burning and sticky liquid down his body and sticky waffles and desserts on his t-shirt. Standing there wasn't gonna get him any better. Elizabeth looked down, she knew exactly what Belinda meant, but she couldn't help but feel helpless and lost, it was time to head into the real world. But she just didn't know how to approach it the correct way and toughen up for reality.

"Look Liz, I know you won't be working here any more, but it is still your duty and role to do this job successfully to the end of the day. Are you just going to let hot liquid and sticky food running down the poor gentleman's body?" Belinda whisper-shouted more firmly once again. Liz's face looked up.

"I am so sorry Be, I wasn't switched on." She admitted as she got a handful of paper wipes and wiped the liquid off Ethan's arms. Although it stopped the liquid from contaging any other parts of his sleeve, it didn't stop the already wet sleeve from dripping and being wet.

Within moments, Ethan found his heart had being stolen. The thing beating inside him was beating exceptionally rapidly. He did something he never would've. He took the blame. He took the blame for something he didn't do.

"No necessary. I should be the one apologising. I didn't watch my surroundings. She was only doing her job. Elizabeth did nothing wrong. I'm sorry for speaking up so late." Ethan spoke quickly and confidently, his voice didn't crack like it usually would've when he lied. Belinda raised an eyebrow suspiciously, but she realised that Ethan must've being telling the truth as there were no reason for him to be defending and protecting and girl whom he had just met. But Belinda was wrong.

"Hey! Wait up!" Liz's voice called, the London sky had dimmed and the streets and alleyways seemed more romantic than ever. The little cafe was just closing up as Ethan pushed open the glass door, which showed a small alleyway with a phone booths across from the streets. Ethan stopped as he heard a familiar, feminine voice. He turned around and saw Liz running down the cafe after him. Her wavy brown ombré hair flowing untamedly as she ran and her dark green coat bobbed up and down on her shoulder.

"Hi, I just wanted to thank you for being a gentleman and saving me back there, in the war zone. You know, I love Belinda, but at the end of the day, she is my boss and her as a boss, very strict. I know it really wasn't your fault, because it was mine, thanks for taking the blame and stepping in. And I wanted to ask you why you did, you know, what you did?" Elizabeth asked slowing down. Her breathing was heavy and she panted as though she was gasping for air. Ethan didn't know how to answer, he felt warmth in his heart, but somehow, he just couldn't bring himself and his feelings to share his emotions with Liz.

"Hey, no problem. The reason behind my doings, is probably, I don't know, maybe just because I couldn't let your boss fire you just because of a careless mistake. It's not right." Ethan forced a lie through the tiny gaps of his teeths. Liz shrugged.

"Yea thanks. Hey. I don't think we've properly introduced ourselves to each other yet. Well as you know, I'm Liz, short for Elizabeth, Elizabeth Marrel." Liz introduced holding out a gloved hand. Ethan thought it was weird, why did girl around here wear gloves all the time?

"Well, it's nice meeting you. I'm Ethan, Ethan McGuire." Ethan introduced, he sounded just a bit more stiff and cold like he meant. And for some nonsense and silly reason, Liz giggled slightly.

"Listen, you don't sound very 'Londonish'. We've got to see each other some time." Liz chuckled as she grabbed a piece of paper from her 'Louis Vuitton' handbag, she immediately wrote her number with no hesitation at all whatsoever. She gave a small wink and handed the note to Ethan.

"You're such a mysterious and unpredictable, yet fun and predictable girl. You know what I mean? But yea, I'm not from England or Europe. Ma home country's back in Brisbane in Queensland. Yea, I kinda got kidnapped after I got kinda drunk, ok very drunk. He said I was some sorta genius in mathematics, paid me a large sum for a number prediction and I got it right. Reward, I'm here now. Starting at Oxie's next week. I guess we could catch up. You seem fun to hang 'round." Ethan replied, once again Liz's giggled caught his ears. She nodded and gave him a thumbs up.

"Ethan, you're a confusing turtle, and don't call me racist and no offence, your accent is just hilarious. You ever met an American? They have the funniest accents ever!" Liz chuckled, than she bursted with laughter, clutching her stomach. Watching this, Ethan couldn't help but smile and before he knew it, they were boths laughing their heads off outside the small cafe. Inside boths of their hearts, there were room for each other and room for love. It's Red, this little cafe where Ethan would've never known or dreamed of ending up in, it brought them together, to meet and love.

~ 1 months later ~

Ethan and Liz had being constantly seeing each other for the past months. Liz had became Ethan's best friend, he had let the romance feeling go, but buried in his heart, he still felt a flicker of brightness and a heart thump everytime their eyes locked. And as for Liz, Ethan was like a big brother who would do anything to look after her. But inside her heart, she knew that she would be open for love at any time, when it's the right person.

"Hey snowman!" Liz called out as she spotted Ethan on a small wooden bridge, staring out at the little creek and blossoms of tulip flowers. 'Snowman' was the new 'it' name that Liz referred Ethan to. He was like her snowman, big and loving. Ethan turned around knowing that it could only be his 'Cherry Blossom' calling him. His big smile spread widely on his face. As the two got to know each other, Ethan brought out his warm and bubbly side again, after being shoved deeply into the back of his brain. He had almost forgot what it was like to laugh and have fun again.

"Oh! Look at you Cherry Blossom!" Ethan called out as he walked over to Liz, who was sprinting towards him. She was quiet small when standing next to Ethan. The tip of her head was only up to Ethan's chin. He beamed as Liz leapt into his arms for a hug. She buried her face in his shoulder, standing on the balls of her feet. The hug was longer than usual and Ethan had sensed something and pulled away. Liz quickly wiped her face and plastered a smile. But she wasn't quick enough, nothing's quick enough to escape Ethan's sharp eyes. Her eyes shone with water and appeared slightly pink.

"Liz, what's the matter?" Ethan asked looking down at Liz trying to see her face, but Liz's was turned down. She shook her head and wiped her eyes and nose one last time.

"I'm fine, can we go somewhere peaceful today Ethan?" Liz asked as she turned her head up. Her voice seemed regularly dull and sad, unlike her usual cheery voice.

"Where's that Liz that I met at Red?" Ethan questioned trying to get a giggle out of her. Red had become their usual hang out, not as a couple but as friends. After the 'incident' Liz had worked there peacefully and Ethan usually picked her up when he didn't have class at Oxfords.

"I'm scared.." She muttered.

"Of what?" Ethan asked with surprise. Everything was silent.

"If only you knew my past..."

~ to be continued in chapter 7 ~

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