The Fallen Ship Chapter 5

Updated on September 5, 2017

Chapter 5 - The girl in the coffee shop

"Man, do you know where you're going?" Ethan questioned with concern, holding on tightly to both sides of him as the driver took a sharp turn, almost losing control over the vehicle.

"Ya think? Course I do. Almost there. Just another couple o' turns." The man replied taking a swag out of his rusty flask. His untamed hair blew wildly as he took off speeding down the romantic streets of London. A few moments later, Ethan whooshed forwards as the driver hit the brakes.

"And... you're here. Have a good day!" The man called out, immediately Ethan swang open the door and rushed to get his bag, getting away from the man as quickly as possible. The taxi took off, leaving Ethan in front of an enormously wide and tall building. The creamy colours warmed Ethan's heart. A gust of wind blew wrecklessly through his body and he hurried up the rocky stairs.

"Hello. Welcome to Oxford Apartments!" Ethan was greeted with a warm welcome as he pushed open the heavy, glass door. He glanced around with surprise. The lobby hadn't being as huge as expected but it gave him a warm welcoming. With a small open fire place on one side of the wall and a few cosy couches, it felt more like home than anything else.

"Hi. You must be Ethan. Uncle Andrew confided me. I'm Ang, well short for Angie." A soft voice called. The girl's age was somewhere between 14 and 17. Her orange hair and freckle filled face embraced her body. Ang had hazel eyes, which sometimes were mistaken as green or emerald eyes. She looked extremely cosy in her woolen beanie and brown coat. Her accent was strong and her boost in confidence made Ethan surprised. Ang wasn't tall, infact, she was particularly short, but her personality shined through every part of her body.

"Oh hi. You're Andrew's niece. He didn't mention you." Ethan smiled back softly, as a piece of his shaggy hair fell down, covering one of his eyes. Ang giggled as her face blushed slightly.

"Oh, I guess he didn't. We're not the exactly what you would call, I guess a loving and perfect family. We kinda have history, our families, I mean family. Stuff that happened a long time ago. We're just not that kind of talking and exciting family." Ang explained looking down at her hand which were wrapped around with heavy woolen gloves. It almost seemed as though that there were something bad hidden and buried underneath the gloves, unwanting to be revealed.

"Right. I understand. So um, I'm gonna head over to my room and you know, just get sorted. Guess I'll see you around!" Ethan replied awkwardly, that special moment passed away too soon.

"Your keys, room 3, level 5." Ang called out and chucked Ethan his room keys. He smiled. A soft, charming smile.

"Thanks Ang!" He shouted back and Ang grinned trying to hide the giggle down her throat.

Ethan dragged his small laugage and clutched his keys tightly in his fists. It had the number 53 carved on one side and 'Oxford Apartments' on the other. His heart thumped with excitement. He was in London, for a good education and a shot at finding out the truths. The elevator made a noise and the metal sliding doors opened revealing a passage. Quickly, Ethan stepped out wheeling his suitcase behind him. He had never been a fan of elevators. The carpet was soft, even though he wore thick shoes, he felt the carpet comforting.

Room 3...

Ethan stood outside of his room. Inhaling deeply, he closed his eyes and prayed for everything to go well. The keys clicked and turned. The gold door knob was turned by Ethan's shaky hand. A strong smell of floral air freshner caught his nose and curioused, he peaked from the gap of his eyelids.

"Oh wow!" He exclaimed as he dropped his backpack with astonishment. He was stunned. The place was beautiful. He hurriedly wheeled his suitcase in.

On the left of the entrance was a beautiful glossy tiled bathroom with a marble sink. Although the space of the bathroom was small, it was luxurious enough. On the right there is a small bedroom. The floor is filled with neatly lined up, wooden floorboards. As you continue to walk in, there is a living room which is also the dining room. There's even a 32 inch flatscreen tv and a pullout sofa bed. As Ethan continued exploring his new home, he discovered the master bedroom which included a marble bathroom ensuite. There was also a small kitchenette at the back of the house which included a minifridge, microwave and washing machine. As well as a sink, some kitchen supplies and utensils, and a small cooking stove. Although the place wasn't enormous like Andrew's house, but it was cosy. Anything that was liveable appeared to Ethan as 'cosy'.

~ The following day ~

London has being treating Ethan well. The apartment is amazing. Everyone's friendly. He rechecked his busy schedule that Andrew had sent him. School at the most prestigious university would start soon and Ethan honestly didn't know if he was prepared. Locking up his apartment door tightly, he took the stairs this time.

"Hey girl with pink hair!" Ethan called out to a slightly chubby girl with pink hair who had her fat back turned to him. She whipped around with a nasty look.

"Yea you, I have a name doofus! What'da ya want munchkins?" The girl spat back, Ethan seemed taken aback. He held up his hand like he was trying to tame a wild animal.

"Is-la? Is that your name?" Ethan asked back as he read the nametag hanging off her pink uniform, but as he watched her already ferocious face turn into an angry scowl. He knew he got it wrong.

"For goodness sake! Everyone gets it freakin wrong! People! It's Isla the 's' is silent. UGH!" Isla demanded as she let out a woolfish howl. Her fists clunched tightly and her knuckles turned white.

"Do you know where I can find a good coffee shop? Or a quiet cafe?" He asked quickly, although England was treating him well but some people occurred to him as quiet odd and strange.

"Yea, just down the road. Little cafe called Red has the best coffees and afternoon snacks in London, but for quietness, I suppose The Lighthouse is pretty quiet. Suit yourself, gotta get cleaning if I want my pay." Isla replied as she took off with her cleaning tray.

As Ethan roamed down the romantic streets of London, he realised just how lucky he was. If it hadn't being Andrew who helped him wake up to reality, he would still be drunk every night and if not gambling on a daily basis. But because of Andrew, Ethan realised his top priority. As he reached a sign that said Red, Ethan knew this was the place that Isla was talking about. He opened the red, old fashioned door, his nose swept into a land of wonder. The smell of hot chocolate and coffee tinkled his nose. The place didn't have loud pop music blasting through the speakers, instead, it's customers seemed to enjoy the peace and classical music. They all seemed focused on enjoying their day, whether it was reading a book quietly or doing some work on their laptop. The cafe was in harmony and peace.

"Hi, I would like to order a latte and a bakewell tart please." Ethan ordered as he scanned the menu quickly.

"Yea course!" A girl's voice called out in the distance, not to Ethan but past Ethan.

"Ou!!" Ethan shouted quietly as three cups of coffee spilled onto his bag and onto the side of his shirt and pants. The cups shattered to pieces. The hot liquid burned against his skin.

"Oh my gosh! I am so sorry. Let me clean that up!" The girl apologised, her hands covered her mouth in shock. Tears came down her eyes as she rushed to get a napkin. As she wiped the wet stains off, she looked up and Ethan looked down.

Their eyes met for a split second.

And Ethan knew that this wasn't going to be ordinary...

... to be continued in chapter 6...

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