The Fallen Ship Chapter 2

Updated on August 23, 2017

Chapter 2

Continuing by the childhood name that he grew with, Ethan McGuire, with guilt and hesitation, he helplessly and shamefully left his beloved mother.

~ 3 years later ~

"Mate, you gotta to pay the rent otherwise I'm gonna have to kick you outta here." A strong, disappointed male voice spoke on the other side of the payphone. A tall, brown haired man in his early twenties nodded and cursed quietly under his muttering breath.

"Yes, Elliot. I understand. Have a good day too." The man replied forcing the slightest bit of enthusiasm in his croaking voice. He hung the phone up with an accidental and unnecessary bang, he sighed deeply as he stood out from inside the red, old fashioned phone booth. He ruffled his shaggy and wavy brown hair with frustration and stormed towards the overcrowded car park. It was typical Brisbane summer weather, humid and extremely hot, not the greatest combination. Like usual, his wrecked and broken car was a pain, this time it was the engine that was broken down. Though, wanting to get a brand new and not second handed car, this moved down from his economical priority list. Having just got of the phone with the owner of his rented house, his main worry was to pay the rent or having to sleep out on the street.

"Hey! Jack! Man, can I borrow your car? Engines down again." The man called out to a muscular blonde haired block with his tuts of hair pulled back into a man bun. Jack rolled his dark blue eyes and sighed but relentlessly threw him his keys to his red Toyota.

"Last time Ethan!" Jack warned seriously, the expression on his face was not a pleasing or pleasant one. Ethan nodded with understanding and approval. Life had being harder for him after his father's death than he had imagined. Without his mother's vigorous support, he was nothing, having to start from the bottom all over again helped him to see clearer into the real world. This was reality. Cruel, cold and bloodsucking. After all these lonely years, not once did he dare to return back to Darwin, the small but loving cottage that he called home for all of his remembered and embraced childhood. There were days when he deeply missed his mother extraordinarily. But knowing that this was for the best, he reluctantly swallowed back his guilt and leaked back his own tears.

Life was harsh but realistic at the same time, allowing Ethan to set real goals. And at the top of that 'goals' priority list, it was and it will always be until he finds out the full and real truth, is finding out what really happened, what happened to his real parents. Some nightmares, he could taste the salty and cold sea water slicing his throat and the stinging and outrageous pain of drowning and the end of life. It had being hard to achieve that priority, as he worked three job shifts each long and dreadful day, from working as a waiter to a cash register at the grocery shops and sometimes a car washer at the local petrol station, all of his earnings went straight to bills, rents, loans, food, savings and the rest went to buying basic supplies. Ethan may have a small apartment but on the dull inside, it was close to being an empty and lonely apartment, with only a single bed and mattress, a cheap mini fridge, an old microwave and a foldable but unstable set of table and chairs. He never bought too much, just in case he really gets kicked out, these items were still at carriable sizes.

Back at his small but considerably cosy apartment, he picked up the heartwarming picture of his old loving family, his parents on either side of him, they were all smiling cheesily, but what he use to think was lame actually made his stiff heart soften as he stared straight at the photo. Immediately feeling hot tears rushing into his large eye socket, he wiped his water filled eyes with the sleeves of his unfitting red hoodie. It was clearly too small for his muscular and strongly built body, but he didn't have the money to buy anything else. Gently and carefully placing the beautifully and professionally framed photo on to the foldable table, he laid flat with his large bloodfilled hands laced together behind his unevenly shaped head on his silky bedsheet. Though it's the middle of summer in Brisbane, he still constantly preferred to overdress, even if it meant sweating a lot.

For a second, Ethan regretted all of this. Maybe if he hadn't left his poor mother on her own, they would still be living a considerably decent life? So what if he never found out the truth? But the thoughts grew nastier the longer he thought. Until the point he regretted regretting his choice. No matter how much he fantasised his life back in Darwin, it wasn't going to happen. The past is the past, and Ethan knew that better than anyone else. There's no turning back after you've made the decision. All he could now was simply just let life be.

~ 5 months later ~

For the third time over the past five days, Ethan completely emptied every cent and dollar in his black fanny pack, bank account and his almost weightless wallet. Hoping that the amounts have magically increased, his dreams had crushed back down to reality everytime he checked. Still $2065.85, if not less. Disappointed and discouraged, his days kept getting tougher and more pointless than the last. Knowing that he couldn't return to Darwin, he had to work hard to survive. His income became lower and continued decreasing daily, as he lost his most well paid job as a waiter after wrongly serving the guests food causing a serious anaphylaxis problem and also causing a third degree burn after he smashed the cluttering plates and poured burning hot tomato soup onto a five year old girl who immediately screeched and screamed in a high pitched voice. Her parents demanded for Ethan to pay all the medical fees which added up to almost five hundred dollars and full responsibility.

Soon enough, Ethan found himself returning to his little apartment completely drunk and smelled full of the tobacco he had being smoking on a nightly basis. Doing and saying stupid things to incorrect people caused a loss of money too and a lot of judgements. And when he woke up, he remembered of nothing, just shame and regret. Although tempted to stop each morning, he can't help himself at night. And before he knew it, his bank account reached a new low point, drinking on top of smoking. Ethan wasted precious time, but he's life was messed up.

Before he knew it, he was going to the Friday night's casino to gamble. Without money, but determined to win, he did put a lot to bet. Each time arriving home highly drunk with joy clutching his cash close to himself, or arriving home also highly drunk with sorrow smashing things if he had lost the bet. Brisbane was a lost and lonely place Ethan and continued to become worse, with little to no people to turn to. He hadn't any close friends to confide in or any relatives to visit or simply just to talk to.

The owner of his rented house still ushering and hurrying him to pay every months, the only person that Ethan ever talks to on a monthly basis was Jack, who always gave Ethan dirty looks of disappointment and shame. Although his neighbours were warm hearted and extremely welcoming, Ethan had always appeared to them as cold and lonely, like a piece of dull and grey cloud of rain. People thought of him as 'moody' or 'distant' or even 'aloof'. But Ethan himself, never had a problem with ignorant and judgemental people. He lived in his world, although sometimes feeling lonely, suffering from a minor case of autism. Though it never occured to him that he was 'special' because of his disease. Other people often looked at him differently and lowly even though it's only a minor case. It doesn't affect Ethan's speech or brain, however he has bad memory loss however retrieves lost memory when shown or either see other people or things of the lost memory. His voice is so rarely heard, some mistake him as deaf of speechless.

Days grew more miserably as it went on. be continued in chapter 3...

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