The Fall of the House of Cicero, Volume 4

Updated on March 11, 2018

The Fall of the House of Cicero

It is now the year 1980. The 70s was a good time for the local hoods wearing white collars and making backroom deals at the back table of Giardano's who came from Cicero.

Papa Cicero was now the town manager of Cicero. His campaign promise was to open up the town and turn it into a boom town, much like it was in the roaring 20s.

He said even though he would not live to see it, Cicero would reach it all time height in glamour and decadence in the next 30 years

Fast Eddie was now the head of the Cook County Republican machine and was completely Cicero-based.

Back Room Joe was now the towns local accessor. The bad boys from Cicero managed to turn the former Democratic mayor from Chicago Heights to their side of the aisle.

Papa Chicago Heights power base was rising in the Southern Cook County city, and he was completely controlled by the three political hooligans from the western edge of the county.

The machine was growing and ran the western and southern sides of Chicagoland, that was very sparsely populated, and very red.

The Democrats took the more so affluent downtown and western and northwestern suburban regions. However, the Republicans took the sleepy and industrial suburbs to the far west, south, and south-west of the Chicago loop.

Papa Cicero introduced two new up and coming political players in Cicero to Eddie and Joe. They were simply called Mr. and Mrs. Cicero.

They were a pair of con artists. As though they were straight from an Elizabethan tragedy.

They were the connection to all of the nightclubs, gentlemen clubs, and race tracks in the Cicero area that was not yet under the machine's control.

They shared the title of the food and beverage manager for most of the hotels in the township that was really Illonious tenth largest municipality at the time.

The notion was simple. The political oligarchy needed a dark and unholy alliance with the lower element of an adult entertainment district on the south side of their city.

Mr. and Mr.s Cicero was that alliance.The reign of terror over the Cicero township, that is near Chicago, had just begun.


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