The Fall of the House of Cicero. Vol. 4

Updated on March 25, 2018

The Fall of The House of Cicero

As usual at the Cicero Republican Political Machine corner table, the subject of politics was in const flow. More specifically the subject of the Deutch who was going to speak in the Chicago area, an Establishment Democratic-Republican stronghold in the Midwest.

Papa Cicero was pouring his venom. He wanted to reach across the aisle to the Democrats and chase the conservative presidential candidate out of the second city.

Back Room Joe said that there is no way they can do that. It is not Democratic, and it is certainly not the American way.

Papa Cicero then said that the Democrats have the muscle. That is why the Windy city belongs to them.

Joe was very disturbed when he went home to his apartment near the Bohemian Wall Street that night and saw the Deutch being chased out of Chicago by the Democratic party's muscle.

However, somewhere Papa Cicero reached across the table to make a power move. Chasing a Republican Presidential candidate out of Chicago is not the American way. However, nobody ever said that they were in America because they were in Chicagoland. That has always been a different animal, like apples and oranges.

The next day Joe went to his mother and father's house. He always went home when he needed comfort at times of crisis.

His mother was baking a homemade apple pie and was bragging how rich and powerful her son was becoming in the county.

That she had one son and one daughter. That her brothers and sisters had become so affluent and moved out of Cicero a long time ago.

However, their children did not make as much money or were becoming as powerful as her son since he made all of his new, rich, and powerful friends downtown.

Joe then finally said that his new friends call him Backroom Joe and chased the Deutch out of Chicago. They fix elections across Cook County, and he is not very happy.

His mother then said that Joe was always a kidder and had quite a sense of humor. Joe then walked into the parlor where his father was watching the Chicago White Sox.

Since the family was from working-class Cicero they preferred the White Sox from the blue-collar South Side rather than the Cubs from the well-off North Side.

When Joe's father asked him if he wanted to watch the White Sox Joe said that he did not think that the Chicago White Sox could help him.

Joe then went home feeling a lot of guilt, which some say is anger turned inward.


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