The Fall of the House of Cicero (Prologue)

Updated on January 8, 2018

The Fall of the House of Cicero (prologue)

Joe and Eddie sat at their corner booth at Giordano's pizzeria in Downtown Chicago. For over 30 years they sat at the corner booth and made backroom deals, from accepting envelopes of graft to rigging local and state election.

Many crucial political moments in the recent history of Chicagoland were decided at their corner table. Papa Cicero thought them well. They learned about political corruption in Cook County, Illinois 101. A tradition that had been passed down from father to son, since Chicago and its suburbs were first established in the late 19th century.

Joe said to Eddie that he wished he took out a retirement plan in all of the years that they had been coming to Giordano's in Chicago and deciding who would be elected to key spots in the cities local and state Republican and Democratic establishments.

Eddie said that he first met Joe at an Irish and Italian wedding of a neutral friend from the South Side. At the time it was the citie's second Little Italy, after the demolition of Taylor St in Downtown, and before the area became known as Chinatown.

Eddie still remembered that night clearly. He had no idea who Fast Eddie was at the time. When he was first addressed to him he was told to call him, "Fast Eddie, the same Fast Eddie who will one day own much of Chicago and the Bohemian half of Cicero."

They reflected on the old days of both cities. When they lived on the Bohemian side of Cicero, and their Italian American neighbors lived on the other side of town. The days when you could walk through the South and West Sides of Chicago. They were older blue-collar neighborhoods back then before they were demolished to make way for notorious housing projects, that were then razed and their inhabitants were dispersed to all quarters of the metropolitan area.

They talked about old Chicago, and old Cicero, before the region became so notorious. It is now a haven for the illegal drug trade. During the reign of power brokers like Papa Cicero, Mr. and Mrs. Cicero, drugs were prohibited to be sold in Chicago, and the surrounding area. Vice tends to digress from the overall agenda, which is to make money.

That is why Fast Eddie had all of the strip clubs shut down in Cicero after Papa Cicer died, and Mr. Cicero went to prison leaving Eddie, Joe, and Mrs. Cicero in charge of their kingdom.

They chased the Cicero chapter of the Outfit out of their town, and they began CIcero's golden age like Papa Cicero first predicted when he was first elected town president in the early 80s.

However, that is all over now, all that is left is memories of corruption, graft, backroom deals, extortion, perjury, fixed elections, and wire fraud.

The days when political bosses ran Chicago, Cicero, and the rest of the region, When two political machines were at power, one Democratic, and the other Republican. Both would sell elections to the highest bidder, despite if the person had a D or R next to their name.

They then reminisced about their glorious history in Chicago, Cicero, and the rest of Cook County and by extension the Illinoisllonious. They decided to spend the night reflecting on their town, county, and state's gilded age, from the beginning all the way to the fall of the house of Cicero and the rest of Cook County.



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