The Fall of the House of Cicero (Introduction)

Updated on December 29, 2017


2005 marked the beginning of the end for Fast Eddie and Backroom Joe. Two Cicero, Illonis Bohemian American powerbrokers that had been fixing the election in Chicagoland since they graduated high school in 1971.

The Tuesday night in November began with Eddie telling Joe about Jordan's game-winning shot in 98. The night he walked away from the NBA, and the Chicago Bulls would go down as 1990s legends. The same decade that Joe and Eddie would be legends in their own time, legends in Cicero.

Throughout the 1970s, 80s, and 90s, the Cicero Republican Political Machine would hit all-time new highs. From the time Papa Cicero brought the two childhood friends into the organization. To the two bringing Mr. and Mrs. Cicero into the political faction.

The 80s were a turbulent time for Chicago and its suburbs politically. Throughout the council wars when the power brokers were declaring war on Mayor Bronzville.

No matter how much the Chicago Republican and Democratic establishment tried they could not rid the city of the liberal Independent, and first African American mayor of Chicago.

Mayor Bronzville also was backed by a whole alliance of street gangs on the cities impoverished South, West, and Near North Sides, as he built his own political machine that was too much for any establishment politician in the Windy City to handle.

The decade finally ended with Little Chicago, legendary Chicago mayor and political boss Papa Chicago's fresh and blood, being elected to the mayor's office after Mayor Bronzeville's death in 87. The local region would see a time of great prosperity, as well as an extremely high level of corruption, within the next decade.

The whole Cicero political establishment would find themselves facing corruption and Ricco charges by 92, once Mr. Cicero went to prison and the passing of Papa Cicero. The township would then be passed down to Mrs. Cicerp, and Fast Eddie and Backroom Joe would find themselves in complete control of the suburban municipality in Illinois.

For the next ten years, CIcero would find itself being completely rooted by its own elected officials. As though the Midwestern town would be a Bohemian American take on the old Italian proverb saying that, "the biggest criminals in Rome is Rome itself."

Historians date the birth of corruption and racketeering in modern-day Cicero to Al Capone's violent take over of the suburb in the 1920s. No matter how the madness started, Cicero was for the taking by the 1990s, until Mrs. Cicero would find herself facing a prison sentence by 2002, ten years after her late husband went sent away to prison.

However, Fast Eddie and Backroom Joe would find themselves without a scratch and would once again come out on top like always, until that fateful Tuesday night in November 2005.

Eddie was just talking about Jordan's game-winning shot in 98, that the two corrupt political bosses saw at the United Center front row. Eddie was saying that he would like to one day go out in politics the same way, in glory to a lavish retirement.

However, it was not meant to be. That night the two former Cicero residents watched how their Republican candidate that they backed went down to a Democatrated candidate who was backed by the Cook County Democratic Machine, the larger of the two political parties in Chicago. As though their prized stallion did not come in at Hawthorn racetrack.

Eddie would then shut off Joe's TV and announce that they just missed Jordan's game-winning shot. He then said that they should go to Giordano's for some stuffed pizza and what their Italian friends use to call vino and reflect on the old days.


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