The Fall of the House of Cicero (Vol. 5)

Updated on May 10, 2018

The Fall of The House of Cicero

Times had never been better for the Cicero political machine. They had decided to take graft to a whole new level.

Papa Cicero, Fast Eddie, Back Room Joe, and Mr. and Mrs. Cicero decided to start looting from the Cicero town treasury using a phony insurance scam.

The money would be laundered throughout the streets of Chicagoland, like all of the other dirty money being pushed through the county's mean streets at the time.

The political posse was going on lavish vacations to Sin City. They were partying with the Vegas elite, entertainers, and celebrities.

They would often dine at the finest restaurants in Las Vegas that were located in the city's most lavish and glitzy casinos.

Sin City was just being bought up by corporate casinos at the time. It really was becoming a family town.

Circus Circus and New York, New York were leading the way as the premier family-oriented casinos on the strip.

It was clear the Vegas was changing, and it was the prime time for the local Cicero powerbrokers to cash in on the desert oasis.

Papa Cicero, Fast Eddie, Back Room Joe, and Mr. and Mrs. Cicero were seated at a back table at on the most prestigious restaurants on the Vegas Strip.

As usual, Papa Cicero was boasting about how much money the political faction was robbing from the suburban Cook County township.

"Can we talk in here in front of the clientele?" Papa Cicero asked.

"No one is going to tap our conversation," Back Room Joe said. From there on there was no stopping Papa Cicero from his boisterous rant.

"We are robbing that town, county, and state blind. The people of Cicero, Cook County, and Illinois have no idea how much money that their elected and be trusted officials are robbing from them. Only the ghosts know what is being said in this room tonight."

Papa Cicero focused on how much money they stole from Cicero, Cook County, and all of Illinois for a good 45 minutes.

He could not stop discussing how much money the faction was stealing from the good people of Chicagoland. Although, the most amazing part was that nobody, anywhere in that metropolitan region, tried to stop them.

The good people of Cicero and all of their neighbors let their elected hoods and thugs get away with murder. They literally let them rob thousands from their own honest and hard worked tax dollar.

While the good people back home either worked at the Hawthorne Works plant or in the Bohemian Wall Street, their corrupted and voted in political oligarchs relished with their hard worked tax dollar in Las Vegas. Little did the good people of Cicero know where all of their hard worked week's pay was going too.

Straight to the back rooms of Sin City, America's most lavish and decadent playland.

A city that was built from vice and lust in the middle of the Nevada Desert.

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