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A romantic story part one - The Dinner Date

He leads her to a small table in a quiet restaurant. A late hour for dinner, most of the tables are empty. He pulls out her chair. She sits. He sits across from her. The only light is from a few well placed candles. A waiter approaches and, without saying a word, pours them wine and leaves the bottle. No menus. He has ordered for them in advance. There will be no interruptions from wait staff aside from the bringing and clearing of the courses.

He watches as she sips the wine. She notices. Blushes. A shy smile slips out. He loves watching her. A voyeur looking into a secret world. He smiles warmly back as if to comfort her. It does. She begins to enjoy his gaze. Soaking it in. Feeling his eyes move over her. From her eyes to her nose, cheeks, lips. The curve of her neck. Slope of her shoulders. Her chest. The tiny bit of cleavage just peeking out from her dress. Again, she blushes. This time, so does he. Back to sipping wine.

They lock eyes across the table. Everything around them fades away. They are in a universe all their own. Lost in the depths of each other’s eyes. She can feel his desire, he hers. But it is not lustful. Calm, gentle, controlled. With a sense of longing to escape forever into that universe around them.

They barely notice the waiter as he places the first course between them. A simple plate of fruit and cheese. He watches her as she eats. Calmly bringing each morsel to her lips. He marvels at the pleasure she takes from each bite. Her face amazingly expressive. Every bite as if she is tasting for the first time.

She gazes at him over her glass as she sips her wine. She knows he is watching her. She slips a grape between her lips. Smiles coyly as her teeth crush the skin, exploding the juices into her mouth. She reaches for a strawberry. He deliberately snatches it just as her fingertip touches the ripened fruit. He grins as he takes a large bite. She offers her most convincing pout. He smiles affectionately and feeds her the rest. Her eyes smile back at him.

They continue on. Refilling their wine glasses and eating slowly. Just enough to keep the wine from going to their heads. They do not speak.

Time stands still. Stopping just for them. An eternity to enjoy each other’s company. He watching her. She being watched. Anyone could see the energy between them. It can be felt. Something surreal is happening at that table. To them, it is completely natural, existing at that moment in their own universe.

The dinner plates arrive. They share each others meals. His rich and heavy. Hers lighter, bold. They eat slowly but heartily. Sipping wine throughout. Savoring the unique yet complimentary flavors. They eat in silence. Feasting off each other’s forks until hardly anything is left. Their meals devoured. Their bellies growing heavy. Their appetites nearly satiated.

A single dessert to share. A single spoon. He feeds her a small bite. Creamy and rich. She can’t help but smile with pleasure at the sweetness. Her innocent pleasure makes its way across the tiny table, straight into his heart. How can he help but love her? He takes a large bite with the enthusiasm of a child. She laughs quietly at his playfulness.

Another bite for her. Larger than the first. Some is left on her lips. He planned that of course. She knows it. He reaches towards her before she can raise her napkin. But his reach is not for her lips. He puts his hand softly on her cheek and leans toward her. She leans toward him. He kisses her softly. Tasting the sweetness of the dessert mixed with the sweetness of her.

Everything around them fades away. They are in their universe. Locked in a kiss. Time standing still….

The next installment...


Dana Strang (author) from Ohio on April 10, 2014:

ImKarn23 and MartieCoetser - THANK YOU GIRLS! I love this story. I am trying to get it just right. It is a lot easier to edit if I let it iet a while and go back to it. now I have to do the other two parts so that they flow together better.

Feels good to be working on my writing again.

Martie Coetser from South Africa on April 10, 2014:

You have made this reader perceive this dinner date as sensual lovemaking. Phewwww! Absolutely brilliant, Dana!

Karen Silverman on April 09, 2014:

You need to write girlfriend! Awesome write, precise even! THIS could be its own book! Love it and YOUxx

Dana Strang (author) from Ohio on March 02, 2013:

Vickiw - thank you so much for reading. i do enjoy a good love story now and then. this is my favorite of the series. i really do need to get around to fiishing part five. i had it all figured out, but now i am not sure. maybe i will revisit it this weekend. :)

Vickiw on March 02, 2013:

Tales of love are so welcome, especially when written so tenderly and lovingly. Sweet story, now I must read the follow-up! Great hub, and obviously many love fans too!

Dana Strang (author) from Ohio on February 02, 2013:

acaetnna - what a great comment! yes. this is about savoring every moment. every touch, taste, sight, sound... happy you enjoyed it .... hugs.

acaetnna from Guildford on January 30, 2013:

F .a.b.u.l.o.u.s - wow simply savour every moment ... great work DanaTeresa.

Dana Strang (author) from Ohio on January 29, 2013:

blondey - What a wonderfully sweet and heartfelt comment. I am truly touched by your response to this. I wrote it from a very personal place in me - the woman that wants to be loved just like this. I seleted every word carefully. It is so rewarding to see it pay off. I love to get responses like this because I think it is so wonderful to feel things, and I want to make my readers feel.... thank you so very muh for this comment!

Dana Strang (author) from Ohio on January 29, 2013:

barbergirl28 - Thanks. I was totally absorbed in this when I wrote it. I guess it came through... I would like to doa collectioon very much. I am going to write a bunch more to see if this was a fluke. If I keep getting it right, maybe I will go futher... So nice to have your support! I appreciate it.

Blondey on January 29, 2013:

I love the way the two are enjoying each other's presence and savoring every moment, how he looks at her and each other blush, I love the reason why he looks at her, I love the power of that love that goes beyond lust and love itslef into a world of "surreal". This is an amazing love and such an epic romance. Well written my friend. This mad me excited and blush and cry a little all at the same time. It warmed my skin for sure. This is the type of real love any girl would dream of. Bravo!

Stacy Harris from Hemet, Ca on January 25, 2013:

Great story... Did you ever think of actually taking these and publishing a collection of short romance stories and selling them? Really nice! Great imagery!

Dana Strang (author) from Ohio on January 09, 2013:

Queen of Cups - WELCOME TO HUBPAGES! I hope you like it here. It is a great community.

Thank you for taking the time to comment on my story. To be honest, the lackof dialogue started because I am just learning to write stories and I do not know how to to it well yet. As I kept writing I made the silence part of the story and heghtened the other senses. I am so gald you liked it.


Tiffany Pasquale from a place somewhere in my paradise Etheas. on January 08, 2013:

Beautifully written.

I can say that the silence of it was the best thing of it all; how their world seemed to revolve around pleasure and around each other.

It seemed so powerful that they needed not even words.

Their communication through flavors, through facial expressions...

I loved it greatly.

Dana Strang (author) from Ohio on November 29, 2012:

Natural World - Thank you. I am glad you enjoyed this. I have to admit, this was one of my favorite hubs to write. I have even read it a few times since.... Hope you find time to check out a few more, and hope you like them.

Natural World from Oklahoma 2012 on November 29, 2012:

Very romantic, Dana. Enjoyable reading that I didn't want to end. I will be checking out your other writings. Thanks for posting this.

Dana Strang (author) from Ohio on November 27, 2012:

CloudExplorer - Thank you for taking the time to read this and leave such a thoughtful comment. Thank you bunches for sharing too!

This was my first attempt at romantic fiction. I have been pleasantly surprised my the response. I am glad you enjoyed it and I really do home you make time to read the others.

FYI, if you are into biting love bugs and things of that sort, I have a more erotic series as well. The first of thiose is titled "Their First TIme". From the response I have received on that one, it is worth a few minutes of your time.

See you around HP! Thanks again!

Mike Pugh from New York City on November 21, 2012:

Them too must have had an awesome meal on that first date of theirs, yikes it makes me wanna take my wife out on a hot date LOL. They definitely found each others universe Hehe, and by interlocking lips like that if their not careful the love bug might just bight them in the butt. Hah!

Awesome hub here, I will try to get to the rest to see all the other parts as well, but this is definitely an awesome intensely passionate write up here Dana, it shows your writers voice is one of a flavorful touch with visions of love setting its worded trails.

Thumbs up and this one will be getting shared across the board, because I love your style of creative writing, and also the imagery fit the mood as well. Great job!

Dana Strang (author) from Ohio on November 03, 2012:

acaetnna - i am glad you stopped by too! thank you. i love writing this sort of work, but even more i love when people read it and enjoy it.... i have written parts two and three, just started part four and hope to have it done soon

Dana Strang (author) from Ohio on November 03, 2012:

lovedoctor926 - thank you so much for the beautiful compliment. i enjoyed writing it, and the two scenes that follow. i am working on the fourth scene now.

acaetnna from Guildford on November 03, 2012:

Hey this is great, totally amazing. I am so glad I stopped by - thank you.

lovedoctor926 on November 03, 2012:

Wow! This is amazing. Love and bliss at the same time. You created a beautiful picture in this scene. You're a good writer.

Dana Strang (author) from Ohio on November 03, 2012:

davenmidtown - lol. thanks. when i do get that book deal you can write the teasers. i'll give u cut of the whole $10 i am bound to make :)

David Stillwell from Sacramento, California on November 03, 2012:

sorry was just practicing potential jacket cover teasers for when you publish...

Dana Strang (author) from Ohio on November 02, 2012:

davenmidtown - thank u for the entertaining comment. Sorry to dissapoint, the lake is pretty benign... BUT I now have the urge to write this as a thriller. Yet another new exerience for me. Hmmmm. Now just to decide what is in that lake! :)

David Stillwell from Sacramento, California on November 02, 2012:

every bite a double meaning, wrapped in calorie free butter... A must read, seriously... have at it people... the characters are working their way towards that goal too... Dana... do I detect a forboading sense of danger coming from the lake?

Dana Strang (author) from Ohio on August 22, 2012:

Sunshine and Mary - Part two is posted (the lake) and don't worry gals, part three is in the works!!

Mary Hyatt from Florida on August 17, 2012:

Oh, dear....Don't keep us in suspense!

Great story so far, I voted it UP, etc.

Linda Bilyeu from Orlando, FL on August 17, 2012:

Where's the hot button? Surely HP has installed one by now! Well done Dana. What's happens next?:)

Dana Strang (author) from Ohio on August 08, 2012:

IntegrityYes - thank you. i am thrilled to see you stopping by so many of my hhubs. i always enjoy yours and will be sure to check out some more... there is a part three of this coming as soon as i get time

IntegrityYes on August 07, 2012:

I voted up! That rocks!

Dana Strang (author) from Ohio on July 16, 2012:

marcoujor - aw Maria. You are too kind! Poetry and Fiction took a lot of courage for me to write. I was stricly a "scientific writer" until hubpages. I am glad you appreciate my decision to use present tense. Looks like I might be getting good at this stuff!

Hope you enjoy my other work just as much. :)

Maria Jordan from Jeffersonville PA on July 16, 2012:

Wow, Dana,

I didn't want this story to stop. It carried me from start to finish, so very romantic and loving in tone. Your style has a flowing rhythm and I think the present tense is perfect.

OK, you got poetry and fiction down... I think I need to keep finding jewels in your treasure chest to read. Voted UP & Beautiful.

Have a peaceful night. Hugs, Maria

Dana Strang (author) from Ohio on July 16, 2012:

clevercat - Guy will do juat about anything to show of their "manliness". And that is why I love them, or think they are complete morons.

I am so happy you enjoyed this. I was one of my hardest to write - to geive enough detail that the reader would feel like they were there, but not so much that eveyone couldn't relate to it.

Thank u for stopping by. Nice to see u! Thanks also for the vote. :)

Rachel Vega from Massachusetts on July 16, 2012:

Guys always take those large bites, don't they? ;^)

I enjoyed this hub -- it's almost like they are across the restaurant from me right now! Well done and voted up.

Dana Strang (author) from Ohio on July 07, 2012:

Bill - it must be some horrible conspiracy to keep us apart!!! No worries. Next time I write something worth your time to check out, I will give you a nod. I am still having some "issues" so the hubs are coming slower than I'd like, but they are coming... Take Care!

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on July 07, 2012:

Dana, I'm not getting notified when some hubs are written. It wasn't until you posted my hub on Hoppers that I realized I hadn't seen anything from you in quite some time. The Hub gods are playing games with me.

Dana Strang (author) from Ohio on July 07, 2012:

Bill - Nice to see you stopping by for a read. Romance is simply grand!

I have been enjoying just going wherever my writing takes me, and doing my best at it. Excercising my brain and my creativity can't be a bad thing, right?

I had this almost half written whjen I decided to go back and change it to present tense. I am glad I did. It was amazingly difficult to ge the scene in my head into words and still get the feel right. I think I got it pretty close. I might do a few tiny edits. I have to let it sit for a while first. That's my "process" :)

Thnaks for your support and encouragement. Never coulda done this without you!

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on July 07, 2012:

Gotta love good romance stories! Love makes the world go 'round, and turns your guts into jelly and your legs into quivering sticks of rubber...but ain't it wonderful?

Very nice job here young lady! What I like most about it is you are trying new styles of writing and not resting in your comfort level. I like it....always a fan....


Dana Strang (author) from Ohio on July 05, 2012:

Hyphenbird - It is always so nice to see you. I am glad as a romantic, you enjoyed my story. It makes me think I must have gotten it right. Take care.

Dana Strang (author) from Ohio on July 05, 2012:

teaches12345 - Again with the mention of a novel. You guys are making me feel like I should give it a shot. Too bad right now my creative sprees seem to stop after one sceen. Maybe with practice. Thank you for an always appreciated boost. :)

Dana Strang (author) from Ohio on July 05, 2012:

Docmo - it does sound a little like your dream date. Hmmm. You know hwat they say about great minds....

Thank you for your encouraging words. They mean a lot coming from the master of the romatic hub!

Dana Strang (author) from Ohio on July 05, 2012:

LaThing - "exquisite". Really?! I don't know what to say. Mush appreciation for the comment and the votes!

Dana Strang (author) from Ohio on July 05, 2012:

BOB - what a wonderful heartlelt comment. I hope your "reason why" liked this as well. Again I have you to thank for a bit of this. I was writng in my "usual way" and it occurred to me, why not write in present tense. I think it came out pretty good. You certainly put a bug in my ear about steeping out of my comfort zone. Thanks.

Dana Strang (author) from Ohio on July 05, 2012:

sweethearts2 - thanks. i hope i can deliver! stay tuned :)

Brenda Barnes from America-Broken But Still Beautiful on July 04, 2012:

I am a true romantic. Thank you for a lovely read. Flirting with one's beloved is so much fun. sigh

Dianna Mendez on July 04, 2012:

In a addition to increasing my desire for a romantic dinner such as this, it's an excellent hub article! You have great talent.. you should make this the beginning of a novel.

Mohan Kumar from UK on July 04, 2012:

Awesome scene. This sounds spookily like my 'dream dinner date' in Maria's interview. Beautifully written- you have all the makings of a romantic novelist, Dana. voted up!

LaThing from From a World Within, USA on July 04, 2012:

This is beautiful, exquisite! I agree with Bob, you are a natural! Captured my attention.... Lol!

Voting up, and awesome!

diogenes from UK and Mexico on July 03, 2012:

How absolutely lovely, Dana. Romantic but with enough spice to stop the piece becoming slushy. This meant a lot to me, and I am sending it now to the reason why!

You are a natural story teller who grabs the reader and carries him/her along in a flood of emotion.


sweethearts2 from Northwest Indiana on July 03, 2012:

Certainly has whet my appetite for more. Enjoyable read

Joshua Zerbini from Pennsylvania on July 03, 2012:

You are very welcome, I knew you would comment on my speediness, hehe Maybe I broke a hub record LOL You are welcome for the votes Dana, and thanks for reading my Limericks! :)

Dana Strang (author) from Ohio on July 03, 2012:

Josh - Holy cow that has got to be a record comment speed for one of my stories! I totally appreciate your personality. It is a lot lke mine. Thanks for the reminder about your Limericks. They are on my "to read list", and now they are on the top.

I am glad you liked this. I am totally new to fiction. I do seem to write with an odd sort of sentence structure. Guess it's because I pay just as much attention to how things feel and sound as to what they say. Proper grammar and sentences be damned! Maybe the stategy is paying off.

Thanks for the votes!

Happy hubbing :)

Joshua Zerbini from Pennsylvania on July 03, 2012:

This was a great, powerful piece on romance Dana! However, since you know me, I can't be serious too long... :) The whole time reading this I couldn't stop thinking about the pickup line Limerick I wrote the other day. You will have to check it out to see what I mean..LOL

But, back to the hub, great story, I enjoyed the short senetences, this structure added to the poem's inetensity. It was a clever choice. Voted up and more, great job Dana!

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