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A romantic story part one - The Dinner Date

He leads her to a small table in a quiet restaurant. A late hour for dinner, most of the tables are empty. He pulls out her chair. She sits. He sits across from her. The only light is from a few well placed candles. A waiter approaches and, without saying a word, pours them wine and leaves the bottle. No menus. He has ordered for them in advance. There will be no interruptions from wait staff aside from the bringing and clearing of the courses.

He watches as she sips the wine. She notices. Blushes. A shy smile slips out. He loves watching her. A voyeur looking into a secret world. He smiles warmly back as if to comfort her. It does. She begins to enjoy his gaze. Soaking it in. Feeling his eyes move over her. From her eyes to her nose, cheeks, lips. The curve of her neck. Slope of her shoulders. Her chest. The tiny bit of cleavage just peeking out from her dress. Again, she blushes. This time, so does he. Back to sipping wine.

They lock eyes across the table. Everything around them fades away. They are in a universe all their own. Lost in the depths of each other’s eyes. She can feel his desire, he hers. But it is not lustful. Calm, gentle, controlled. With a sense of longing to escape forever into that universe around them.

They barely notice the waiter as he places the first course between them. A simple plate of fruit and cheese. He watches her as she eats. Calmly bringing each morsel to her lips. He marvels at the pleasure she takes from each bite. Her face amazingly expressive. Every bite as if she is tasting for the first time.

She gazes at him over her glass as she sips her wine. She knows he is watching her. She slips a grape between her lips. Smiles coyly as her teeth crush the skin, exploding the juices into her mouth. She reaches for a strawberry. He deliberately snatches it just as her fingertip touches the ripened fruit. He grins as he takes a large bite. She offers her most convincing pout. He smiles affectionately and feeds her the rest. Her eyes smile back at him.

They continue on. Refilling their wine glasses and eating slowly. Just enough to keep the wine from going to their heads. They do not speak.

Time stands still. Stopping just for them. An eternity to enjoy each other’s company. He watching her. She being watched. Anyone could see the energy between them. It can be felt. Something surreal is happening at that table. To them, it is completely natural, existing at that moment in their own universe.

The dinner plates arrive. They share each others meals. His rich and heavy. Hers lighter, bold. They eat slowly but heartily. Sipping wine throughout. Savoring the unique yet complimentary flavors. They eat in silence. Feasting off each other’s forks until hardly anything is left. Their meals devoured. Their bellies growing heavy. Their appetites nearly satiated.

A single dessert to share. A single spoon. He feeds her a small bite. Creamy and rich. She can’t help but smile with pleasure at the sweetness. Her innocent pleasure makes its way across the tiny table, straight into his heart. How can he help but love her? He takes a large bite with the enthusiasm of a child. She laughs quietly at his playfulness.

Another bite for her. Larger than the first. Some is left on her lips. He planned that of course. She knows it. He reaches towards her before she can raise her napkin. But his reach is not for her lips. He puts his hand softly on her cheek and leans toward her. She leans toward him. He kisses her softly. Tasting the sweetness of the dessert mixed with the sweetness of her.

Everything around them fades away. They are in their universe. Locked in a kiss. Time standing still….

The next installment...

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