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The Death Wish 2

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“I know, Roarke, I just want to be sure that everything is carried out the way that I have specified it to be done.” Replies Killian looking at his longtime friend. Taking in his bright green eyes and dark red hair, Killian knew that his friend was Irish-English mixed and enjoyed listening to the lilt that he heard in his voice every time he spoke. He had known Roarke for quite a few years now and couldn’t help but wonder how he had been so lucky to have such a friend. Shaking his head, he states, “Thank you my friend for doing this for me.”

Nodding slowly Roarke studied his friend for a moment before speaking. Taking in his light auburn hair and smoky gray eyes with a hint of golden flecks when he was in deep thought. He had watched many girls swoon for his friend, with his deep Scottish-English accent. Watching his friend adjust his watch on his wrist, he finally spoke, “Killian, you do not have to worry my friend. Your wishes will be carried out exactly as you have asked.”

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