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The Day Bed Conclusion

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A Rat in a Trap

As Lady Lauren rushes to be reunited with her son; Elle pushes pass her and flings herself into his waiting arms.

“Oh Alex, I thought that I had lost you forever!” Elle sobs.

“Elle, I am sorry that I had to put you through this, but what I am doing is very dangerous. When it’s over—” Alex starts but is interrupted by Ian.

“There will be plenty of time for that later. We have to set a trap and make sure the mouse is caught.” Ian replies.

“Why don’t we just snatch him and be done with it.” Elle cries.

“Because, we must catch him in the act. Haven’t you been paying attention to any of our Mystery Club meetings.” Lady Lauren reproaches.

“Well said Lady Lauren.” Ian responds, and Jared shakes his head vigorously.

Both Victoria and Cyndi eye Elle with disdain and she lowers her head as if in remorse.

“Now, how do we set the bait for this rat?” Lady Lauren smiles as if she were in a discussion about one of Agatha Christie’s novels.

“You just leave that to me.” Jared interposes. “I know what packet of cheese will do the job.” With that everyone laughs.

The best part of a day is when Tipp puts the finishing touches on an assignment.

The best part of a day is when Tipp puts the finishing touches on an assignment.

Icing on the Cake ...

Meanwhile, Tipp and Brandon along with federal agents associated with S.T.O.P. have roundup the central characters in the Lancaster Landing scheme.

“You got nothing on me!” Leo Lancaster retorts smugly.

“Oh, on the contrary—we’ve got enough evidence on you to put you into prison until your grandchildren have whiskers.” Tipp throws back at Leo.

“Yeah—well prove it!” Leo utters trying not to look worried.

Tipp produces a small black book and begins to read the documented transactions between Leo Lancaster and many of his associates.

“A dead man’s journal—you got nothing.” Leo repeats loosening his tie and sweating copiously.

“Ah, but what if the man is NOT dead but very much alive and is willing to testify against you, along with Jared Jacobi.” Tipp says smiling.

“Jared Jacobi—why that double crossing ...” Leo flinches.

“Save it Leo, you are going to need every ounce of strength for your very long prison stay.” Brandon interpolates.

“Brandon Keates! Damn, I can’t believe this. Is everybody against me?” Leo laments accepting the handcuffs the federal agents put on his wrists.

“Did you really think that your little operation was going to continue indefinitely?” Tipp waves good-bye as the officers take Leo and the rest of his thugs away.

“Now, let’s hope all goes well at Westchester.” Brandon declares.

“You don’t have to worry about that group. If I know my Lauren ... and I do ... she is definitely in her element.” Tipp states and Brandon nods in agreement.

“My Victoria is a force to be reckoned with as well!” Brandon echoes.

Alex is learning to never underestimate the power of a woman; especially when that woman happens to be Victoria!

Alex is learning to never underestimate the power of a woman; especially when that woman happens to be Victoria!

Say, Cheese ...

“That was a wonderful dinner, mother.” Victoria pushes herself from the table quite satisfied.

“What about your other guest? Will he be coming down for dinner?” Horald asks as he begins to clear the table along with Jared.

“Who mentioned that our third guess was male?” Victoria inquiries then gets a stern look from her mother.

“Well—I guess I just assumed that—” Harold stammers looking at Jared.

“Never mind, you can take a tray up later; he’s resting now.” Jared says trying to save the moment and giving Harold a knowing look.

“Oh yes ... shall we adjourn to the Library? Harold do bring us some beverages and those marvelous teacakes that cook makes?” Lady Lauren looks over at Harold and then slightly lowers her head toward Jared and Ian.

“Right away ma’am and just before I retire for the night I will make sure our other guest is well taken care of.” Harold gives a secret smile to Jared.

Jared excuses himself and goes through the secret entrance to where Alex is.

“Everything is ready. I have your room at the top of the stairs and immediately to the left. It’s next to Elle’s room and fortunately there are adjoining doors. However, instead of you lying serenely in bed, there will be a well-placed mannikin.” Jared finishes handing Alex a delicious plate of goodies.

“You don’t think I should be in bed? Won’t Harold be suspicious?” Alex queries between stuffing himself with food.

“We are taking no chances. Although I am positive that there can be no hiccups in the plan; I will NOT be responsible if things go wrong.” Jared replies.

“Things have already gone wrong.” Harold offers coming into the room. Alex looks from Harold to Jared.

“The moment I saw Lady Lauren give you that signal; I knew that something was amiss.” Harold rejoinders triumphantly.

“But you didn’t expect this?” As Harold turns around his skull collides with a cast iron skillet.

“Victoria, how did you know?” Both Alex and Jared ask in complete surprise.

“Elementary my dear Watson.” Victoria mimics in her best Sherlock Holmes voice.

"While Harold was watching mother trying her best to be discreet—I was watching him. Remember, father said for me to keep my intuition in perfect form. Well, I have.” Victoria concludes.

“I hope you haven’t killed him—not that he didn’t deserve it.” Alex retorts.

“I never thought of that. I just wanted something that would do the trick and that skillet was my first option.” Victoria comments. Jared goes over to the motionless Harold, feels for a pulse and finds one.

“He is alive. Better get a doctor and the police. This guy is going to experience quite a headache.” Jared shakes his head and then looks at Victoria. “You are one extraordinary woman—we owe you a debt.”

“How about your lives?” Victoria reminds him.

“Yes ...” Alex responds knowing he will never hear the end of this.

It looks as if everyone will be settling down at the Westchester Estate.

It looks as if everyone will be settling down at the Westchester Estate.

All’s Well ...

With Leo Lancaster safely tucked away, Alex and Brandon are temporarily without an adventure. Victoria speaks.

“Next time you two decide to engage in a daring caper—please feel free to include the rest of us.”

“Especially since we became participants in this drama nonetheless.” Elle adds smiling at Alex affectionately.

“I seriously hope it won’t be anytime soon.” Tipp interjects.

“I rather enjoyed the escapade!” Lady Lauren exclaims. At that precise moment, the telephone rings and Tipp answers.

“Hello?” Tipp replies.

“Tipp, there has been some trouble in Beirut. Can you get your team together and—” the voice says.

“Here we go again!” Alex guesses examining the look on his father’s face.

“We’re off!” Laughs Lady Lauren.

The End

© 2018 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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