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A Sentimental Journey …

After docking the Day Bed the group is met by one of Tipp’s assistants.

“Good morning, sir.” Responds Ian.

“Good morning, Ian. Is everything ready?” Tipp asks.

“Yes, I will be taking Mrs. Keates and Miss Chadwick to the Estate. Also accompanying us is—” An annoyed Tipp speaks up.

“Yes, well Ian please drive carefully and do try not to attract attention to yourself, eh?” Tipp replies and returns to the Day Bed.

Brandon turns to address Victoria.

“Do be careful Victoria. I know how impetuous you can be, and I don’t want—” Brandon is interrupted by Victoria.

“Brandon, we will be fine. Cyndi is good with a gun as I am also. Ian is one of father’s most trusted assistants and we all are dedicated to keeping Alex as well as ourselves alive.” Victoria states in a matter-of-fact manner.

“I know Vickie ... but do be careful.” Brandon repeats and ends the conversation, touching his lips lightly against Victoria’s forehead.

“I will. Father is waiting for you. Better take care of that unfinished business while we attend to things here.” Victoria gives Brandon a weak smile and turns to follow the others.

Enjoying the lovely country-side!

Enjoying the lovely country-side!

Once in the car, the trio sits back and enjoy the view of the lovely countryside. The scenes and smells are reminiscence of Victoria’s earlier days at Covington Manor. Victoria grudgingly admits that she misses the carefree days and now with Cyndi and Alex accompanying her, it is really becoming surreal. As if on cue, Alex echoes her sentiments.

“Doesn’t this take you back a bit, Vickie?” Alex asks smiling.

“Yes ... it really does. And, you know what Alex?” Victoria replies.

“What?” Alex questions

“When this mess is over, I am going to enjoy myself. I am moving out of that penthouse of yours and back to my villa.” Victoria states thoroughly satisfied with her decision.

“You’re moving back with Brandon?” Both Alex and Cyndi chime in unison.

“Of course. Now that I truly understand what is going on, I deserve to be pampered and spoiled. And guys please—close your mouths.”

Everyone starts to laugh including Ian. Then reality starts to sink in again.

“You all are going to have to be careful. I didn’t want to tell your father, Mrs. Keates but there are a couple of new servants at the Westchester Estates. One I trust completely but the other just asks too many bloody questions.” Ian says soberly.

“Just what type of questions?” Alex sits up in his comfortable seat. He has been leaning back, enjoying the view but now he is at full alert.

“Mostly about the Covington Manor. He wants to know why Lady Lauren is there with some of the staff. He wants to know all about Mr. Tipp and if he has any children—especially a son.” Ian replies looking over at Alex and then watching the road again.

“Damn—how did they suspect? I thought I was ever so careful.” Alex replies shaking his head and feeling for something small and steel in his inside coat pocket. The action is not overlooked by Cyndi. She nods.

Westchester Manor is a very strong and forbearing place. What secrets does it hide.

Westchester Manor is a very strong and forbearing place. What secrets does it hide.

“I wondered why you, Tipp and Brandon changed into suits.” Cyndi says.

“Expecting trouble this soon? Then bring it on?” Victoria exclaims reaching into her small purse for a similar weapon.

“If you go to the Estate with guns blazing you could interfere with what your father and Mr. Keates have planned.” Ian admonishes.

“Ian, will you please stop with this mister business. It’s starting to get on my nerves. It’s Alex, Cyndi, Vickie/Victoria, Tipp and Brandon. I know you’ve been schooled in manners and such but please ...” Victoria pleads.

“Yes, Mrs. Keates—Victoria. I will try. Now, as I was saying ... you have to enter the grounds and the main house as if you are just visitors. You, of course, Alex will need to try to stay inconspicuous until this is all sorted out.” Ian concludes to the satisfaction of the others.

“Now, we’re here. Mrs.—Victoria and Cyndi you will come with me. Stay low in the car Alex. Jared, the new guy, will drive you around the back and slip you in. As I said before he can be trusted.” Ian repeats and assists the ladies out of the car, leaving it running.

Alex decides that its time for the agents to go into action.

Alex decides that its time for the agents to go into action.

Let Me Explain Things ...

While Ian helps the ladies out of the car and into the mansion Jared discreetly gets into the car and drives it along with Alex around the back.

“First, let me say how happy I am that you got off that plane in time.” Jared begins.

“So, you were the one who called at the last minute. What’s going on?” Alex states

“STOP approached me some time ago with the proposition of leaving that crooked Lancaster Landing scheme and become one of their agents.” Jared explains.

“So why wasn’t I informed?” Alex asked a bit indignant.

“Because, your phone is tapped, and it would have been too suspicious if you got rid of it before now.” Jared informs Alex.

“OK, now how do we draw this fellow out? I am tired of this charade. I want to get back to being just a regular businessman with the occasional dapple in espionage. A steady diet of this is bad on the nerves.” Alex is starting to become unhinged.

“Take it easy. We are hoping to wrap the entire case up by tonight. I am going to let it slip that you are the third visitor at the Westchester Estate. You prepare for bed as usual. However, you won’t be alone. Ian and I will be there with a little present waiting.” Jared finishes with a knowing smile.

“OK, let’s do this!” Alex replies.

Jared commandeers a large rolling laundry trolley, Alex slips quietly in and is completely covered with several blankets. Jared along with Ian slip him into the mansion and into a room where Lady Lauren and the others await.

To Be Continued …

The Day Bed Conclusion

  • The Day Bed Conclusion
    When playing with fire; not only is there a possibility that you will get burned but you could get scorched.

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