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A Possible Fly in the Ointment

Tipp sits back in a beautiful lounge chair on the deck of the Day Bed. He contemplates the question Lauren has asked murmuring it quietly.

“What if the phone was tapped—it did belong to Alex?” Tipp laments. Then he addresses one of the crew.

“Please find Victoria and tell her I need to see her right away. Do this incognito so no one else will observe you, Charles.” Tipp says quietly.

“Right away, sir.” Is Charles’ response.

Spotting Victoria alone Charles approaches her.

“Your father wants to see you right away.” Charles speaks in whispers as Victoria slowly turns around.

“Thank you, Charles!” Victoria whispers back knowing that there must be a reason for the subtly.

Victoria waits until she is sure that she is not attracting the attention of others as she quietly leaves the room. However, unknown to her Cyndi’s ever watchful eyes have detected the entire transaction. She excuses herself and discreetly follows Victoria on deck.

“Father, you wanted to see me?” Victoria is still in a whisper.

“Yes, Victoria—there may be a fly in the ointment.” Tipp states looking directly at Victoria.

“How so, Father?” Victoria inquires.

“Well, when I was talking to your mother she jokingly mentioned if I thought the phone may be tapped. When I called her, I just happened to use the phone most available, which was Alex’s. I don’t know why I never supposed wiretapping as an option.” Tipp says shaking his head and marveling at the shrewdness of his beautiful wife.

“Of course, Father. That would explain a lot of things. Alex getting the last minute phone call. Maybe there’s a double agent. It could be that there is more than one person who has access to it. What do you want me to do?” Victoria questions.

“Play a little dangerous game of Cat and Mouse!” Tipp replies giving Victoria a knowing smile.

Cyndi has always been keen on having an adventure

Cyndi has always been keen on having an adventure

“Well, Vickie can’t possibly do it alone.” Cyndi walks up as Tipp stares at her with mouth open.

“How did you know? Victoria are you slipping?” Tipp answers incredulously.

“Just a little mouth reading and observing.” Cyndi says.

“How could I have forgotten our early years of training? Mum taught us both how to read lips.” Victoria replies.

“It’s just as well. Remember, I don’t want Alex to know about this. He has experienced enough and Brandon would be furious. Besides, I really need that fellow with me.” Tipp offers.

“I can’t get over how wrong I have been about Brandon!” Victoria exclaims.

“He wanted to tell you many times but it was strictly forbidden by the Society. Both he and I were hoping that something would transpire to deter you from getting the divorce. You do still love Brandon, don’t you?” Tipp asks.

“That has never been the issue.” Victoria says.

“Now that this is sorted out, let’s get to the problem at hand.” Cyndi interrupts.

“Leave it to Cynthia Chadwick to keep us on course. Now I want both of you to listen carefully. I will rely on your intuition to be in perfect form. If there is someone keeping tabs on Alex via his phone we don’t want them to know that we know! Therefore, I will be returning it back to him and explaining everything. I’ve had second thoughts aboout keeping him out of the loop. We don’t want anything tipping our hand.” Says Tipp smiling.

“Corny father but we get your point.” Victoria retorts rolling her eyes and shaking her head.

“Anyway—as I was saying, we need to let the spy or spies know that everything is proceeding unsuspected. I will talk to Brandon and in spite of his protest let him know that the two of you are needed at the Westchester Estate.” Tipp replies secretly dreading the confrontation.

“Brandon is more protective of Vickie than you are, Tipp. I certainly don’t envy you.” Cyndi replies reading the expression on his face.

“Father, would you like me to talk to Brandon?” Victoria asks.

“Definitely not … it would be better taken care of man-to-man. If you were to speak to Brandon—knowing your temper—if would end up being a shooting match with one casualty.” Tipp answers.

“Yes, Brandon.” Cyndi replies soberly.

Tipp appreciate the value of having a smart as well as beautiful wife and daughter.

Tipp appreciate the value of having a smart as well as beautiful wife and daughter.

“Right, just let me handle this, Victoria. You and Cyndi need to concentrate on watching the Estate. Be sure and inform both your mother and Elle regarding our suspicions.” Tipp says.

“Mum will be thrilled to know that her hunch might be correct.” Victoria states.

While Tipp is left alone to contemplate his meeting with Brandon he gets an intriguing text message on Alex’s phone.

“I am not the only one who knows Alex is heading for the Westchester Estate. If you value your son’s safety tread carefully. This is all I can say for now. Text me your contact number and destroy that phone. And please, don’t try to trace this number.”

“Damn!” Tipp responds to himself angrily.

To Be Continued …

The Day Bed 9

  • The Day Bed 9
    When a plan goes awry; it's bothersome. However, when a plan goes well … then "it's on!"

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