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Revealing His Hand

“Let me explain by stressing the fact that Alex had no choice, Victoria. If the people who attempted to murder him knew he survived—not only would they repeat the act, but it’s a possibility that more lives would be lost. We had no idea about the bomb until after it exploded.” Tipp begins calmly.

“Also because he had reason to believe that the explosion was no freak accident. There are forces at work that are trying to destroy Alex and his investigation.” Brandon interjects.

“All those innocent lives … all because they wanted my brother dead?” Victoria retorts.

“What does it have to do with this vessel?” Cyndi inquires.

“Everything! The Day Bed is a testimony of Alex’s wealth and social standing! You have to be successful to own this beauty!” Tipp states.

”Amen to that!” Brandon adds.

“Vickie there have been a lot of misappropriations and miss handling of foreign exchanges in the Money Market. It has been costing unsuspecting businessmen thousands of dollars.” Alex Interrupts.

“And it was necessary for someone or somebody to go undercover to root out the responsible parties.” Brandon interjects.

“Thus the creation of STOP. The Society To Overthrow Profiteering. STOP’s network of undercover businessmen and government agents cover over 25 countries. It is a very elite group that doesn’t need any publicity, Cyndi!” Tipp admonishes.

“Hey, don’t give me that look. After what nearly happened to our beloved Alex, even I know better. Sure, I have a keen nose for news—but not at the risk of anyone I care about being annihilated.” Cynthia counters.

“OK, I just needed to know that we are all on the same page.” Tipp quips.

“So now what, Father?” Victoria queries.

“We get Alex to a safe-house and proceed with Plan B.” Tipp states.

“And—what is Plan B?” Victoria asks.

“Emptying the trash can!” Alex says with a smile.

Tipp decides that it's time that he explained everything to his daughter, especially the part about Alex and he being Special Agents.

Tipp decides that it's time that he explained everything to his daughter, especially the part about Alex and he being Special Agents.

A Noteworthy Ploy …

“I want in … “Cynthia states with a big smile on her face.

“Ditto” replies Victoria.

“I rather thought that you would. And, being two very intelligent young ladies—I don’t have to tell you of the risks involved.” Tipp’s face becomes very serious.

“No father, you don’t.” Victoria says.

“Good, then let’s get going.” Tipp answers.

“Just where is this safe house?” Cyndi asks.

“Westchester Estate” Brandon chimes in.

“The Westchester Estate—why that’s perfect!” Victoria screeches!

“Positively no one would even think to look for him there. Eleanor would watch over him like a mother-hen!” Cyndi contributes.

“Exactly, she would be so happy to have him there, alive that he would be smothered with attention.” Brandon states giving Victoria a knowing wink.

“Yes—smothered!” Alex repeats quietly.

“This is why I had to also have a talk with Elle and your mother.” Tipp says.

“Mum is in on this too!” Victoria says almost choking on a mouthful of eggs, now that she has rediscovered her appetite.

“Are you kidding? It was actually her idea to include you and Cyndi. That woman is a regular Miss Markle when it comes to strategy!” Tipp laughs.

“How can I forget those Mystery Book Club meetings of hers when they would be in heated discussions over an Agatha Christie novel. If it wasn’t Miss Markle it was Hercule Poirot!” Victoria joins in the merriment.

“Hey, don’t knock Poirot! He’s my favorite!” Alex spoke up.

“That would explain how you got yourself into this fix.” Cyndi offered.

“Alright everyone—we need to concentrate on the present issue. We are going to use the Day Bed to deposit Alex into the capable hands of Elle and Miss Markle and then focus our attention on breaking up that counterfeiting ring!” Tipp states.

“Counterfeiting ring!” Victoria mouths in surprise.

Elle Westchester is a very happy participant!

Elle Westchester is a very happy participant!

Affirming the Particulars …

“How else do you think these hoodlums were able to saturate the foreign exchange with so much worthless stock?” Brandon asks.

“They create bogus securities, sell them at a ridiculously low price; then they use the proceeds to further drench the market with their worthless assets.. When the poor investors finally realize that they have been ‘taken for a ride’ it’s too late to do anything about it.” Alex adds.

After Tipp gives instructions to the captain and crew, who are loyal members of STOP, he settles back into his chair to enjoy the wonderful ocean breeze.

Later Tipp calls his wife at the Westchester Estate.

“Lauren darling is everything ready?” Tipp asks affectionately.

“Yes dear, Elle and I have taken care of everything. I have brought my most trusted staff along with those at Westchester Estate. I am beyond relief that the lamb has been spared.” Lauren replies trying to sound secretive.

“You are enjoying this aren’t you my precious?” Tipp questions.

“It’s marvelous under the circumstances. Do you think the phones are tapped—that would be delicious!” Lauren says excited by the undertaking.

“We should be there in a couple of hours. After docking I would like to pick up a few supplies. I want you and Elle to stay put at the Manor. I am hoping that this matter will be handled shortly. I have everything in place.” Tipp says not answering his wife directly.

“I will see you later, love you!” Tipp says.

“Love you, too!” Lauren replies hanging up the telephone.

To Be Continued …

The Day Bed 8

  • The Day Bed 8
    Whenever you think you have everything under control; something always happen to reassure you that you don't!

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