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The Day Bed 6

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The Revelation

Tipp smiles inwardly as the trio drives a few blocks. Moments later they arrive in front of the Waldorf Astoria. A smiling Brandon Keates makes it a foursome.

“Brandon … what are you doing here?” Victoria gasps in utter surprise. “You didn’t tell me that you were going to come?”

“Your dear father was so kind to include me in this adventure, Vickie. Don’t look so shocked … after all I am still your husband.” Brandon replies and gives Victoria one of his best smiles.

“I don’t understand, father. First, you tell me that you have something that you need to tell me. Then you invite half of New York.” Victoria exclaims sarcastically.

“I do have something important to tell you. It also involves both Cyndi and Brandon. I decided that this little adventure needed the support a full cast.” Tipp informs his daughter.

“There’s that word again, adventure! I have known you all of my life, father. This is a side of you that I have never ever seen.” Victoria states sitting back into her seat and enjoying the ride.

“So, where are we heading now, Tipp?” Cyndi inquires.

“We are going to Pier 61 at Chelsea Pier.” Tipp replies.

“Why are we going there, Tipp?” Cyndi questions again.

“You have the curiosity of a cub reporter, Cyndi. Will you just sit back like Brandon and Victoria and enjoy the ride?” Tipp replies dismissingly and everyone becomes quiet, listening to the soothing music of Brahms.

All is hushed as they journey to the dock. There sits a beautifully majestic craft. Tipp assists his goddaughter while Brandon escorts Victoria toward the craft. Victoria acutely notices the name of the craft. It reads "Day Bed."

There was quite a lot of activity on the dock so early in the day.

There was quite a lot of activity on the dock so early in the day.

An Extraordinary Craft

“Come on everyone, let’s get aboard.” Tipp replies cheerfully.

Victoria takes her father’s hand while Brandon assists Cyndi as they come aboard the beautiful craft.

They are being led to a lovely dining area where members of the crew provide an array of tantalizing fruits. After which trays of steaming hotcakes, sausages and slice ham accompanied with a choice of scrambled, fried or poached eggs along with orange, apple or grapefruit juice.

“This is a table fit for a king!” Brandon replies joyfully.

“Or at least this is a lordly feast.” Cyndi chimes in.

“I’m very impressed dad, but I never knew you were a yachtsman.” Victoria interjects.

“Actually, this is Alex’s boat and its part of the story I want to tell you.” Tipp replies.

“When did Alex have time for yachting?” Victoria questions still feelings as confused as ever.

“Those many times when he told you he was going on business trips that’s when he found the time.” Tipp tells Victoria.

“I don’t understand …” Victoria states.

“Then let me explain.” Tipp begins his story.

“Alex is part of a secret organization specializing in infiltrating European black market business transactions.” Tipp begins.

“Did you know anything about this, Brandon?” Victoria quizzes.

Brandon nods.

“And were you involved in these clandestine activities as well?” Victoria further probes.

“Yes, Vickie and actually I still am.” Brandon confesses.

The view from the window was intoxicating and Victoria was feeling the effects.

The view from the window was intoxicating and Victoria was feeling the effects.

A Well-kept Secret

“Why didn’t you ever tell me—” But before Victoria can go any further Tipp interrupts.

“Do you want to know anything more about Alex owning ‘The Day Bed’ or are you going to continue your inquisition with Brandon?” Tipp retorts in a sarcastic manner.

“Sorry …” Victoria and Brandon chide in unison.

“Now, Alex needed to pose as a very successful but naïve businessman who was interested in increasing his wealth from rather unscrupulous foreign exchanges.” Tipp remarks.

“What happen then, father?” Victoria laments.

“It’s very obvious—there was a leak in the caldron and Alex was exposed.” Cyndi offered.

“You are quite right there, Cyndi.” Tipp smiles at Cyndi.

“Father, did I hear you say that Alex IS part of a secret organization?” Victoria’s eyes become very wide.

“Yes dear—your brother Alex is NOT dead, you see!” Tipp confessed and at that precise moment Alex makes his appearance.

Victoria stands, grabs her chair then collapses to the floor.

“Alex, you’re alive?” Cyndi looks as if she is going to pass out as well.

“Yes, I wasn’t on the plane when it took off—I received an urgent phone call at the last minute and had to leave.” Alex replies casually.

“Then why the subterfuge—why did I have to go through that hell only to discover that you are alive?” Victoria is being helped into her chair by Brandon and her father.

“It was necessary.” Tipp speaks up wincing under Victoria’s threatening scowl.

Cyndi and Alex later enjoy a brandy as they discuss things while waiting on the deck.

Cyndi and Alex later enjoy a brandy as they discuss things while waiting on the deck.

“It was important for the people to think that they had succeeded in eliminating an undesirable element.” Alex interjected.

“So, why are we finding out this information NOW!” Cyndi is as close to hysteria as Victoria.

“If you both calm down Tipp will explain.” Brandon says.

“I’m listening.” Both Victoria and Cyndi reply.

To Be Continued …

The Day Bed 7

  • The Day Bed 7
    You never know who you'll meet when you pull the covers back!

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