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The Day Bed 5

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A Change of Scenery

Victoria feels really good about what she had just done.

After taking the sleeping aid prescribed by Dr. Thornton with a small amount of water; Victoria gently closing her eyes as she begins to drift into unconsciousness. Her thoughts take her back to her youth and all the mischief she and Cyndi used to get into under the watch supervision of her brother Alex.

Awaking from a restful sleep—the first one she has had in two weeks; Victoria rises from her lounger and looks at her watch.

“I guess I’ll call Cyndi to see what’s on the menu for dinner.” Victoria decides and begins to dial the familiar number.

Friday morning heralds an unusually beautiful spring day

“I’d better get ready to meet Father.” Victoria says after noticing that it was almost 10 o’clock. “He’ll be here shortly.”

Victoria rushes to the shower to freshen up. Then she goes to her bedroom and looks into her spacious closet where rolls of outfits with matching shoes and hats reside.

“I am so much like mum.” Victoria murmurs to herself. “Who else would have a complete set of everything from casual to a night out?”

Just as she puts finishing touches to her luscious light brown tresses; the doorbell rings. Tipp looks striking in a navy leisure suit. Even though it is apparent that he is no longer a young man; it is also obvious that he is still very handsome. Likewise, Tipp is very conscientious regarding appearances. He gives his daughter a once over approval.

“Victoria, you do your namesake justice. From what I heard, that old girl had looks that even puts my lovely Lauren to shame. You have really come a long way from that tomboy that used to climb our English Oak trees in the summertime.” Tipp says giving his daughter a hardy hug.

“Thanks, daddy; it is nice dressing in something besides black again. I’d almost forgotten those grand summers in the garden!” Victoria chuckles.

“I know it has been rather difficult for you. First, your brother and then being married to a man who seems to be married to his work.” Tipp says thinking about Brandon.

“I could have handled another woman—I know that I can match charm with the best of them—but a career is hard to compete with.” Victoria replies sadly.

“You need an adventure!” Tipp booms suddenly helping Victoria into her wrap.

Tipp was a man of many secrets!

Tipp was a man of many secrets!

An Adventure Awaits

“That is exactly what Cyndi said. Have the two of you been conspiring together?” Victoria laughs again.

“No, but they do say great minds think alike. Come to think of it, Cynthia Chadwick could use one herself. You really shouldn’t be on your own.” Tipp contemplates.

“Dad… what do you have on your mind?” Victoria’s curiosity has been stirred.

“Come along now, we have to go pick up Cyndi for breakfast.” Tipp gives Victoria a knowing wink.

“You didn’t tell me that Cyndi was coming to this …” smiles Victoria but before she can finish Tipp interrupts.

“Never mind that, just enjoy the ride.” Tipp takes Victoria’s key and locks up after she sets the alarm.

Tipp gingerly escorts Victoria to the elevator and pushes the button for the lobby. Victoria tries hard at analyzing the smirk expression on Tipp’s face but she can’t fathom what the mischievous gentleman is up to.

Tipp is the only child of the Earl of Covington and Countess Octavia Covington. His grandmother Victoria was a Duchess and awarded her beloved grandson much of her surviving European wealth due to the shrewd manipulations of her husband the Duke who preceded her in death. Their magnificent European chalet on the outskirts of Huntingdon (now part of Cambridgeshire) has survived not only the ravages of war but time as well. The Duke’s heritage includes a mother of Spanish descent. This accounts for Tipp’s charms with the ladies.

When they arrive at Cyndi’s New York residence, she is outside conversing with the doorman. Looking stunning as always; Cyndi gives a polite good-bye and is ushered into the awaiting limo by an ever-tentative Tipp.

“Hello Cyndi, how are you?” Tipp says smiling.

“Lovely Tipp and, how are you?” Cyndi states returning the smile and giving her godfather a big hug.

“Wonderful.” Tipp replies a little heady by the aroma of Cyndi’s perfume.

“Will someone please let me know what is going on?” Victoria replies looking from Tipp to Cyndi.

“Don’t ask me—I am much in the dark about this as you are. Tipp only told me to put on my “delightful frock” and join him and a couple of others for an outing.” Cyndi smiles knowingly.

“A couple of others; who else have you invited?” Victoria replies as Tipp gives the driver another address.

“Oh, you will find out soon enough.” Tipp replies mysteriously.

To Be Continued …

The Day Bed 6

  • The Day Bed 6
    In the harbor sits a beautifully majestic craft. Tipp assists his goddaughter while Brandon escorts Victoria aboard the yacht. Victoria acutely notices the name of the yacht. It reads The Day Bed.

© 2018 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS

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