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The Day Bed 4

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A Step in Another Direction …

This time it is Brandon. By mutual consent, Victoria and Brandon are separated. It isn’t for lack of love that their marriage collapsed. It seems that Brandon just never has the time to be with Victoria for more than a few days.

Brandon, like Alex, is always overseeing some trans-continental project. As a successful architect his assignments take him to some very remote places where he can be gone for months at a time. What Victoria finds acceptable for her single brother Alex is not acceptable for her husband Brandon.

“It’s been almost a fortnight, Victoria. How have you been?” Brandon’s rich mellow voice gives her an involuntary quiver.

“Brandon, how nice of you to call; I didn’t know that you were still in town.” Victoria states; hoping that Brandon doesn’t notice the small excitement in her voice. He does.

“I was completing some business interest when I got a phone call from your father.” Brandon replies.

“My father called you?” Victoria inquires.

“Yes, he wanted to talk to me about some uh … things that needed finishing. Oh, by the way what plans do you have for the immediate future?” Brandon decides to hurriedly change the subject but not before Victoria notices it.

“Well, first I have to decide what to do about this penthouse.” Victoria says.

“This is one of the things I think your father wants to discuss with you. Personally, I never knew why Galen settled for such a monstrosity.” The opinionated Brandon replies.

“I will admit it is very spacious, Brandon, but so is that villa of yours.” Victoria reminds him.

“Of ours—there is a big difference between my Italian residence and your penthouse in New York.” Brandon states unable to phantom the comparison.

There was once a time when Brandon was the only man in her life … with the exception on Tipp and Alex.

There was once a time when Brandon was the only man in her life … with the exception on Tipp and Alex.

That Old Feeling

“Yes … about sixty million more …” Victoria murmurs just out of Brandon’s hearing.

“Why don’t you come to the villa with me and relax. I will be more than happy to settle things here for you?” Brandon suggests thinking that this would be a very suitable solution.

“Thank you for your offer Brandon, but I may be going to the either Covington Manor or the Westchester Estates.” Victoria responds crossing her fingers.

“Ah yes, Eleanor … how is dear Elle these days?” Brandon inquires sardonically.

“After her hospital visit she returned to the estate. Her mother says she is subdued but looking forward to my visit.” Victoria says.

“Subdued? Eleanor? Now that is a term I would never attach to Elle.” Brandon lightly chuckles to himself.

“I have to admit; it was a new one on me as well. When it comes to her interest in Alex, subdue will never be a word to describe Eleanor.” Now both Victoria and Brandon howl over the comparison. Then Victoria returns to her normal state.

“It’s good to hear you laugh, Victoria. I’ve forgotten what a robust laughter you have.” Brandon replies. “It used to give your dear mum quite a turn.” They laugh again.

“There were times when I felt that I would never laugh again.” Victoria replies soberly.

“Is being married to me that bad Victoria?” Brandon questions wishing he could turn back the clock but knowing in his heart nothing would have changed.

“Yes, Brandon it is just that bad. Not just the marriage but so many other things.” Brandon winches at the proclamation Victoria utters. “You know, the worst part is that I knew our marriage would be like that.”

The sky is the limit when you are young. However, don't overlook the hanging branches ...

The sky is the limit when you are young. However, don't overlook the hanging branches ...

“I was young and trying to build an empire, Victoria.” Brandon defends.

“Every empire ever built requires a blood offering, Brandon. I gave mine willingly, but I won’t make the same mistake again.” Victoria says.

“So, you’ve made up your mind about the divorce?” Brandon says hoping not to hear an affirmative answer.

“Yes, Brandon, I have made up my mind.” Victoria confirms.

“Well … are you going to tell me?” Brandon asks impatiently.

“I think this is something we need to discuss in person, not over the telephone don’t you think.” Victoria smiles as she seems to have the upper hand for once.

“I don’t like playing games, Victoria Covington-Keates. As you know, patience has never been one of my virtues.” Brandon is barely able to maintain his composure much to the satisfaction of Victoria.

“And I have on the other hand mastered the art of patience, Brandon as my marriage to you will testify. I will call you when I am ready to reveal my plans. Until then, if you will excuse me, I need a nap.” Victoria abruptly places the telephone back on the receiver without waiting for Brandon’s reply.

To Be Continued …

The Day Bed 5

  • The Day Bed 5
    If there is one thing you can expect from life; it is the unexpected!

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