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The Day Bed 3

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Unfinished Business ...

Brandon is seldom at the villa in Italy; however there is a staff and his daily telephone calls. Brandon’s employees take care of everything: bills, cooking, shopping … they even make sure the bath water is the right temperature. Subsequently, Victoria’s lifestyle isn’t very dissimilar from that of her mother’s. This is the real reason behind the separation.

Now, Victoria returns her thoughts to Covington Manor. In retrospect, it means revisiting the past. Lady Lauren can never understand her daughter’s decision to separate from Brandon. How could she when she is so happy with her life as Mistress of the Manor. The many times her father Tipp is called away on business; Lauren sees it as times for total self-indulgence.

Closing her eyes, Victoria rehearses in her mind a past conversation with her mother.

“Mother, Brandon and I have a long-distance relationship anyway. It’s not like a divorce.” Victoria replies rubbing her throbbing temples. “I see Galen more than I see Brandon.”

“I just don’t understand you at all, Victoria. You have everything a woman can possibly want. Brandon is the perfect husband. He is rich with the most exquisite modern luxury villa in Italy. He’s never bothersome or a bore. He’s an excellent provider and very good looking.” Lady Lauren states emphasizing Brandon’s obvious attributes.

“Yes, mother … I am aware of how rich and good-looking Brandon is.” Victoria says.

“Are you worried about him being unfaithful; he positively worships you, Victoria. Has he ever given you any reason to doubt him?” Lady Lauren inquires moving from her comfortable roost on the settee to stand next to Victoria.

“No mother … he hasn’t given me any reason to doubt him. He’s much too busy making a living for infidelity.” Victoria says sarcastically.

“There you have it then. Now don’t get me wrong. I think your father is just divine—although I would never let him know it—but I merely love the fact that he is never underfoot. I fear that once he retires; he will be a constant!” Lady Lauren replies throwing both hands into the air laughing and then turning to look at her only daughter.

“Victoria, you know that you are always welcomed here, don’t you?” Lady Lauren replies as an afterthought showing concern for her daughter.

“Yes mother … I know this.” Victoria says.

“I do wish, however that you reconsider this divorce thing. Well brought up ladies don’t divorce, my dear. We cope.” Lady Lauren states matter-of-fact.

“Yes mother … of course we do.” Victoria says.

“Now that’s settled; you must assist me in getting things ready for my Wednesday Night table d’hôte. “Lady Lauren concludes taking Victoria by the hand and leading her into the personal study.

Victoria sighs again. Her mother marries an adoring English gentleman when she is barely 17 years old and is rushed away to a much pampered existence. Grandmamma Victoria Covington, her namesake, molds Lady Lauren and introduces her to all the “right people.” And—Lauren embraces this lifestyle with finesse. In fact, it is seldom that Lauren returns to the states to visit her own parents. She much prefers sending for them and letting them bask in her preferred way of living.

The telephone interrupts her thoughts. Victoria leans to answer her cell phone.

Tipp is a business man in every since of the word.

Tipp is a business man in every since of the word.

It's Her Father

“Victoria how are you holding up?” Tipp’s voice displays his anxiety.

“As well as can be expected under the circumstances, I guess.” Victoria replies.

“Now that’s a response you tell people who don’t know you very well. Come on, how do you really feel?” Tipp probes.

“Oh daddy, it’s so horrible. I haven’t been able to sleep without waking up several times during the night and I just pick at my food. I keep expecting someone to tell me it’s all just a terrible mistake and Alex is fine.” Victoria is on the verge of tears.

“I’m coming to town on Friday, Victoria. And when I get there I want to talk with you. I don’t know why I never thought of this before.” Tipp tells Victoria while slapping his knee with his left hand.

“I had no idea that you would be returning to New York, dad! What about mom?” Victoria asks in surprise.

“Your mother will be fine. There are plenty of people at the manor and I think a lot of her ‘to-do’ is a show anyway.” Tipp confines in Victoria.

“Dad, how can you say that—mother adored Alex.” Victoria comes to the defense of her mother.

“Don’t get me wrong, I know your mother loved Alex. But let’s face it—she spent a lot more time with you than she did with Alex.” Tipp reminds his daughter.

“This is true—but I still don’t understand your accusation.” Victoria tells her father.

“Your mother has always been a bit of a dramatist. I guess that’s what fascinated me about her. Young, impetuous and very, very beautiful is your mother.” Tipp smiles to himself and reminisces.

“Do you have other business in New York?” Victoria inquires of her father.

“Yes, I have some business to take care of. Alex and I had some interests that are now exclusively mine. I had to ensure that everything would be handled in the appropriate manner.” Tipp says.

“I didn’t know that you and Alex had joint ventures in New York?” Victoria is still surprise at this new development.

“There are some things that I have been keeping well… undercover. Your mother, bless her heart, tends to go through my papers sometimes. I don’t want her to accidentally discover some things that needed to be kept confidential.” Tipp replies feeling very much like a secret agent.

“Is this what you want to discuss with me, then dad?” Victoria queries her father.

“Yes, I would like to touch on that and maybe some other things.” Tipp answers Victoria.

After a few cordialities they hang up. No soon does Victoria place the phone back on the table than it rings again.

To be continued

The Day Bed 4

  • The Day Bed 4
    Brandon is determined to hold on to a faltering marriage while Victoria is weighing her options.

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