The Darken Vessel: Minerva 9

Updated on July 7, 2020
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Ms. Williamson has been captivating the hearts of readers for decades. Her heroes are strong and daring while the antagonists, diabolical!

Evil has a new nemeses ...
Evil has a new nemeses ...

Адвокат Адъюнкт of the 1st Echelon …

"I trust you have the ring, Zaire?” Вячеслав inquires.

“Yes, Master Вячеслав, we have it.” Madame Zaire replies.

“Then prepare our newest member—Amanda Gordon. Favored of the Lineal of High Counselors of Behörde and the Stimme. Chosen to be wearer of the Star of des äußeren Reiches and Адвокат Адъюнкт of the 1st Echelon.

Адвокат Адъюнкт of the 1st Echelon?” Amanda questions.

“Yes, the Hierarchy of the High Counselors or высоких советников is divided into separate degrees. So are their Counselor Adjuncts or Адвокат Адъюнкт. Madame Matilda and I are Адвокат Адъюнкт of the 1st Stratum. All senior Adjunct Counselors are Адвокат Адъюнкт, of the 1st Stratum. It depends on your abilities to navigate the Time Contingency and bend biophysics.” Madame Zaire explains.

“So it is true that des äußeren Reiches has been able to unite both the metaphysical and natural worlds!” Amanda shouts.

“Yes, the Oracle of Behörde teaches us many things. This is why if it were ever to fall into the hands of a renegade Counselor—chaos would be the outcome—complete and utterly destructive chaos!” Madame Matilda prophesizes.

“Then, I have the ability to curtail such destruction through the use of The Book? But the two of you are such great Адвокат Адъюнкт—Counselor Adjuncts” Amanda exclaims.

“Although we possess great powers—you will have the Star of des äußeren Reiches which puts you on the same level as a High Counselor of Behörde. You are the most powerful non-Lycanthropic being on Earth, save one.” Madame Zaire explains.

“That would be the Stimme. So, this makes me of a higher rank than you two? Will I also possess the title of Madame Amanda? This is just too much to digest at one time. Wow!” Amanda is in awe.

Both Madams Zaire and Matilda laugh as they take Amanda into the Special Room of Preparation.

“In our inner circle, you will be known as Prefix, Amanda. This is because you are the only mortal who has been bestowed the honor of the Custodian of the Star of des äußeren Reiches and Адвокат Адъюнкт of the 1st Echelon. As you have said, the only other one who bears this high honor is the Stimme!” Madame Zaire acknowledges.

“The Stimme!” Prefix Amanda repeats as the women complete their duties of dressing her in the ceremonial robes. Then they prepare themselves.

The Four participants journey to the boundaries of the Perpetual Forest and the Sacred Savannas. Вячеслав Возникают and Madame Zaire have been to this place many times. Battles against the renegade High Counselors have been fought and won there. Secret rituals have also been preformed there as well. It is here that they meet the Stimme and Vlatka.

The Ritual of the Ring will be performed on these sacred grounds.
The Ritual of the Ring will be performed on these sacred grounds.

“Madame Zaire, Madame Matilda please prepare for the ceremony.”

Both Вячеслав Возникают and Vlatka are in human form. It has become obvious that Henry Hamilton has been consumed by the Spirit of Вячеслав —which only enhances his natural persona. There is no longer a need to invoke the Spirit as they have become one!

“Prefix Amanda, are you ready for представление священной церемонии кольца (Presenting of the Sacred Ring Ceremony?)” Vlatka questions.

“Да!” (Yes, I am!)

It is incredibly quiet on the Sacred Savannas. The wind dare not blow nor any sound mutters. Vlatka repeats the solemn words forbidden for anyone else to utter, save her. Madame Zaire hands the ring to Вячеслав Возникают and he to Vlatka. Prefix Amanda extends her right hand and the ring is placed upon her ring finger.

There is a blinding flash of light—a clap of thunder and it is done. The ring is secure on the Prefix’s finger. Amanda is Адвокат Адъюнкт of the 1st Echelon!

“The Stimme will be ever watchful of you, Prefix Amanda. Your Enlighten name is Delma—Beautiful Daughter, Noble Protector!” Vlatka decrees.

In an instance they are transformed back to Madame Zaire’s Chalet.

Everyone discards their ceremonial garb carefully and Prefix Delma waves goodbye to Madame Zaire and Madame Matilda.

“It has been an honor meeting you, Madame Zaire. I will never forget you Madame Matilda.”

“Amanda—Prefix Delma, you came at a time when I desperately needed someone. It would have been just a matter of time before der Dämon, or Демон as he is referred in des äußeren Reiches, discovered my deception.” Madame Matilda cries as she hugs her young friend.

“It is time for Prefix Delma to go. We have a lot to achieve in a very short time.” Henry Hamilton reminds the two ladies as he waves and helps Prefix Delma into the Mercedes.

“Will I ever be Amanda Gordon again?” She asks Henry as the car pulls away and heads down the road. “I feel that I have just said goodbye to an old friend.”

“It may seem that way for only a short time, Mandy. To the outside world you will be Amanda Gordon just as I am Henry Hamilton. However, with the passage of time you’ll find that it becomes as easy as changing clothes.”

“You handle it quite well. However, there is a regal quality about you that cannot be denied. The powerful tiger waiting to defend his territory.” Henry glances at Amanda as he drives to back to Hamilton Lodge. He knows that he will enjoy getting to know this incredible young lady. He laughs.

A return to Madame Zaire's Chalet where at least to of the intrepid travelers can rest.
A return to Madame Zaire's Chalet where at least to of the intrepid travelers can rest.

“And what is so funny?” Amanda asks.

“Just thinking about the future. Anyway as I told the other Counselor Adjuncts, we have a lot of work to do. Hamilton Lodge has very fine fitness facilities. There you will work on perfecting your skills.” Henry says.

“Because of the ring, it will not take very long, will it?” Amanda asks.

“No, it will not. The ring will be a constant reminder of who you are and those of des äußeren Reiches on both sides of the spectrum will know and respect you. Some of course will fear you as they do me and some revere you.” Henry clarifies.

“It’s amazing that two separate worlds existed unaware of each other until Pазлом (The Rift) was created. Now both are in peril.” Amanda replies.

“We knew about the world of mortals, Mandy. Occasionally, members of the High Counsel would visit. Remember, that’s how I as Вячеслав Возникают met my first love.” Henry recalls.

“Your first love ended badly didn’t it. Were there others?” Amanda is extremely curious.

“It seems like it, but it must have been some sort of dream—I can’t remember anything about it, I only have a strange feeling that something is missing.” Henry replies.

Amanda is in wonderment regarding the incantation the Stimme planted into his subconscious and the Заклинание Забывчивости (Spell of Forgetfulness) that Vlatka placed upon Henry. She makes a mental note to speak to the Stimme concerning it.

Once they arrive at Hamilton Lodge, Henry parks the Mercedes and immediately executes his rigorous plan of calisthenics and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Prefix Delma is an exceptionally fast learner and several times Henry has had to revert to his Вячеслав Возникают strength in order to become the victor.

“There is no way that Демон will be able to defeat you with that ring of yours.” A tired Henry laughs.

“What happens if I lose it or misplaces it?” Amanda inquires.

“Try to take the ring off, Mandy.” Henry suggests while the two of them sit on adjacent benches sipping Gatorade©.

Amanda tugs and pulls at the ring, but it will not come off. She even goes into the bathroom and suds her hands with soap and tries to slip it off. It will not bulge. Amanda then returns to a smiling Henry.

“Short of dynamite, this thing will not come off.” Amanda admits.

“Dynamite will not destroy it. Perhaps the surrounding area, but not you or the ring.” Henry pronounces.

“You mean that I am invincible?” Amanda likes that idea.

“Pretty much! Vlatka would not have bestowed you with such an honor if she felt that you were not worthy of it.” Henry remarks.

“We make an award-winning combination, don’t we.” Amanda says.

“Yes, we do. I also believe that after you complete your education, if you request it, you can be transferred to the Northern Plains.” Henry suggests, hoping that this will please Amanda.

“And Chelsea Darby can take my place as the Canadian Wilderness Adjunct Counselor!” Amanda adds.

“Yes, Chelsea will be a perfect choice for the position.” Henry affirms.

To Be Continued ...

© 2020 Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS




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    • Jacqueline4390 profile imageAUTHOR

      Jacqueline Williamson BBA MPA MS 

      5 weeks ago from Memphis

      Soon, Prefix Delma will return to do battle with Демон, disguised as Minerva.


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